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86 example sentences with  curtailment

86 example sentences with curtailment

I understood well enough their resentment at having a ship's officer quartered on them,the forec'stle they considered as their only liberty when at sea, and my presence as a curtailment to the freedom of speech.

The "modernisers" respected the psalter, the curtailment was in the Lectionary.

The records and reports of the sickness in the army do not include all the depreciations and curtailments of life and strength among the soldiers, nor all the losses of effective force which the Government suffers through them, on account of disease and debility.

There is nothing to fear from the curtailment of luxury; our danger lies in lack of a sound definition of extravagance.

" X. The following letter to her son (afterwards second Duke of Bedford), written from Stratton in July, 1706, is throughout so wise and good, that we give it without any curtailment.

By avoiding the prolixity which marks the speeches and the descriptions in Homer, I have gained a rapidity to the narration, which I hope will make it more attractive and give it more the air of a romance to young readers, though I am sensible that by the curtailment I have sacrificed in many places the manners to the passion, the subordinate characteristics to the essential interest of the story.

The curtailment of the veto of the Second Chamber fulfils this purpose.

And O how it misses HazlittProcter, too, is affronted (as Janus has been) with their abominable curtailment of his things."

This little journey was so emphatically, an act of faith, and the course of it lay so much through a part of Europe seldom visited by travellers, that we shall transcribe the diary of it without much curtailment.

And there must have been the grossest ignorance and the lowest degradation when men were willing to submit to the curtailment of personal freedom and the loss of their lands, in order to find protectors.

It was the baron and the knight that marched to Palestine who suffered most in the curtailment of the privileges which they had abused,even as it was the Southern planter of Carolina who lost the most heavily in the war which he provoked to defend his slave property.

The war between the civil power and these courts had begun before the fall of Wolsey, and had resulted in the curtailment of probate duties, legacies, and mortuaries, by which the clergy had been enriched.

The separation from Rome, the suppression of the monasteries, and the curtailment of the powers of the spiritual courts were the only reforms of note during the reign of Henry VIII., unless we name also the new translation of the Bible, authorized through Cranmer's influence, and the teaching of the creed, the commandments, and the Lord's prayer in English.

Her furniture was topsy-turvy, and her hair in curl-papers; she obviously did not expect visitors, and resented this curtailment of the honeymoon.

It also shows what advances she was herself making in the perception of the true character of the crisis, so far as the objects of the few honest members who still remained in the Assembly were concerned, and the extent to which she was trying to reconcile herself to some curtailment of her husband's former authority.

[Footnote 5: This and the following passages seem omitted for curtailment, and perhaps in part because they were less amusing when the fashion of euphuism had passed.

This is the real cost to the community, which attaches to the products of any industry, in virtue of the land which it occupies; not any human labors or sacrifices required to produce the land itself, but the curtailment of the natural resources available for productive use elsewhere.

Its difficulties disappear when we realize clearly that the real cost of anything is the curtailment of the supply of other useful things, which the production of that particular thing entails.

His wars, from which he had expected glory, ended at last in the curtailment of his original possessions.

The year 1834, then, showed the commencement of the great war between capital and labor which is so damaging to all business operations, and the ultimate issue of which cannot be predicted with certainty,but which will probably lead to a great amelioration of the condition of the working-classes and the curtailment of the incomes of rich men, especially those engaged in trade and manufactures.

Nor did they desire war, nor even, at first, entire separation from the Mother Country; but they were ready to accept war rather than to submit to injustice, or any curtailment of their liberties.

This the South needed, to secure what they called the balance of power, but what was really the preponderance of the Slave States, or at least the curtailment of the political power of the Free States.

Subtraction N. subtraction, subduction^; deduction, retrenchment; removal, withdrawal; ablation, sublation^; abstraction &c (taking) 789; garbling, &c v.. mutilation, detruncation^; amputation; abscission, excision, recision; curtailment &c 201; minuend, subtrahend; decrease &c 36; abrasion.

shortening &c v.; abbreviation, abbreviature^; abridgment, concision, retrenchment, curtailment, decurtation^; reduction &c (contraction) 195; epitome &c (compendium) 596.

Of course there were various alterations of detail, changes in the metres, curtailments, and disfigurements; in the Latin edition of the -Iphigenia- of Euripides, for instance, the chorus of women waseither after the model of another tragedy, or by the editor's own deviceconverted into a chorus of soldiers.

elicited cries of curtailment on free speech.

If it was unpardonable carelessness in the latter to omit the usual practice of previously consulting the leaders of the Opposition on the amount of the grant to be proposed, it was not the less impolitic and unworthy of such men as the Duke and Sir Robert Peel to show their disapproval of the inattention by a curtailment of the grant.

Procter too is affronted (as Janus has been) with their abominable curtailment of his thingssome meddling Editor or otheror phantom of one for neither he nor Janus know their busy friend.

In the depth the gradual curtailment has been more apparent.

[Sidenote: Curtailment of the tribunes' prerogative.]

[Sidenote: Curtailment of the power of the consuls and praetors.]

It accordingly commenced a system of curtailment of its loans and issues, in the vain hope that the joint stock and private banks of the Kingdom would be compelled to follow its example.

This curtailment was not to take effect till the 1st of July, 1859.

The reservation of the power to curtail the service to semimonthly trips itself proves that the parties had in view the contingency of such curtailment "whenever the necessities of the public and the condition of affairs in the Territory of Utah may not require it more frequently."

Before the Postmaster-General ordered this curtailment he had an interview with the Secretary of War upon the subject, in the course of which the Secretary agreed that a weekly mail to St. Joseph and Salt Lake City was no longer needed for the purposes of the Governmentthis, evidently, because the trouble in Utah had ended.

By the curtailment of paper issues, by curbing the sanguine and adventurous spirit of speculation, and by the honorable application of all available means to the fulfillment of obligations, confidence has been restored both at home and abroad, and ease and facility secured to all the operations of trade.

A moderate curtailment of mail service consequently became necessary, and has been effected, to shield the Department against the danger of embarrassment.

The calls of the banks, therefore, in such emergencies of necessity exceed that demand, and produce a corresponding curtailment of their accommodations and of the currency at the very moment when the state of trade renders it most inconvenient to be borne.

By a curtailment of its accommodations more rapid than any emergency requires, and even while it retains specie to an almost unprecedented amount in its vaults, it is attempting to produce great embarrassment in one portion of the community, while through presses known to have been sustained by its money it attempts by unfounded alarms to create a panic in all.

Immediately after the close of the last session the bank, through its president, announced its ability and readiness to abandon the system of unparalleled curtailment and the interruption of domestic exchanges which it had practiced upon from the 1st of August, 1833, to the 30th of June, 1834, and to extend its accommodations to the community.

The grounds assumed in this annunciation amounted to an acknowledgment that the curtailment, in the extent to which it had been carried, was not necessary to the safety of the bank, and had been persisted in merely to induce Congress to grant the prayer of the bank in its memorial relative to the removal of the deposits and to give it a new charter.

Prince's Digest, 446, &c.] From the nature of the casefrom the laws of mind, such power, so intensely desired, griped with such a death-clutch, and with such fierce spurnings of all curtailment or restraint, cannot but be abused.

Prince's Digest, 446, &c.] From the nature of the casefrom the laws of mind, such power, so intensely desired, griped with such a death-clutch, and with such fierce spurnings of all curtailment or restraint, cannot but be abused.

In vessels chartered by ourselves or in some way under our direction, and with every comfort and convenience which can be secured for the limited sum available for cost of transit, for men, women, and children, under the direct superintendence of our own trained officers, what a curtailment of human suffering and shame there will be in the transit of the Colonist alone!

In any case this ancient privilege could not long have survived the curtailment of the Lord Mayor's Feast.

Serbia even in those days was essentially and uncompromisingly democratic, but even so Milo[)s] obstinately refused to carry out the provisions of the constitution or in any way to submit to a curtailment of his power, and in 1839 he left his ungrateful principality and took refuge in Rumania, where he possessed an estate, abdicating in favour of his elder son Milan.

SEE Schmeckebier, Laurence F. Curtailment of non-defense expenditures.

SEIDEMANN, HENRY P. Curtailment of non-defense expenditures.

SEE Schmeckebier, Laurence F. Curtailment of non-defense expenditures.

SEIDEMANN, HENRY P. Curtailment of non-defense expenditures.

The doctors, by proving their title to that confidence which I tentatively gave them upon re-entering the institution, had no difficulty in convincing me that a temporary curtailment of some privileges was for my own good.

Then she knew that she was in her own little room, and that this frightful adventure was only the old, old dream, that came to her two or three times a year, as far back as she could rememberthe same always, without addition or curtailment.

On the 1st of August 1837fifteen months after being marked as fry, on its way to the seaanother individual was caught, and recognised by the absence of one fin, and the curtailment of another.

Things were hardly so very bad, however, if, as he states previously, the curtailment of the expenditure on the table still left, as a medium repast, two or three dishes, with fruit and cheese after.

CARLOWITZ, a town on the Danube, 30 m. NW. of Belgrade, where a treaty was concluded in 1699 between Turkey and other European powers, very much to the curtailment of the territories of the former.

The resulting persecution of Fritz Reuter, the tragedy of Friedrich Ludwig Weidig, the simultaneous withdrawal or curtailment of the freedom of the press and the right of holding public meetings were most eloquent advocates with the public mind for a sturdy opposition to the conservatism of princes and officials.

The curtailment of space in which families live is going on at an alarming rate, although not yet seriously taken into account by the sociologist for the group we are studying.

We stand in sufficient need of economy, and in the curtailment of other salaries I suppose they thought it absolutely necessary to cut off their foreign ministers.

While the Directors of Thought were deliberating on the relative disadvantages of a curtailment of submarine activity and America as an enemy, and the order of the day was to instill hatred, no matter how, they decided that it would be inadvisable for the people to read the true statements of Harden.

The extension of the mail service and the additional facilities which will be demanded by the rapid extension and increase of population on our western frontier will not admit of such curtailment as will materially reduce the present expenditures.

During the two months of Yanukovych's presidency and the existence of the pro-presidential majority and the government in Ukraine, the pressure on the media and the curtailment of freedom of speech intensified.

Bryant says that before COVID-19 “I think our heads would have exploded,” at the kind of curtailment of personal freedoms taking place today.

Curtailment of HIV services for mothers and their children could see new child HIV infections rise by as much as 37% in Mozambique, 78% in Malawi and Zimbabwe, and 104% in Uganda, the modelling found.

Even as McCain lost the race, the ACORN “scandals” helped usher in the largest curtailment of voting rights since the 1960s.

For the same reason, Husky’s Peabody said the Alberta government should “ditch” its curtailment program.

He said "a really strong collective will to complete the season remains" but admitted "curtailment" of the season was discussed for the first time on Monday.

And I think this year was like $63 million and maybe you spent like nothing in the fourth quarter because of the curtailments that you took.

More barrels are expected to be placed in storage if prices remain low, Murphy said, a situation that, in part, led to Alberta’s imposition of production curtailments last year as a glut of oil in Western Canada prompted steep price discounts.

The enforced curtailment of the domestic season means CSA now needs to decide who wins which tournament or whether they’ll be voided.

The Sunday Times reported at the weekend that government funding would come with strict conditions attached, including the curtailment of projects such as the proposed extension to the Bakerloo line.

“This temporary curtailment of operations is required to preserve public health and safety in light of the recent spike in coronavirus cases, both nationally and within the Southern District of New York,” McMahon said in the order.

Until recently, though, Ukraine has been using such tactic of action to justify the curtailment of all sorts of cooperation with Russia to the benefit of an alternative - more expensive Western products.

Higher production was mainly due to reduced downtime, partially offset by impacts from the Government of Alberta’s production curtailment order.

If no further speakers rise and if the 1:00 a.m. time curtailment has not yet been reached, the Speaker will call the question on the amendment and the House will decide.

“It’s the government curtailment, pipeline capacity, lack of confidence in the Canadian market… ” he said.

Many producers called for curtailment to prop up sagging prices, although oilfield service firms have been hurt by its effect on capital programs.

MATLAB/PSCAD simulation studies show that the proposed control can stabilize remotely located motor much faster and with reduced real power curtailment than conventional strategies.

As a result, there has been curtailment of programs, curtailment of courses.

As a result, there has been curtailment of programs, curtailment of courses.

Sentence reductions especially in serious cases could spark outrage by victims and then legislative curtailment or capping.

The optimal curtailment wind speeds for minimizing impacts to bats are unknown, particularly the benefits of increasing cut-in speeds above 4.5 m/s or incorporating additional environmental parameters into curtailment triggers.

The optimal curtailment wind speeds for minimizing impacts to bats are unknown, particularly the benefits of increasing cut-in speeds above 4.5 m/s or incorporating additional environmental parameters into curtailment triggers.

This increased demand has not been matched by increased funding, resulting in curtailment of services to many seniors, particularly those with lower levels of need.

This month, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley took the rare step of ordering oil curtailments amounting to 325,000 barrels per day, starting in January, to reduce the province’s glut.

With respect to the curtailment of programs, I will point out to the member opposite that what we have done is expanded programming outside of Winnipeg.

With the emergence of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the curtailment of welfare programs, and more aggressive efforts by the United States to seal the border against undocumented migrants, the prospect of seeking a livelihood--.