271 examples of curdling in sentences

A curdling yelp comes up the stairs.

" Dillon swore a blood-curdling string of curses and cracked his whip over the leader.

Once in the far distance there came the cry of a wolf, and now and then, to punctuate the deathly silence, the snow owl hooted in blood-curdling protest from his home in the spruce-tops.

By this means, you can be more certain of the sauce not curdling.

West tacked to his pronouncement a curdling oath.

Too much juice will prevent curdling as effectually as too little.

Again the cur lay still, but only long enough for Satan to see curious, fat, white shapes above himand then, with a blood-curdling growl, the big brute dashed forward.

By the time the third verse was reached Mr. Wilks's neighbours on both sides were beating madly upon their walls and blood-curdling threats strained through the plaster.

Why mating bears indulge in this blood-curdling duet is a mystery which only the bears themselves can explain.

It was the wildest, most blood-curdling sound Muskwa had ever heard, even more terrible than the barking of the dogs, and it frightened him so that he released his hold at once.

The California Star printed in full the account of the Fallon party, and blood-curdling editorials increased public sentiment against Keseberg, stamping him with the mark of Cain, and closing the door of every home against him.

So the day broadened hotly; the shadows of the Lombardy poplars curdling up into a sluggish pool of black at their roots along the dry gutters.

Why, sometimes, out in the hills, in the torrid quiet of summer noons, she had knelt by the shaded pools, and buried her hands in the great slumberous beds of water-lilies, her blood curdling in a feverish languor, a passioned trance, from which she roused herself, weak and tired.

Can you forgive me?" "There is nothing to forgive, as I'm sure you didn't mean and don't remember the blood curdling sentiments you aired.

Since then, however, it has been rendered by force of contrast with the brain-curdling enigmas the author has since published a marvel of lucidity; and were I to read it now I should appreciate its many beauties.

O!" It was a man's voice crying in agony, rising to a shuddering, blood- curdling scream: "O Jésus!

"Six buckets of blood!" replied Nyoda in a curdling voice.

The man stumbled about seeking her, cursing with blood-curdling blasphemy.

The sunshine was pale, but it suited his hurt eyes better: it crept slowly in the mornings over the snuff-colored carpet on the floor, up the brown foot-board of the bed, and, when the wind shook the window-curtains, made little crimson pools of mottled light over the ceiling,curdling pools, that he liked to watch: going off, from the clean gray walls and rustling curtain and transparent crimson, into sleeps that lasted all day.

"The priests who witnessed this blood-curdling scene trembled like the weak reed before the gale, waiting their turn to be tortured, but God willed that cruel Villa should be content with the butchery perpetrated upon unhappy Sr. Soto.

At this most critical juncture, and when it seemed as if death were inevitable, the martyr received absolution from Father Diez, who witnessed the blood-curdling picture with his heart pierced with grief at the sight of the sufferings of his innocent brother, feeling as must the condemned man preparing for death who sees the hours fly by with vertiginous rapidity.

About these whippings, the "Prophet" tells many a blood-curdling tale.

A clergyman suspected!'" Here Mr. Mortimer, warm to his work, let out a laugh so blood-curdling that Old Jubilee bolted the length of his rope.

Again and again the gavel fell, and again and again an announcement of failure was followed by blood-curdling howls.

he exclaimed, as a breath of air brought a sudden burst of blood-curdling cries to them.

271 examples of  curdling  in sentences