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271 examples of  curdling  in sentences

271 examples of curdling in sentences

A curdling yelp comes up the stairs.

A long, low, blood-curdling laugh, as if a dozen mocking fiends stood at his elbow,or was it just the shrieking of the wind among the gables?

He raised his voice in a series of blood-curdling shrieks, then dropped it, moaning, whining, then bursting suddenly into diabolic laughter, bellowing, whispering, ventriloquising, with quite extraordinary skill.

" Dillon swore a blood-curdling string of curses and cracked his whip over the leader.

Seven hundred scaling-ladders, no quarter if Carleton persisted in holding out, and a prophecy attributed to Montgomery that he would eat his Christmas dinner either in Quebec or in Hellthese were some of the blood-curdling items that came in by petticoat or arrow post.

Before they reach the bottom they are an excellent target, and for the first time that most blood curdling of soundsthe half-singing, half-hissing z-z-z-ip of the minie-ballnumbs the ardor of the bravest.

Then a blood-curdling outcry of voices, then shots.

But the comments of the indignant Jones were suddenly drowned in a blood-curdling sound in the doorway: the savage, suppressed growl of a dog, and the responsive imprecations of Number Two.

" At the instant Rosa's shriek, blood-curdling and electric, breaks from the corner.

Alone in the night; spectral forms about him; the sleeping man adding to the ghostliness of the scene by his incoherent mutterings, his hideous, gulping breath, his ghastly, blood-curdling outcries.

The serpents, hedged in from the outer line, uproar in blood-curdling masses, their dull eyes gleaming, and their tongues phosphorescent, darting out in their agony.

Just as this was decided, a blood-curdling baying of bloodhounds echoed across the pond from the distant cabin.

They were, indeed, for the most part, mere farragos of theories, guesses, blood-curdling suggestions, and mysterious hints of important information confided to the reporters but withheld from the public until the criminal had been run to earth.

Once in the far distance there came the cry of a wolf, and now and then, to punctuate the deathly silence, the snow owl hooted in blood-curdling protest from his home in the spruce-tops.

By this means, you can be more certain of the sauce not curdling.

These should be added very gradually, and stirred all the time, to prevent the egg from curdling.

Another Teuton who has sent blood-curdling tales to Germany may be found in the person of Martin Trojans, prisoner on Rottnest Island.

doth your mind not stumble on the truth, Here by this old hound lying at your feet, With all his clotted blood in crimson pools Curdling among the rushes on the floor?

This is a useless and pernicious practice, for curdling or coagulation of the milk always takes place in the stomach, and is produced by the gastric juice, and is so far from being a morbid process, that milk cannot be properly digested without it.

It was curdling when his partner made his dive for life.

At that moment from inside the farmhouse there rang out the most curdling yell Andy Wildwood had ever heard.

West tacked to his pronouncement a curdling oath.

It was as blood-curdling as a scream, yet as sinister as a red dragon's growl.

Courage to tell themwhat need not hamper for a moment the freedom of their investigations, what will add to them a sanction, I may say a sanctitythat the unknown x which lies below all phenomena, which is for ever at work on all phenomena, on the whole and on every part of the whole, down to the colouring of every leaf and the curdling of every cell of protoplasm, is none other than that which the old Hebrews called(by a metaphor, no

It is well known that "rennet" prepared from the calf's stomach has a remarkable effect in rapidly curdling milk, and this property is utilized in the manufacture of cheese.

This curdling of the milk is, however, a normal process, and the only noteworthy thing is its rejection, usually due to overfeeding.

The curdling of milk by the rennet ferment present in the gastric juice, is quite different from that produced by the "souring of milk," or by the precipitation of caseinogen by acids.

Then they saw a supernatural sight, the head of Don Juan, young and beautiful as an Antinoรผs, a head with black hair, brilliant eyes and crimson lips, a head that moved in a blood-curdling manner without being able to stir the skeleton to which it belonged.

He has written scientific romances, blood-curdling tales, strange phantasies, prophetic Utopias, and sociological novels.

Too much juice will prevent curdling as effectually as too little.

As the two men stepped from the launch to the landing a sound of wailing greeted their ears; long drawn out moans, heartbroken sobs, despairing shrieks, blood-curdling cries.

Again the cur lay still, but only long enough for Satan to see curious, fat, white shapes above himand then, with a blood-curdling growl, the big brute dashed forward.

He pounded the frightened crew unmercifully, dragging the screaming islanders back to their work by the hair of their heads, and heaping upon them curses that were strange and blood-curdling.

As we crawled along the platform we found that we had landed not more than twenty feet from the crevice through which we had witnessed the blood-curdling "tivo," and we hurried toward the spot where we had left the Fijian, whose nerves had been upset by the glimpse he had had of the strange antics of the dancers.

The devilishness that we had sensed behind the lustreless eyes blazed forth in full fury, and to me, familiar as I was with all the weird and wonderful curse phraseology used by the skippers and mates of the island boats, his anathemas impressed me as being the most blood curdling oaths that had ever come to my ears.

It was blood-curdling to watch the old man swaying over the depths while Holman, lying flat upon his stomach, gripped him beneath the arms and dragged the poor old scientist to safety.

By the time the third verse was reached Mr. Wilks's neighbours on both sides were beating madly upon their walls and blood-curdling threats strained through the plaster.

"Nearly every kind of bear had grievous statements to make, and so blood-curdling were some of their recitals that it was decided to begin war at once against the human race.

He who was brought up in Camelot, he who wept when Roland at Roncesvalles blew his horn for the last time, now devours blood-curdling detective stories, vile things in paper covers, which he keeps concealed about his person, and whips out at odd moments.

He heard many good stories, humorous and blood-curdling, and it was very late before he finally got to bed.

Surely, you told me blood-curdling tales of the fights between them and you Broadway boys?" "Oh, aye, but that's for right of way" and don't mean much except when we are actually punching each other's heads.

A more blood-curdling feat is to put the unclothed and precocious imp aforementioned under a large basket, and then run a sword savagely through and through every corner of it, and draw it out covered with gore.

He knew that if Dishpan should elect to turn somersaults while diamond-hitched under her pack, big, good-natured Bruce Otto would do nothing more than make the welkin ring with his terrible, blood-curdling protest.

Why mating bears indulge in this blood-curdling duet is a mystery which only the bears themselves can explain.

It was the wildest, most blood-curdling sound Muskwa had ever heard, even more terrible than the barking of the dogs, and it frightened him so that he released his hold at once.

He hurried to it, thinking of the fine supper the kind-hearted farmers would doubtless give him, when, just as he reached the gate of the door-yard, there was a most blood-curdling uproar, and two or three furious dogs came bounding shadowily toward him.

After many blood-curdling warnings of this sort, the disgusted Reddy set forth upon his most unpleasant voyage.

received from the athletic association of the Troy Latin School a letter that was a curious combination of blood-warming hospitality and blood-curdling challenge.

Beat up a little, add a very little cold milk to prevent curdling.

They performed in the daylight stray clarified bits from Fletcher or Moliรจre, drama of an era over-ripe; they sang only from an old book of madrigals; their very reading was fragmentary,now an emasculated Boccaccio, then a curdling phantasm of Poe's, and after some such scenic horror as the "Red Death" Helen Heath dashed off the Pesther Waltzes.

The whole crew were half suffocated as they were tossed helter-skelter into the white curdling cream of the squall.

The California Star printed in full the account of the Fallon party, and blood-curdling editorials increased public sentiment against Keseberg, stamping him with the mark of Cain, and closing the door of every home against him.

Nor did I send her home to her lonely yali, till the pale and languished moon, weary of all-night beatitudes, sank down soft-couched in quilts of curdling opals to the Hesperian realms of her rest.

Blood- curdling threats were hurled at the unhappy Ahmed.

Anazeh' came too, growling like a hungry bear, and after a couple of blood-curdling threats hurled at Suliman ben Saoud's back he took up position in the open door, facing the crowd, and dared any one to try to follow.

" Not, you'll remark, the savage growl Of the exasperated bear, Nor the profound blood-curdling howl Of the gorilla in its lair;

So the day broadened hotly; the shadows of the Lombardy poplars curdling up into a sluggish pool of black at their roots along the dry gutters.

Why, sometimes, out in the hills, in the torrid quiet of summer noons, she had knelt by the shaded pools, and buried her hands in the great slumberous beds of water-lilies, her blood curdling in a feverish languor, a passioned trance, from which she roused herself, weak and tired.

A chill creeps curdling yet beneath my hair, To think what chanced me by the pallid gleam Of a moon-wraith that waned through haunted air.

It was only a short time ago that I read a blood-curdling description of the London money-lender, which put any Indian I have ever come across altogether into the shade.

At the base of the hills lay the city, a dirty mass of bricks and smoke and dust, and at its far edge flowed the Wabash,deep here, tinted with green, writhing and gurgling and curdling on the banks over shelving ledges of lichen and mud-covered rock.

This exhibition of the snakes at their feeding-time, which gave to me, as it doubtless did to several others, a sense of curdling of the blood, had no such effect on many of the visitors.

Can you forgive me?" "There is nothing to forgive, as I'm sure you didn't mean and don't remember the blood curdling sentiments you aired.

Since then, however, it has been rendered by force of contrast with the brain-curdling enigmas the author has since published a marvel of lucidity; and were I to read it now I should appreciate its many beauties.

And pigeons, too, with their soft sunny coo all the summer afternoon, or the sudden lapping of sleepy wings round the chimneyshow can any one trap or shoot them with blood-curdling rapidity, and not expect to see ghosts!" "Of course, there is this difference about the fox," I said, "that it is really in a sense born to be hunted.

O!" It was a man's voice crying in agony, rising to a shuddering, blood- curdling scream: "O Jรฉsus!

Blood curdling, more savage infinitely than the cry of any wild beast, the others took it up, augmented it by a score, a hundred throats.

The Tanga tout suddenly emitted a scream, a blood-curdling scream, and immediately scratched his ribs like a monkey....

"Six buckets of blood!" replied Nyoda in a curdling voice.

The man stumbled about seeking her, cursing with blood-curdling blasphemy.

They treated Octavia and me with the courtesy fit for queens, and some of them told us delightful things of shootings and blood-curdling adventures, and all with a delicious twinkle in the eye, as much as to say, "We are keeping up the character of the place to please you."

In this whirlpool lives the giant snake, Kaliya, whose poison has befouled the water, curdling it into a great froth.

Though some of my blood-curdling letters were confiscated, a few detailing my experiences were forwarded.

She told blood-curdling tales of the positive reappearance of departed spirits, and when I said, "Do you really believe all this?"

The sunshine was pale, but it suited his hurt eyes better: it crept slowly in the mornings over the snuff-colored carpet on the floor, up the brown foot-board of the bed, and, when the wind shook the window-curtains, made little crimson pools of mottled light over the ceiling,curdling pools, that he liked to watch: going off, from the clean gray walls and rustling curtain and transparent crimson, into sleeps that lasted all day.

"The priests who witnessed this blood-curdling scene trembled like the weak reed before the gale, waiting their turn to be tortured, but God willed that cruel Villa should be content with the butchery perpetrated upon unhappy Sr. Soto.

At this most critical juncture, and when it seemed as if death were inevitable, the martyr received absolution from Father Diez, who witnessed the blood-curdling picture with his heart pierced with grief at the sight of the sufferings of his innocent brother, feeling as must the condemned man preparing for death who sees the hours fly by with vertiginous rapidity.

We are surrounded now by blood-curdling photographs of people being run over by omnibuses or dribbled along the street by horses attached to brewers' drays, these illustrations being accompanied by explanatory notes as to the inevitable result of crossing roads with your eyes shut or your fingers in your ears and endeavouring to alight from moving omnibuses by means of the back somersault or the swallow dive.

Three minutes later they entered into the dip, crossed it safely, and were already at the foot of the hill, when from the opposite side of the hollow there came a triumphant blood-curdling yell.

As the second blow fell across Jules's smarting shoulders, a low, blood-curdling wail came from the dark depths of the barn.

This is the most frightful, heart-curdling exhibition that can possibly be imagined.

There was a bouncing volcanic eruption, a blood-curdling howl, a mixed-up whirling round the carriage, and thensmash!bang through the window went Beauty!leaving me doubled up on the seat, holding out half a chicken.

It should not be added to the body of the soup, but a cupful of the hot soup may be turned slowly onto the egg, stirring all the time, in order to mix it well without curdling, and then the cupful stirred into the whole.

It is almost incredible that these preposterous statistics should actually be more popular than the most blood-curdling mysteries and the most luxurious debauches of sentiment.

It scarce need be said that when Lufki-Humma was born, the mother arose at once from her couch of skins, herself bore the infant to the neighboring bayou and bathed itnot for singularity, nor for independence, nor for vainglory, but only as one of the heart-curdling conventionalities which made up the experience of that most pitiful of holy things, an Indian mother.

About these whippings, the "Prophet" tells many a blood-curdling tale.

Despite the blood-curdling whispers of the Mess Corporal, his natural urbanity of disposition could not be stemmed.

It is blood-curdling but sympathetic, romantic but realistic, pathetic and sublime.

But Mr. Gabriel rose and drew her down, and hid her face in his arms and bent over it; and so they fled up the basin and round the long line of sand, and out into the gloom and the curdling mists.

A clergyman suspected!'" Here Mr. Mortimer, warm to his work, let out a laugh so blood-curdling that Old Jubilee bolted the length of his rope.

This mixture is to be stirred into the soup till it thickens, taking care to prevent its curdling.

Beat up the yolks of four eggs with the juice of a fine lemon, a tea-spoonful of flour, and a little cold water, mix well together, and set it on the fire to thicken, stirring it to prevent curdling.

Again and again the gavel fell, and again and again an announcement of failure was followed by blood-curdling howls.

Mix yolks of two eggs, juice of a lemon, a teaspoon of flour, a little chopped parsley; when it is rubbed smooth, stir it into saucepan; stir well to prevent curdling.

Boil, stirring constantly to prevent curdling.

Stir constantly so as to prevent curdling.

he exclaimed, as a breath of air brought a sudden burst of blood-curdling cries to them.

It was a blood-curdling sound and his face turned a more ghastly pallor as he gazed inquiringly at Neil.

" The wolf received this command with a snarl even more blood-curdling than before, but he obeyed, slinking sidewise a reluctant pace or two, and then springing to the back of the stallion with a single bound.

"This world is a very unprincipled place to live in," continued Harriet, her rage curdling into philosophy.