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429 examples of  crutch  in sentences

429 examples of crutch in sentences

Now the pain had resolved itself into a dull aching but Reginald would never walk without a crutch again.

He looked contemptuously at his ebony crutch as he spoke.

And behold a sorry wight who hobbled toward them on a crutch, so begirt and bandaged that little was to see of him but bright eyes.

He was, however, able to walk with the assistance of a crutch that his father had made for him; and he formed one of the group that followed the Indians in their procession through the village, and also escorted them as far as the confines of the wood in whose depths their village lay.

As the spring advanced, Henrich was able to throw aside his crutch, and to accompany his father and mother in their frequent visits to the wigwams, and much of his leisure time was passed in the company of the young Indians of his own age, whose activity and address in all their sports and games he admired and emulated.

"Ever see a tiger use a crutch before?" he said.

By the church door stood an old invalid soldier with a crutch and a long beard; the beard was rather red than white, for it was red altogether; and he bowed down almost to the ground, and asked the old lady if he might dust her shoes.

Saying which, pretty, bright-eyed Miss Priscilla, laughed again, folded up her work, settled it in the basket with a deft little pat, and, rising, took a small, crutch stick from where it had lain concealed, and then, Bellew saw that she was lame.

For here was Miss Priscilla, looking smaller than ever, in a great arm chair whence she directed the disposal and arrangement of all things, with quick little motions of her crutch-stick.

The next instant the door was opened, and in hoppedthat is the only word to usea little lame girl of ten or eleven, lifting herself along by a crutch.

He had many times thought he would relinquish the drudgery of teaching, and support himself by his pen; but he remembered the maxim of Scott,that literature was a good staff, but a poor crutch,and he stuck to his school.

But who expects a person recognized as a philosopher to use a mental crutch or wear a moral mask?

" In this series of poems Chaucer learned how to rely less and less on an Italian crutch.

elbow, knee, knuckle, ankle, groin, crotch, crutch, crane, fluke, scythe, sickle, zigzag, kimbo^, akimbo.

what's all this fuss and feathers about?" demanded the old retired traveler, as he came limping along, with his crutch and cane.

There is the woodmonger too, a feeble crutch to a declining cause, a new branch of the old oak of reformation.

Compared with the Moral Law the State is a crutch instead of a limb, an automaton instead of a man.

It is true that he no longer hears expressions of surprise at his youthfulness, on a first introduction to an admiring reader; but this sort of external evidence has become an unnecessary crutch to his habitual inward persuasion.

I remember Scott by Highland streams trying to rouse me by maintaining that haggis is boiled bagpipes; Henley in dispute as to whether, say, Turgenieff or Tolstoi could hang the other on his watch-chain; he sometimes clenched the argument by casting his crutch at you; Stevenson responded in the same gay spirit by giving that crutch to John Silver; you remember with what adequate results.

I remember Scott by Highland streams trying to rouse me by maintaining that haggis is boiled bagpipes; Henley in dispute as to whether, say, Turgenieff or Tolstoi could hang the other on his watch-chain; he sometimes clenched the argument by casting his crutch at you; Stevenson responded in the same gay spirit by giving that crutch to John Silver; you remember with what adequate results.

He had a crutch made of a spade handle.

Alas for Tiny Tim, he bore a little crutch, and had his limb supported by an iron frame.

His active little crutch was heard upon the floor, and back came Tiny Tim before another word was spoken, escorted by his brother and sister to his stool beside the fire; and while Bob compounded some hot mixture in a jug, and put it on the hob to simmer, Master Peter and the two ubiquitous young Cratchits went to fetch the goose, with which they soon returned in high procession.

He was blind to everything but the natural curiosities around him, and he made frequent entries in the notebook that was to be his crutch to Olympus.

The great invention by which Ibsen snatches the scene out of the domain of the commonplace, and raises it to the height of dramatic poetry, consists in leaving it doubtful to the father and mother what is the meaning of the excitement on the beach and the confused cries which reach their ears, until one cry comes home to them with terrible distinctness, "The crutch is floating!"

Among these inspired afterthoughts may be reckoned Nora's great line, "Millions of women have done that"the most crushing repartee in literatureHedvig's threatened blindness, with all that ensues from it, and Little Eyolf's crutch, used to such purpose as we have already seen.

And then he resumed his former attitude, his chin resting on the handle of his crutch-stick, his eyes bent upon the gravel path, their unholy brightness hidden under the penthouse brows.

'I am Lord Maulevrier,' said the old man, drawing himself up and planting his crutch stick upon the floor; 'I am Lord Maulevrier, and this woman is my wife.

' He got up, and moved slowly to the door, leaning on his crutch-stick, his head sunk upon his breast, muttering to himself as he went; and thus he vanished from them, like the spectre of some terrible ancestor which had returned from the grave to announce the coming of calamity to a doomed race.

She does not come in a gay little sleigh drawn by reindeer, but hobbling along on foot, and she leans on a crutch.

His shoulders were high and round, his back bent, and he evidently required support when he moved, as a crutch-headed staff was reared against his chair.

His tap at the glass roused her from the musing solitude in which she sat, and she opened the door, aiding her steps with a little crutch-stick.

Satisfied that her dwelling was safe, she drew one hand through the old man's arm, and prepared to ply her crutch-stick with the other.

" With which statement, and a further admonition to her father, who had come back, she blew her candles out, and taking her big door-key in her pocket, and her crutch-stick in her hand, marched off.

Or I could turn you a rare handle for that crutch-stick, if it belongs to him you call your father.

He saw what the trouble was at once, and up he rushed and with his crutch he piled the pillows in a soft heap right under Buddy, and then Buddy let go the tight rope and down he came, just like in a feather bed.

But not for long, for in a little while along hopped Uncle Wiggily Longears, with his crutch.

" Then he took his crutch and punched a hole through that turnip, and put a stick through the hole, so the turnip was just like the wheel of a wheelbarrow.

"If you put it on power, Mr. Wallingford, you depend on a crutch that will betray you.

If he has anything to say against us or against that gentleman, either conjunctly or severally, let him out with it in some other channel, and I promise him a touch and taste of the Crutch.

Mr. Spence walked on a stick and a crutch.

It is on this chicken coop that the music is perched: two clarinets, a hurdy-gurdy, a cracked trumpet, and a grumbling bassoonfive instruments whose harmonious movements are regulated by the crutch of Monsieur Double-Croche, a lame dwarf, who is called the leader of the orchestra.

More and more were we trained to work alone; our leading-strings were slackened, so that we never felt them save when we blundered; and I remember that when I once complained, in loving fashion, that she was "teaching me so little", she told me that I was getting old enough to be trusted to work by myself, and that I must not expect to "have Auntie for a crutch all through life".

" "Velten Meier?""Heaven rest his soul!" replied an ancient dame, leaning on a crutch.

I dared not sit still, lest a sun-stroke should be added, and there was no resource but to hop or crawl down the rugged path, in the hope of finding a forked sapling from which I could extemporize a crutch.

" While I was stupidly staring at this announcement, he whipped out a big clasp knife, and in a few minutes fashioned me a practicable crutch.

What a man acquires in his youth serves as a crutch in his old age.

To use the phrase of Michelet, who has chosen the dramatic episode of Brunelleschi's intervention in the rearing of the dome for a parable of the Renaissance, "the colossal church stood up simply, naturally, as a strong man in the morning rises from his bed without the need of staff or crutch."

There appeared also the tall form of Dunwody himself, leaning on a rifle barrel for a crutch.

The ruined spendthrift, now no longer proud, Claimed kindred there, and had his claims allowed; The broken soldier, kindly bade to stay, Sat by his fire and talked the night away; Wept o'er his wounds, or tales of sorrow done, Shouldered his crutch and showed how fields were won.

Beside him sat the red-eyed and disreputable Pegleg McCarron, who whacked the floor with the end of his crutch from time to time in testimony of his low pleasure.

There was oneI can see him nowa stoutish ruddy man on a crutch.

So, leaving a banknote upon the table for the surgeon's care of him, and a letter of tender thanks for his brother's, he packed up his maps, his books of fortification, his instruments, and so forth, and by the help of a crutch on one side and Trim on the other, my Uncle Toby embarked for Shandy Hall.

[He goes, with his crutch, to the PIPER, who turns and gathers him close.

The PIPER lifts JAN to his shoulder (dropping the little crutch) and marches off, up the street at the rear, piping, in the midst of them all.

VERONIKA holds up the forgotten crutch' VERONIKA Janmy Jan!

"If I were you I wouldn't be at this ranch a second longer than it took me to leave; not as long as I had a broncho or a leg or a crutch to go on.

Oh, now let the adulterous Redeemer of Poictesme rejoice in his tall fires, to note that his descendants know of what wood to make a crutch!

Comrade One-Crutch.

Comrade One-Crutch.

Comrade One-Crutch.

This crutch" "I know.

Bill said, his crutch and loot thumping the steps as the boys gained the doorway.

Thad had risen and was standing in front of Bill, trembling with rage as impotent as though he were little and lame, leaning, like Bill, on the crutch a less valiant cripple would have used instead of his bare fist.

With a look of fiendish hatred, instead of returning blow for blow, Thad made a sudden grab and tore Bill's crutch out of the hand which had felt no impulse to use it in defense against his able-bodied antagonist.

"Now, you blow to Uncle and I'll break this crutch!"

Thad, astonished at Bill's sudden mirth, held the crutch mid-air, and demanded with a malignant leer: "Huh! Laugh, will you?" "Go ahead and break it, but it won't be a circumstance to what I'll do to you.

There was a quick step from the deeper shadows and a figure loomed suddenly in front of Thad who, with uplifted crutch, was still glaring at Bill.

Gus picked up the crutch and handed it to his chum.

"No," said Skeets, who had borrowed Bill's crutch to get into the shop for a little while.

"No, Mr. Hooper; if they were to stay up all night, go without eats and work twenty-five hours a day they couldn't do any" And just then the end of the too-much inclined crutch skated outward and the habitually unfortunate girl dropped kerplunk on the floor.

He supported himself by a single crutch, his eyes were covered by a shade, and his lower lip, half averted, hung pale and pink from his decaying yellow teeth.

" Rap wriggled about a little, then settled himself comfortably with his chin resting on the top of his crutch, and began: "It was the year that my leg was hurt.

"The Herons!" exclaimed Rap, settling his crutch more firmly and preparing to watch closely.

And on the sightless Eye-ball pour the Day. 'Tis he th' obstructed Paths of Sound shall clear, And bid new Musick charm th' unfolding Ear, The Dumb shall sing, the Lame his Crutch forego, And leap exulting like the bounding Roe; [No Sigh, no Murmur the wide World shall hear, From ev'ry Face he wipes off ev'ry Tear.

The Virgin, on a lofty throne, holds the Child; both look down on the worshippers; St. Joseph is partly seen behind leaning on his crutch.

" After well weighing these matters, Sir Walter resolved on quitting his avocations in the law for literature; though he determined that literature should be his staff but not his crutch, and that the profits of his labour, however convenient otherwise, should not become necessary to his ordinary expenses.

Physically active, he does not use a crutch or cane and his hearing, eyesight, and mind appear alert.

And that I saw thee at the tables end, Rise mov'd, and gravely leaning on one Crutch, Lift the other like a Scepter at my head, I then presag'd thou shortly wouldst be King,

"Take my gun," said I, "and use it as a crutch.

The strange man helps Willis to rise, and puts his gun under the sergeant's shoulder for a crutch, and helps him on the other side.

Small persons taken with a sudden wish to go down and see what father and mamma were about could do so; one would go tapping about with a little crutch, another would curl himself up at the end of the room, and never seem at all in the way.

The little crutch, happily, was no longer wanted.

"If I'd only the loan of a crutch!" pleaded Tilda; "an' it couldn' do me no 'arm in this weather.

There were five steps, and on the lowest she paused, leaning a moment on her crutch before taking the final plunge into liberty.

Once or twice, indeed, before trotting off again, he left these objects of interest to run around Tilda's heels and rub against her crutch.

"Get out of thisyou and your nasty cur!" Tilda picked up herself and her crutch, and stood eyeing the shopwoman, who, summoned by the bell, had come rushing from an inner room, and in no sweet temper.

She had to turn and shake her crutch at Godolphus,

But the shopwoman's eyes rested on the crutch, and the sight of it appeared to mollify her.

"All you 'ave to do is to take charge o' this crutch an' look after the dog.

Gimme my crutch, an' shove us across, that's a dear man.

A benevolent-looking middle-aged ladya district visitor, in factemerging from one of these houses and arrested perhaps at sight of the crutch or of the boy's strange rags, stopped her and asked where she was going.

Though his face was white and his right hand clutched his crutch-stick, he still kept the mastery of himself.

Nino handed him his crutch-stick civilly.

" He put his crutch-stick to the floor as though about to rise.

By the hospital-tent the cripples stand Bandage, and crutch, and cane, and sling, And palely eye the brave array; The froth of the cup is gone for them (Caw! caw!

But Captain Ludlow, backed by the broadside of the Coquette and the cross-fire of his marines, is not Captain Ludlow alone, on a sea bluff, with a crutch no better than his own arm, and a stout heart.

He made the Colonel a crutch with his own hands, which the Colonel can use no other now.

He walked with extreme difficulty, leaning on a crutch.

He meant to go across to the garage and have Bill hunt up the Barrymores and get them to unstrap him for awhile, but just as he was lifting his left crutch around the edge of the restaurant door, two women of Lund came up and began to pity him and ask him how it ever happened.