227 examples of culls in sentences

I can cull some pretty adventurers from the Free Companions.

Oh! blest of Heaven, whom not the languid songs Of Luxury, the siren! nor the bribes Of sordid Wealth, nor all the gaudy spoils Of pageant Honour, can seduce to leave Those ever-blooming sweets which, from the store Of Nature, fair Imagination culls To charm th' enlivened soul!

While cloistered Piety displays Her mouldering roll, the piercing eye explores New manners, and the pomp of elder days, Whence culls the pensive bard his pictured stores.

His royal consort next consults her glass, 50 And out of twenty boxes culls a face; The whitening first her ghastly looks besmears, All pale and wan the unfinish'd form appears; Till on her cheeks the blushing purple glows, And a false virgin-modesty bestows.

No! set them forth a board of dainties, full As thy best muse can cull; Whilst they the while do pine, And thirst 'midst all their wine, What greater plague can hell itself devize, Than to be willing thus to tantalize?

Vouchsafe, noble Lady, to accept this simple remembrance, though not worthy of your self, yet such as perhaps by good acceptance thereof ye may hereafter cull out a more meet and memorable evidence of your own excellent deserts.

Horace is so, various, so exquisite, and perfectly delightful, that he who culls flowers in a garden so replenished with nature's productions, must be well acquainted with her form, and able to delineate her beauties.

Ninon's celebrity attained such a summit, and her drawing rooms became so popular among the élite of the French nobility and desirable youth, that sad inroads were made in the entourage of the Court, nothing but the culls of humanity being left for the ladies who patronized the royal functions.

And now her vase a modest Naiad fills With liquid crystal from her pebbly rills; Piles the dry cedar round her silver urn, 480 (Bright climbs the blaze, the crackling faggots burn), Culls the green herb of China's envy'd bowers, In gaudy cups the steamy treasure pours; And, sweetly-smiling, on her bended knee Presents the fragrant quintessence of Tea.

derelict &c adj.; foundling; jetsam, waif. discards, culls, rejects; garbage, refuse, rubbish.

The least sheaf he ever culls out for tithe, and to rob God holds it the best pastime, the clearest gain.

He then expatiates in boundless futurity, and culls, from all imaginable conditions, that which, for the present moment, he should most desire; amuses his desires with impossible enjoyments, and confers upon his pride unattainable dominion.

While he thus at rest is laid In the old oak's quiet shade, Let's cull our flowers to braid, Or unite them In bunches trim and neat, That for every friend we meet, We may have a token sweet To delight them.

Part of the gang would lower the stalks to the floor, where the rest working in trios would strip them, the first stripper taking the culls, the second the bright leaves, the third the remaining ones of dull color.

We to green paths and blossomed meads With dawn of morn must run, And cull a breathing chaplet; And still our dream shall be, Helen, of thee, as weanling lambs Yearn in the pasture for the dams That nursed their infancy.

From each he meets he culls whate'er he can; Legion's his name, a people in a man.

"To cull from the mass of mankind those individuals upon which the attention ought to be most employed.

In the immediate vicinity of the sacred bull, whose consecrated life has heretofore been passed in luxurious freedom or insolent enjoyment on the banks of the Ganges or the Jumnafeeds the gaunt and shaggy bison, which crops with sullen tranquillity a herbage more nutritious but less grateful to him than he loved to cull among the stony pastures of the Alleghany range, or of the howling solitudes surrounding Hudson's Bay.

Whiting, Anthony: writes concerning worn-out horses, 133, 134; instructed to cull out the unthrifty sheep, 136, 137; manager of Mount Vernon, 180. "Wilderness": Washington sets out, 154; many trees dead in, 156.

But oh! for him my fancy culls The choicest flowers she bears, Who constitutionally pulls Your house about your ears.

Further more, one should know how many breeding ewes there are in the flock, how many rams, how many lambs of each sex, how many culls to be weeded out.

"As in the case of other cattle, the herd should be gone over every year and the culls thrown out because they occupy the room of those which might be profitable.

Thou of men most dear, Welcome to her, that only for thy sake, Hath been content to live: here boldly take My hand in pledg, this hand, that never yet Was given away to any: and but sit Down on this rushy Bank, whilst I go pull Fresh Blossoms from the Boughs, or quickly cull The choicest delicates from yonder Mead, To make thee Chains, or Chaplets, or to spread Under our fainting Bodies, when delight Shall lock up all our senses.

next to such enjoyment of our youth, In my esteem, next to such dear delight, Was that of wandering on from day to day 130 Where I could meditate in peace, and cull Knowledge that step by step might lead me on To wisdom; or, as lightsome as a bird Wafted upon the wind from distant lands,

Death culls the sweetest flowers to grace the tomb He hath touched theethou hast left us in thy bloom!

227 examples of  culls  in sentences