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85 example sentences with  crystallization

85 example sentences with crystallization

But if the crystallization of Germany round the Prussian nucleus was for the time the source of Germany's success, it is a question whether it is not even now becoming something quite different, and the likely cause of a serious downfall.

Taste, crystallization, colour, weight, are absolutely identical; and the most accurate observer cannot distinguish the one from the other.

He must be born with the faculty, and along comes the occasion, like the tap on the test tube that induces crystallization.

A crystallization of ideas about the true function of the thyroid was now inevitable.

Gay vivacity and grim determination, the temperament of a Louis XIV, and the soul of a Cromwell, are the crystallizations of these chemical substances acting upon the brain.

That is to say, that just as a precipitate of chalk is formed when one throws some carbonate of soda into lime water, so the masculine and the feminine are to be looked upon as precipitates and crystallizations of a long series of linked chemical reactions in the fluids of the body, in which the internal secretions play a determining part.

On the shore are many stones full of crystallizations in the heart.

The new "reredos," or altar screen, is one marvelous crystallization of sculptures.

The old issues of tariffs and internal improvements were losing their vitality, while Freedom and Slavery were the new poles about which new crystallizations were beginning to form.

Related to the work is "Ethics of the Dust" (1865), lectures to little housewives on mineralogy and crystallography, nature's work in crystallization being the text for a diatribe against sordid living.

The fault, as I had not and have not the smallest doubt, depends in some way on the crystallization of the mercury silvering.

Still it is not without difficulty, on account of a singular crystallization of the amalgam.

Of private history: "On Jan. 2nd there was a most remarkable crystallization of the ice on the flooded meadows at Playford: the frost was very severe.

Hardness N. hardness &c adj.; rigidity; renitence^, renitency; inflexibility, temper, callosity, durity^. induration, petrifaction; lapidification^, lapidescence^; vitrification, ossification; crystallization.

There is a law of crystallization among boys which enables molecules of the same gang to meet in whatever agglomeration they may be thrown.

The juice is conveyed to an iron caldron, and in this the other operations of boiling, skimming and cleansing take place, till the crystallization or adhering of the sugar is completed.

The vital and formative principle, which was active during the process of crystallization into sects, or schools of thought, or governments, ceases to act; and what was once a living emanation of the Eternal Mind, organically operative in history, becomes the dead formula on men's lips and the dry topic of the annalist.

The scanty description of Captains Irby and Mangles, the only one I had read, gave me no distinct idea of its position or appearance; and when, the other day, I first saw it looming grand and gray among the gray hills, more like a vast natural crystallization than the product of human art, I revelled in the novelty of that startling first impression.

There, with all the sudden glory of crystallization, the vague idea took definite form and became the great inspiration of Stuhk's career.

I gleaned the evidences of crystallization and the traces of organic forms among the cast-up fragments of limestone and sandstone.

Experiments with the prism, and in crystallization and transformation, are useful and desirable to awaken taste for the sciences of Nature.

Girls with lucid eyes, like shadowy shallows in quick brooks, can wear crystallizations.

Its surface was broken into a thousand unaccountable figures; conical and pyramidical crystallizations, more than fifty feet in height, rise from its surface, and precipices of ice, of dazzling splendor, overhang the woods and meadows of the vale.

What could Mrs. Fiske have to say to Mrs. Marshall that would not lead to some agitating crystallization of the dangerous solution which during the past months Mrs. Marshall's daughter had been so industriously stirring up?

The same law of crystallization rules the slight-knit snow-flake and the hard foundations of the earth.

We have frequently remarked small radiant and arborescent crystallizations on dirty windows in London, and have found them to consist of sulphate of ammonia.

They are, broadly, the extraction or expression of the juices, their clarification and evaporation, and crystallization.

The Arabs and the Egyptians soon learned how to purify sugar by re-crystallization, and to manufacture sweetmeats from the purified sugar.

In those places, the juices are boiled in open pans or kettles, the impurities skimmed off as they rise, and the boiling, for evaporation, is continued until a proper consistency is reached, for molasses in the case of sorghum and for crystallization in the case of plantation and maple sugars.

Clarification and evaporation having been completed, the next step is crystallization, also a complicated operation.

After further evaporation in smaller coppers the thickened fluid was ladled into a final copper, the teache, for a last boiling and concentration; and when the product of the teache was ready for crystallization it was carried away for the curing.

The fact that negroes not bound for a term were coming to be appraised as high as £30, while the most valuable white redemptioners were worth not above £15 shows also the tendency toward the crystallization of slavery before any statutory enactments declared its existence.

The higher the price of slaves the greater was the absorption of capital in their purchase, the blacker grew the black belts, the more intense was the concentration of wealth and talent in plantation industry, the more complete was the crystallization of industrial society.

They also form their quality from crystallizations of various flakes like figures of fret work, and in some places, having long accumulated upon one another, into large masses, bearing a rude resemblance to various animals.

No leaps, no starts will avail us, by patient crystallization alone the equal temper of wisdom is attainable.

Snow, which, in its crystallization, surpasses the most perfect gems, is invariably found arranged in determinate angles, to wit, 60°, and its double, 120°, and formed of six-sided prisms.

The thought of their ignorance of the treasure, not a dozen yards distant, has often made me question if we all are not equally unaware of other and greater processes of life, of more perfect, sublimed, and, as it were, spiritual crystallizations going on invisibly about us.

Already the point of Constitution-makingthe crystallization-point of republicshad been reached.

The marble's bluish gray is relieved by sparkling crystallizations, and its unwrought blocks are handled with an ornamental effect in the piers, lintels, and arches, and well set off by a simple high-pitched slate roof, with terra-cotta hiprolls, crestings, and finials.

Again, she says, The woman of large capacity can seldom rise beyond the absorption of ideas; her physical conditions refuse to support the energy required for spontaneous activity; the voltaic pile is not strong enough to produce crystallization.

You will even notice rows of books in their rooms, and a picture or two,things that look as if they had surplus money; but these superfluities are the water of crystallization to scholars, and you can never get them away till the poor fellows effloresce into dust.

That is the rest that comes from the crystallization of the character in righteousness; that comes from the habit of believing, and the habit of obeying, and the habit of praying; from the habit of righteousness, until the old saint is ready for any struggle, and never expects to be turned aside.

The alkalized earths, as lime, magnesia, and still better, pot-ash, seem to intervene as solvents, for alumina, completely dissolved, acquires, as we have shown from Klaproth, a crystallization, of which, by itself, it is not susceptible.

Were these crystallizations salt alone, they would soon dissolve, but the arsenic and corrosive sublimate have rendered them insoluble; hence they remain intact while any fiber of the wood is left.

The crater presents the appearance of an inverted cone, the interior part of which is covered with crystallizations of salts and sulphur, of various brilliant huesred appeared to predominate, or rather a deep orange colour.

The summit of the mountain is composed of scoria, and crystallizations of sulphur, with here and there heaps of lava; wherever a stick is thrust in, the opening immediately emits a volume of white smoke, and if the hand be applied to the aperture, it is soon withdrawn on account of the great heat.

This matter is impure; but, when purified by various crystallizations, it becomes perfectly white and crystalline; and then it is known in commerce by the name of cream of tartar.

It is only necessary to heat the nitric acid on the sugar; the sugar dissolves, and there is a violent effervescence, which must be moderated by immersion in cold water: when the mixture cools, crystals of oxalic acid form in abundance, which may be purified by a second crystallization.

"What is that you said, Mr. Tutt?" "That ninety-nine per cent of the laws by which we are governed are unwritten laws, just as binding as the printed ones upon our statute books, which after all are only the crystallization of the sentiments and opinions of the community based upon its traditions, manners, customs and religious beliefs.

We everywhere discover such forms in nature throughout the whole range of living powers, from the crystallization of salts and minerals to plants and flowers, and from these again to the human body.

The process of crystallization seems a microcosm of the universe.

The connection with the primeval star, especially, seems far and fanciful enough, but there are yet unexplored affinities between light and crystallization: some crystals have a tendency to grow toward the light, and others develop electricity and give out flashes of light during their formation.

The most remarkable display of crystallization which I have ever seen was on the 13th of January, 1859.

The crystallizations were somewhat uniform in structure, yet suggested a variety of natural objects, as feather-mosses, birds' feathers, and the most delicate lace-corals, but the predominant analogy was with ferns.

The most peculiar circumstance was the fact that single flakes never showed any regular crystallization: the magic was in the combination; the under sides of rails and boards exhibited it as unequivocally as the upper sides, indicat

The tradition of the comic scenes, usually written in prose, was in process of crystallization, and from the Maid's Metamorphosis we can trace it onwards through the present piece, and such slighter compositions as the Converted Robber and Tatham's Love Crowns the End, to Randolph and even later writers.

No better illustration of the crystallization of customs into laws can be found than that given in Exodus 18:1-27 (Hist.

Thus by the simultaneous application and action of heat, pressure, chemical affinity, and crystallization, it is formed into a sheet of granular selenium, uniformly polarized throughout, and having its two surfaces in opposite phases as regards its molecular arrangement.

%20EVENTOS%20RELEVANTES/XVII%20Congreso%20Avicultura/confs/hunton1.htm These proteins affect crystallization, which in turn affects the eggshell structure.

It was achieved by Wendell Meredith Stanley in 1935 who also showed that TMV remains active even after crystallization.

Kidney stones occur due to low urine pH promoting the crystallization of uric acid.

Snow that is going through crystallization.

Sub-million-year age resolution of Precambrian igneous events by thermal extraction-thermal ionization mass spectrometer Pb dating of zircon: Application to crystallization of the Sudbury impact melt sheet.

Crystallization can be divided into stages primary nucleation is the first.

The crystallization of these risks has in the near to medium term created a flight to quality with safe haven bond yields falling and this is impacting positively on the marked-to-market valuations of the portfolios of the Ghana Petroleum Funds.

Crystallization of certain mineral phases is recognisable in the abundance variation of certain elements with which the phases have a compatible relationship.

Crystallization-solubilization cycles may also lead to loss of adherence between mortar and tesserae.

During our studies of alkane crystallization in the presence of kinetic inhibitors, we found that solidification can occur in the form of macroscopic bands (several hundred micrometers across) parallel to the front.

Dynamics, crystallization and structures in colloid spin coating.

Forsberg defended her thesis in 2009 on the topic of crystallization of metal fluoride hydrates from mixed acid solutions.

He further views the personal entanglements of life as "almost like petty complications and meticulous excuses for not facing the finality of this strange and uncanny process of crystallization" (pp. 217-8).

Here, we studied the effect of cholesterol on this membrane induced cortisone crystallization.

Igneous crystallization ages of granitic pegmatite dykes in the Shawanaga shear zone suggest that extensional shearing was waning by 1020 Ma and had ceased by 990 Ma.

In repair mortars, based on Portland cement, the main causes of deterioration are lixiviation, corrosion of metal reinforcements in the concrete, and salt crystallization.

In the biointerface lab we use Titrando 902 (Metrohm, Fischer) to perform crystallization experiments in very controlled conditions.

It is not the residual liquid resulting from fractional crystallization of a granodioritic cognite of the early suite.

Marxists tend to see in this conflict between capital and labour a crystallization of the relations of class struggle, a necessary stage in a dialectical process leading to the overthrow of capitalism.

Numerous crystallization screens were attempted for BcsE and BcsG constructs.

Our model can be interpreted as a stylized version of opinion crystallization in an election for example.

Self-assembly and crystallization from solutions or melts involve complicated thermodynamic, kinetic, and mass transport effects that are challenging to elucidate and control.

Selvyn is currently exploring the crystallization dynamics of fats as they relate to the presence of dispersed particulate and emulsifier.

The extensive chlorite + muscovite replacement of biotite indicates continued fluid exchange reactions prior to final crystallization of the dyke.

The skeletons of these crocodiles suffered from salt crystallization, erosion, pitting, change of the color, etc. This study focuses on the mechanism of deterioration processes that affects bone and tusks.

The TAS classification, magnesium numbers and crystallization temperatures were relatively similar in the chondrules and the Archean samples.

Thick juice can be stored in tanks for later processing reducing load on the crystallization plant.