224 examples of crystallized in sentences

There can be no doubt that the success of Confucius has been singularly great, owing especially to the narrow scope of his scheme, which has become crystallized in the habits, usages, and customs of the people.

If any one were to try to persuade you that an oyster-shell (which is also chiefly composed of carbonate of lime) had crystallized out of sea-water, I suppose you would laugh at the absurdity.

Organization crystallized about an unselfish desire and skilled ability to serve is irresistible.

The blood of the horse is then drawn, frozen and processed after separating the antibodies and crystallized into a powder.

Far more poetical than the ballads, and more interesting even than the romances, are the little lyrics of the period,those tears and smiles of long ago that crystallized into poems, to tell us that the hearts of men are alike in all ages.

The splendour of the scene generally commenced about twenty minutes before sun-set, when the feathery, fantastic, and regularly crystallized clouds in the higher regions of the atmosphere, became fully illumined by the sun's rays; and the fine mackerel-shaped clouds, common in these regions, were seen hanging in the concave of heaven like fleeces of burnished gold.

He lifted the brilliant bonnet, and revealed intricate things, all new and silvery and glistening like crystallized sugar.

When he clawed obscurely at the crystallized sugar ornaments under the bright bonnet of the fainting Model, his air looked so dejected, his eyes so hollow, and his smile so wan that Angela's fury melted into pity.

Thenas the result, no doubt, of reading the Nouveaux Essais of Leibnitz, published in 1765he returned to rationalistic principles, until finally, after a renewal of empirical influences, he took the position crystallized in the Critique of Pure Reason, 1781, which, however, experienced still other, though less considerable, changes in the sequel, just as in itself it shows the traces of previous transformations.

For a considerable period this crystallized for the most part around elements derived from British thinkers, especially from Locke and the Scottish School.

The changes now in progress are accompanied by no convulsions, yet the whole character of our civilization is being rapidly crystallized anew as our country takes its inevitable place in the world.

What is now fragmentary, shall in due time be crystallized, and shine like a gem set in the heavens, for a light to all coming ages.

For soda developers, Eder uses a solution of 10 parts of pure crystallized soda in 100 parts of water.

In places the limestone is perfectly crystallized, and of a pure white or other color, when it forms an attractive mineral, and often worth removing.

As a high priest of the most liberal of all arts, Dave scanned the noisy pages with a cynical and professional eye, knowing that none of the stuff had acquired any dignity or power to coerce human belief until mere typesetters like himself had crystallized it.

Ferragut only knew of his having four or five, but they were hard, crystallized, tenacious, like the mollusks that stick to the rocks and eventually become a part of the stony excrescence.

It was during this age that the parties of the Pharisees and Sadducees finally crystallized and formulated those tenets and policies which guided them during the next century.

Now I tell you truly, I believe in man as man, and I disbelieve in all distinctions except such as follow the natural lines of cleavage in a society which has crystallized according to its own true laws.

The snow has fallen under a cold temperature, and the flakes are perfectly crystallized; every shrub we pass bears wreaths which glitter as gorgeously as the nebula in the constellation Perseus; but in another hour of sunshine every one of those fragile outlines will disappear, and the white surface glitter no longer with stars, but with star-dust.

His opinions, crystallized by the opposition which they met on every side, were so very much the truth to him that he wished his son to perceive them clearly and cherish them as devoutly as he did.

They crystallized into a standard mould whatever in pastoral, whether classical or renaissance, was most obviously and easily reducible to a type, and so attained the position of models beyond which it was needless to go.

We can trace the development of the circle of ideas which, later on, crystallized, under the ethical and spiritual force of Jesus into the theology of Christianity.

Around this sacred book, which soon added to itself the writings of the Prophets, the religious life of the nation really crystallized.

The simple details of each succeeding day, the quaint housekeeping, the brief companionship and coming and going of her young hosthimself at best a crystallized personification of the sedate and hospitable woodssatisfied her feeble cravings.

She had been crystallized, so to speak, by some strange process of suffering, into a cold and dull propriety, never infringed on save at times when she found herself alone with me, and when the old frolic-spirit would for a little time possess her.

224 examples of  crystallized  in sentences