Do we say cry or die

cry 10838 occurrences

But the door was shut again upon a sharp cry of pain; the headstrong little girl had cut her wrist with the knife.

At seven in the morning we were aroused from sleep by the cry of "All hands, ahoy!

This unwonted cry sent a thrill through the heart of everyone, and hurrying on deck we found the vessel hove flat aback, with all her studding sails set; for the boy who was at the helm left it to throw something overboard, and the carpenter, who was an old sailor, knowing that the wind was light, put the helm down and hove her aback.

This was a last cry in which Pascal gave utterance to his passionate tenderness for all created beings.

" Those words came from him like a cry of relief, of involuntary joy.

In spite of everything, it was a cry of health, of hope in the future.

She was conscious of her own share in the blame and she drove miserably home, with the picture of Shere Ali's face as she had last seen it to bear her company, and with his cry, that he had no place anywhere at all, sounding in her ears.

We'll have him ironed and" A cry of rage broke from the lips of the accused.

Then, all at once, he crouched down there, his chains clanking, covered his face with his hands and began to cry.

When this was opened, there was a cry of wonder, for a magnificent diamond necklace was revealed.

With a savage cry, M. Montfort flung his hand aside, leaped to his feet, sprang at Frank, and struck for Merry's face.

There was a cry from below.

Montfort uttered a cry, dropped his sword, flung up his hands, and sunk bleeding to the deck.


Let its cry of wo, coming up from the plantations of the South, suppress every feeling of selfishness in our hearts.

He raised a gull-like cry in the air. R67333. <pb id='323.png' />

This last may be represented by the letters poor-oo-oo-oo hoor-r-r-r, the first syllable loud and startling, the remainder faint and long drawn-out; on the other hand the cry of the Nicobar pigeon is merely hoo-hoo.

Come out!" A hoarse, ringing cry, as of one who is shouting against a great wind: "Dan! Dan Barry!

She sprang in front of him again with a wild cry.

She could not even cry out; she was frozen.

so I 'd bust out 'n' cry there 'n th' water waitin' fer thet air boy.

The cry of "Sail ho!" woke me early one morning.

A feeble cry that had in it pride and joy and inextinguishable devotion passed many a fevered lip in the cockpit.

I joked Louise about him this morning, and she began to cry at once, and said her heart was not hers to give.

The big woods were as a gloomy and deserted mansion, with the lonely cry of the wind above and a ghostly rustle within where had been love and song and laughter and all delight.

die 15439 occurrences

I cannot requite the earl's attachmentand shall die if he continues his pursuit.

"She herself assured me she had resisted all the earl's importunities, and would die rather than yield to him.

I shall die of itI am sure I shall.

" "Do not leave me here, Leonard," cried Blaize, "or I shall die before you come back.

" "Coward and fool!" cried Judith, "I will at least have the satisfaction of seeing you die before me.

"I well remember father's house, And brother too so kind; Why did I leave them, here to die, This poverty to find? "I am determined what to do; I will at once arise, And to my father's house will go,

It is a word that will never die.

John died in the most glorious cause, and he died the most glorious death, it may be given to a man to die.

He died for liberty, and that this world in which life must go on, no matter how many die, may be a better world to live in.

He would go as a British soldier and a British gentleman, to fight and die for his King and his country.

Men who retire at your age are always sorry: They wither away and die of dry rot.

He had suffered as these men were suffering, and he had diedas some of these men for whom I was to sing would die.

When they were shivering on the ground, the negroes would often lend them their blankets, saying, "Poor busha pickaninny sent out here from England to die."

He bore his last sickness with uncommon resolution and serenity; affirming, "that he was willing to die on many accounts, and particularly because he found that the greatest divines were of opinion that we shall know one another in the other world;" and he observed to those who were with him, "that many of his friends were departed, whom he desired to visit, and that he thought every moment tedious till he gained that happiness.

he replied, "Immortality: the names of the wives of kings die with them, but the name of Scarron's wife shall live for ever."

It's a pity the likes of him should ever die, but there's no help for death; and sure if he wasn't so good entirely he'd have been left, and not be taken away as he was; for 'tis them that are most wanting the first to go.

"Oh, you're there," says I; "I'll have one rap at you any how, for worse than die I can't;" so I up with a lump of a blackthorn, I had in my fist, and gives it a rap, when what should it be after all, but a huge rat, which had got into the skull, and, trying to get out again, it made it to roll down the hill in that frightful way.

We have heard of all stages of laughteras being convulsedready to burstsplitting sidesand if our readers promise not to die, in due order, with laughterwe may probably recur to Mr. Croker's very tickling volumes.

"Then let me die!"

It is a singular fact that several of the male branches of this familyof whom the unrivalled artist who cut the die of the sovereign, with the St. George upon it, is onehave one of their hands covered with a thick coat of horn-like matter, as hard as tortoiseshell, and perfectly insensible.

Oh, who would check the starting tear, Or who suppress the rising sigh, When those we fondly cherished here, In early youth are called to die? Such was thy fate, my early friend, Thus snatch'd away in beauty's bloom; No aid that earthly love might lend, Could save thee, dear one, from the tomb.

For it is sweeter, far, to die When the young heart with hope is fill'd, Than live o'er ruined hopes, to sigh When cold distrust that heart has chill'd.

The woman who couldn't die.

The woman who couldn't die.

It was a strange thing that a man should die like this; a little at a time, and not suffer much pain.

Do we say   cry   or  die