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518 example sentences with  curtest

518 example sentences with curtest

Exhibition of manuscripts to a leading literary light merely evoked curt advice to learn a trade or go into business.

Lanyard replied with the curt nod of a disgruntled motorist.

We are so used to the curt heading of the little paragraph that our eye glances idly away from it, and we do not realize its sadness.

It is evident that before he died he had come to think coldly of his wife; for his mention of her in his will was of the curtest, and his provision for her during her lifetime, though amply sufficient for her real needs, not at all in keeping with the style in which she had dwelt with him.

To all remarks or even questions he replied in the fewest words and curtest phrases possible.

"I will leave you to do that," was the curt reply.

I was aware of this interesting fact by reason of the curt and quaintly worded postcard which I was rereading, and by which I was requested to present myself at his house not later than seven o'clock on that evening.

Carnacki was genially secretive and curt, and spoke only when he was ready to speak.

The ruler of the Senate nodded a curt dismissal.

Only pray don't let the Printer mistake the word curt for curst.

The other sort (and he hopes many of them will purchase his book too) he greets with the curt invitation of Timon, "Uncover, dogs, and lap:" or he dismisses them with the confident security of the philosopher, "you beat but on the case of ELIA." C.L. Dec. 7, 1822.

A weaker man would have made a detour, but he held a direct course, and with a curt nod to acquaintances who would have stopped him walked swiftly in the direction of home.

The captain received the new arrival with marked cordiality, and giving him a chair near his own observed with some interest the curt greeting of the young men.

"I guess it is," was the curt and characteristic reply.

He was afraid of being too curt with her lest she should turn on him and tell him that pretence was uselessshe knew he was Priam Farll.

She dropped her eye before his; heaved something very like a sigh; and then said, in her curt, fierce tone, which yet implied a sort of sullen resignation "Yes; come up-stairs."

He knitted his brows as he indicated the house-master's curt letter.

Curt and contemptuous laughter was his response.

In the correspondence from Sergeant Berthelin there came a long hiatus followed by a curt bit of official information: "Seriously wounded."

Having made my bow, which was acknowledged by a curt nod, I was conducted to the seat on the right hand of the Khan by Azim Khan, his son, who seated himself upon his father's left hand The Wazir, suite, soldiers, and attendants then squatted round us in a semicircle, and the interview commenced.

Geissler was offended, no doubt; he turned sharp and curt, and said: "Well, I'm here, if they want me."

"I have done nothing of the kind," was the curt reply.

It contained a curt request to call at once on a matter of great importance.

A few days afterwards the bailiff of Nagendra Babu's estate, known as Lakhimpur, called on Rรกmdรก with a verbal request that he should surrender his ancestral tenure and, meeting with a curt refusal, left the house threatening all sorts of evil consequences.

But we cannot afford to dispose of our young heroine in this curt way, for her looks formed parts of the lines of a strange history; and so we must be permitted the privilege of narrating that, while Mrs. Hislop's protegรฉe did not come within that charmed circle which contains, according to the poets, so many angels without wings, she was probably as fair every whit as Dowsabell.

Of all the criticisms, the only one that lingered in his mind was the curt comment, "The author had nothing to say, and he has said it."

In the dimly lit hall Alan drew the girl into his arms and kissed her passionately then suddenly almost flung her from him, muttered a curt good-by and before Tony hardly realized he was going, was gone, swallowed up in the night and storm.

Considering these things it was not strange that the new year found Larry Holiday in heavy mood, morose, silent, curt and unresponsive even to his uncle, inclined at times to snap even at his beloved little Goldilocks whose shining new happiness exasperated him because he could not share it.

But nothing which Sylvia's imagination might have been able to conceive would have struck her such a blow as the fact which Judith now produced, in a dry, curt phrase: "I'm not going to be married."

She had been positively curt and decisive.

She swept past Miss Sniffen with a curt bow.

He tossed a curt order to one of his men, who went off at a run toward a village, whose morning smoke rose blue over a spur of the range a mile away.

All the answer Anazeh gave him was a curt laughone bark like a Fox's.

Several pairs of hands were already unbuckling the harness of the dead horse, when De Vivonne pushed his way into the little group, and with a few curt words checked their intended violence.

If the American had expected to surprise or delight his companion by this curt announcement he was woefully disappointed, for De Catinat approached him with a face which was full of sympathy and trouble, and laid his hand caressingly upon his shoulder.

"Your words are somewhat more curt than I am accustomed to," he remarked.

Young De la Noue gave them a few curt injunctions, and then accompanied the refugees along the path.

What was it, please?" His tone was peremptory, almost curt, Juliet hesitated no longer.

The answer came instantly, and though it sounded curt it had a ring of humour.

I'll strive to do my best,"in the old fawning manner, to which Holmes nodded a curt reply.

He waved them a curt farewell as they entered the latest Whipple car.

And these directions are very large and very curt.

Curt as the question came the answer, the tale of massacre now a day old.

Swift as had come the burst of passion, Landor was himself again; curt, all-seeing, self-sufficient, "There'll be no blood shed."

Major Anderson on his part dismisses the distasteful mission with a significantly curt report: "I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt on the 4th of your communication of the 1st instant.

Fortgefรผhrt von Curt Elze.

Curt Elze (A); 14Dec67; R424044.

Boone & Crockett Club (PWH); 1Aug67; R414999. ELZE, CURT.



SEE Sachs, Curt.

She informed him of the bare fact in the curtest manner, without preface or apology or explanation.

Mounting quickly when they arrived, Megget gave a curt order for his own men to follow and galloped in the same direction the ranch owners and cowboys had taken.

"Celia hears often from Curt, Poor Major Lent!

The Major died as he would have wished to die, Curt writes.

Curt says his face was calm, almost smiling.

When they let President Davis alone, and when Curt comes home, I've got some ve'y pretty songs fo' him to learn to appreciate.'

He bade the man a curt good-night, therefore, and turning away passed quickly into St. Aldate's Street.

And when they had jointly loosened his lordship's cravat, and removed his wig and set the cool jug of small beer within his reach, Mr. Pomeroy bade the other a curt good-night, and took himself off.

Mr. Pomeroy exchanged a few curt words with the driver, thrust in the tutor, and followed himself.

The Englishman wrote in resentment of this curt reply, complaining that Wayne's soldiers had approached within pistol shot of the fort, and threatening to fire upon them if the offence was repeated.

When he sat down to table, after having had his wounds, which were slight, attended to, Bourbon approached him respectfully and presented him with a dinner-napkin; and the king took it without embarrassment and with frigid and curt politeness.

The contemplation of antiquity inspires him with language often worthy of Tacitus, curt, nervous, powerful in its grave simplicity.

Yet how curt is the version last quoted, and how blundering the sentence!

After continuing to serve for months with no sign from Washington as to whether his resignation was desired, he was advised by the Chief of the bureau of insular affairs that the appointment of Mr. Francis Burton Harrison, who is a Tammany Hall democrat, as his successor had been sent to the Senate, and three days after its confirmation received a curt request

To this coterie of avowed Republicans, young Richard Lambertsecretary or what-not to Sir Marmaduke, a paid dependent at any ratewas not worth more than a curt nod of the head, a condescending acknowledgment of his existence at best.

"She never told me that she was sick, sent me neither letter nor message; only after her death a curt note came to me, writ in her hand, entrusted to one of her own co-worshipers, a canting, mouthing creature, who grinned whilst I read the heartless message.

He thought it quite natural that she should dismiss him with a curt and condescending nod, and when she had swept majestically out of the room, he made his way humbly across the hall, then by the garden door out towards the tumble-down barn where he had tethered his old mare.

One night a factory inspector walked into the laundry of one Curt Muller, and found working there, long after closing time, one Mrs. Gotcher.

I reply with curt dejection.

The curt, distinct words were too absolute to admit of any doubt.

His tone was curt.

And Margray said, "Now, Alice, tell me, why are you so curt with Angus?

Handing a letter to the decrepit Concha, who seemed to be utterly disorganized by its contents and the few curt words with which it was delivered, he gazed silently upon the vacant bower, still fresh and redolent with the delicacy and perfume of its graceful occupant, until his dark eyes filled with unaccustomed moisture.

"Say, young man," asked an old lady at the ticket-office, "what time does the next train pull in here and how long does it stay?" "From two to two to two-two," was the curt reply.

was Evelyn's curt, ungracious reply.

Theodore let him in, and the first thing that struck me about him was his curt, haughty manner and the look of disdain wherewith he regarded the humble appointments of my business premises.

"I thought as much," was my curt comment.

"Come!" was his curt reply.

I was about to take my leave, having apparently completed my work, when M. Ernest Berty called me back with a curt command.

He dismissed me with a curt nod, and the next two minutes saw me outside this house of mystery and installed inside the ramshackle vehicle on my way back to my lodgings.

I therefore made a curt bow and told the uncivil man that my visit was not intended for his prunes or his barley, but for his daughter.

"That is more than you can tell me," was the curt answer.

He answered her with curt directness.

In an wider sense a Luther movie could also be a documentary movie about Martin Luther, like Curt Oertel's Der gehorsame Rebell (translated: The Obedient Rebel).

People Will Talk is a 1951 American romantic comedy drama movie directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and is the English language version on the 1932 play by Curt Goetz.

The first biography of Scully's life, Pull Up a Chair: The Vin Scully Story, written by Curt Smith, was published in 2009.

About Curt Anderson Anderson is legal affairs writer for AP.

City Administrator Curt Kreklau presented a summary of Menahgaโ€™s pandemic plan, along with the League of Minnesota Citiesโ€™ pandemic planning guide.

Grounded and gritty, the historical drama follows brewer Curt Prank as he arrives in Munich to capitalize on the lucrative beer industry with a colorful vision of what the cultural hallmark could and should be.

He borrowed the idea from Curt and Yvette, who had earlier asked their wedding guests to do the same thing.

He coached Alexandria in the mid-1980s when it featured Curt Gau and Jerry Smith.

And that is Curtโ€™s Closet.

The Curt and Frank Newsletter Is Back!

As someone who grew up on a northeast Nebraska farm and lives on a farm to this day, I think it's safe to say agriculture is in Curt's blood.

When Gibson was in his prime on Cardinal teams that also featured Black stars like Brock, Curt Flood and Orlando Cepeda, his reputation as an intimidating if not surly presence may have been influenced by racial issues.

โ€œEquipment sales overall have been resilient this year, but we are starting to see some softening s the year winds down,โ€™ said Curt Blades, senior vice president for agriculture services for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Interior Concepts By Curt, Orange, CA, (714) 289-0529 (

To donate in Curtโ€™s name to the Magdalene House (specify you are supporting Curt in the Freedom Ride).

To donate in Curtโ€™s name to the Magdalene House (specify you are supporting Curt in the Freedom Ride).