670 examples of curb in sentences

You, I am sure, will forgive me for sincerely remarking that you might curb your magnanimity, and be more of an artist, and load every rift of your subject with ore.

Some horses have been accustomed to be driven on the check, and the curb irritates them; others, with harder mouths, cannot be controlled with the slight leverage this affords; he must, therefore, accommodate the horses as he best can.

To curb perfection e'er it rival Heaven: Nay, chiefly such in these low arts prevail, Whose want of talents leaves them time to raid.

The Sultan generally is obliged to give a preference to Fez for a residence, because his presence is necessary to maintain the allegiance of the north country, and to curb its powerful warparty, his son in the meanwhile being left Governor during his absence.

Ship's rules, stringent as they were on the war frigate, and officers severe as were those of the Macedonian could not wholly curb the rollicking spirit of Terrence.

Will Brand, my lord; But then your grace must curb his cruelty:

How you were right in telling me that I idealise the people, and that they are as corrupt as the great world, and, moreover, without the curb of culture.

Victor heard the vehicle roll in and stand panting at the curb, then the slam of its door, the diminishing rumble of its departure.

He turned to the edge of the curb and called a hansom.

Then gan I him to comfort all my best, 190 And with milde counsaile strove to mitigate The stormie passion of his troubled brest; But he thereby was more empassionate, As stubborne steed that is with curb restrained Becomes more fierce and fervent in his gate, 195

His reason serves, not to curb but understand his appetite, and prosecute the motions thereof with a more eager earnestness.

To destroy the prospect, by showing the hopelessness of resistance, the army was successively augmented to the amount of twenty thousand men; citadels were marked out to be built of stone at Ayr, Leith, Perth, and Inverness; and a long chain of military stations drawn across the Highlands served to curb, if it did not tame, the fierce and indignant spirit of the natives.

Cinna did try to curb the outrages of the slave bands; but he dared not break with Marius, whom he named as joint consul with himself for the year 86.

Why should it be? Curb and thrill the world?

Tame this proud spirit, curb this untrain'd charger?

Man's got to get used to leaving pieces of his ankle-bone on the curb-stone if he wants to learn to ride a wheel.

what a stony curb that was! Bradley.

I was only thinking of Mr. Jarley's indignation to-morrow when he sees the hole I made in his curb-stone with my ankleoh!ow!and as for my back, while I don't think the whole spine is gone, I shouldn't be surprised if it had come through in sections.

I'll gladly pull over to the curb.

Lady Annabel recalled the harrowing hours that this attempt by her to curb and control the natural course and rising sympathies of filial love had cost her child, on whom she had so vigilantly practised it.

The latter existed in vehemence; but he put the curb upon it, turning it into right directions, and excluding it otherwise from influence upon his conduct.

And want of comfort, food, and wine, Will damp the genius, curb the spirit: These wants I'll own are often mine; But can't allow a want of merit.

be it mine To curb the sigh which bursts o'er Heaven's decree; To tread the path of rectitudethat when Life's dying ray shall glimmer in the frame, That latest breath I may in peace resign, "Firm in the faith of seeing thee and God." SONNET.

Underneath is the legend"She leaned forward smiling, beckoning as the Victoria drew up against the curb."

First, she is not leaning forward; secondly, she doesn't appear to be "smiling;" thirdly, she doesn't seem to be "beckoning;" and, fourthly, though the horse is being pulled back, probably on the "curb," yet, if the author means that the carriage is being pulled up against the pavement, then why didn't he say so, and write it "kerb?"

670 examples of  curb  in sentences