59 examples of crystallization in sentences

But if the crystallization of Germany round the Prussian nucleus was for the time the source of Germany's success, it is a question whether it is not even now becoming something quite different, and the likely cause of a serious downfall.

Taste, crystallization, colour, weight, are absolutely identical; and the most accurate observer cannot distinguish the one from the other.

He must be born with the faculty, and along comes the occasion, like the tap on the test tube that induces crystallization.

A crystallization of ideas about the true function of the thyroid was now inevitable.

The new "reredos," or altar screen, is one marvelous crystallization of sculptures.

Related to the work is "Ethics of the Dust" (1865), lectures to little housewives on mineralogy and crystallography, nature's work in crystallization being the text for a diatribe against sordid living.

The fault, as I had not and have not the smallest doubt, depends in some way on the crystallization of the mercury silvering.

Still it is not without difficulty, on account of a singular crystallization of the amalgam.

Hardness N. hardness &c adj.; rigidity; renitence^, renitency; inflexibility, temper, callosity, durity^. induration, petrifaction; lapidification^, lapidescence^; vitrification, ossification; crystallization.

The vital and formative principle, which was active during the process of crystallization into sects, or schools of thought, or governments, ceases to act; and what was once a living emanation of the Eternal Mind, organically operative in history, becomes the dead formula on men's lips and the dry topic of the annalist.

The scanty description of Captains Irby and Mangles, the only one I had read, gave me no distinct idea of its position or appearance; and when, the other day, I first saw it looming grand and gray among the gray hills, more like a vast natural crystallization than the product of human art, I revelled in the novelty of that startling first impression.

There, with all the sudden glory of crystallization, the vague idea took definite form and became the great inspiration of Stuhk's career.

The same law of crystallization rules the slight-knit snow-flake and the hard foundations of the earth.

The higher the price of slaves the greater was the absorption of capital in their purchase, the blacker grew the black belts, the more intense was the concentration of wealth and talent in plantation industry, the more complete was the crystallization of industrial society.

No leaps, no starts will avail us, by patient crystallization alone the equal temper of wisdom is attainable.

Snow, which, in its crystallization, surpasses the most perfect gems, is invariably found arranged in determinate angles, to wit, 60°, and its double, 120°, and formed of six-sided prisms.

The woman of large capacity can seldom rise beyond the absorption of ideas; her physical conditions refuse to support the energy required for spontaneous activity; the voltaic pile is not strong enough to produce crystallization.

The alkalized earths, as lime, magnesia, and still better, pot-ash, seem to intervene as solvents, for alumina, completely dissolved, acquires, as we have shown from Klaproth, a crystallization, of which, by itself, it is not susceptible.

We everywhere discover such forms in nature throughout the whole range of living powers, from the crystallization of salts and minerals to plants and flowers, and from these again to the human body.

The process of crystallization seems a microcosm of the universe.

The connection with the primeval star, especially, seems far and fanciful enough, but there are yet unexplored affinities between light and crystallization: some crystals have a tendency to grow toward the light, and others develop electricity and give out flashes of light during their formation.

The most remarkable display of crystallization which I have ever seen was on the 13th of January, 1859.

The most peculiar circumstance was the fact that single flakes never showed any regular crystallization: the magic was in the combination; the under sides of rails and boards exhibited it as unequivocally as the upper sides, indicat

The tradition of the comic scenes, usually written in prose, was in process of crystallization, and from the Maid's Metamorphosis we can trace it onwards through the present piece, and such slighter compositions as the Converted Robber and Tatham's Love Crowns the End, to Randolph and even later writers.

There is a law of crystallization among boys which enables molecules of the same gang to meet in whatever agglomeration they may be thrown.

59 examples of  crystallization  in sentences