2912 examples of curling in sentences

He knew the strength of oak and ash; the swing of oar, the curve of prow, the dash of wave, and the curling breaker's sweep.

Then twilight comes, and the roads lead home to supper and the curling smoke above the roof.

Henshaw's question was put with a curling lip.

There, at the edge of them, the snow fretted and arched and fell back in curling foam-waves with hints of delicate rose-bloom in their white shining.

Whatever that meant to him, his artist eye took keen note of Dode, as she knelt there, in spite of remorse or pain below: how her noble, delicate head rose from the coarse blue drapery, the dark rings of her curling hair, the pale, clear-cut face, the burning lips, the eyes whose earthly soul was for the man who lay there.

Mark was a comely lad, with the yellow curling hair, the clear blue eyes, and the marked symmetry of features that belonged to his uncle.

His hair and magnificent Asiatic beard were jetty black, curling, and naturally disposed.

" We waited for half an hour, watching the smoke curling over the house, and then, judging that the Indians had made off for fear of being ambushed, we crossed the clearing.

"Colonel Washington," he sneered, his lips curling away from his teeth with rage, "was, I believe, an aide on the general's staff.

What mother ever found her girl of six or seven stand quiet while she was curling her hair?

He wears his own hair, and it's a pity he should ever cut it off, it's so handsome and curling.

Threads of smoke were still curling in through the slate and culm, and the air that crept in was very bad.

Ah-kre-nay looked on in silence, his lip curling scornfully, until the preparations were all made; he then took his place at the post with sullen composure, and prepared to suffer in silence all the horrors meditated by the Sioux.

The Joys of Home Curling smoke from a chimney low, And only a few more steps to go, Faces pressed at a window pane Watching for someone to come again, And I am the someone they wait to see These are the joys life gives to me.

But just as I strained my curling lips towards them, I stopped.

From this occupation he looked up with lips curling in contempt of Sofia's terror.

Her figure was flexible and elegant, her head well-poised, her complexion brilliant, with a little rosy mouth, pearly teeth, black curling hair, and soft expressive eyes, with a carriage indicative of indolence and pride, yet with a face beaming with good-nature and sympathy.

A year ago Julia used to creep away and look at such exhibitions of family affection, with a curling lip, but to-night, at Mother Carey's outstretched hand and smothered cry of "Help, Judy!"

It looked for all the world like a dead face, coloured a greenish white by the water; but presently we saw, by one end curling over in the swell of a wave, that 'twas only a rag of paper.

The evening came, and then our waxen starres Sparkled about the heavenly Court of Fraunce, When I then young and radiant as the sunne Gave luster to those lamps, and curling thus

She said of course it was very nice curling like that, but it was a pity I did not wear a net over it all to keep it more tidy.

The bark began to blaze up very bright, sending out volumes of thick smoke and dense flame, writhing, and curling, and snapping, as it lay on the ground.

I had turned the bend in the road, could see the smoke curling out of grandma's chimney, and knew that every nearer house was closed.

He expected great performances from her, and as there was a nice fresh wind idly curling the surface of the lake, he invited us to come out with him and try her, and in a minute or two we were speeding merrily before the breeze towards the opposite shore.

Ripples of the evening air, entering through the windows, flowed over her, lifting the thick curling locks at the nape of her neck, creeping forward over her shoulders and passing along her round arms under the thin fabric of her sleeves.

2912 examples of  curling  in sentences