143 examples of cussing in sentences

From this Captain Selover went on into a good old-fashioned deep-sea "cussing out," to the great joy of the stevedores.

Crows, like time-serving politicians, are often on the Fence, and their proficiency in the art of Caw-cussing entitles them to rank with the Radical Spoilsmen denounced by the sardonic DAWES.

By that time the cage of hyenas began to sneeze a quartette, and fight each other, and the atmosphere about their cage was full of hair and language that would be much like cussing if it could be translated into English.

"First he cussed me out proper.

"What a cussed fool I were not to say four dollars instead o' three!"

"The damned filthy whelpexcuse me, Ophelia, for cussing, but I just had to say It!"

He can neither strike with his fist, nor engage in a cussing match, but your able sergeant is an adept in both of these polite accomplishments.

He lies around awake, cussing his luck, I s'pose.

Pa's down to the corral, cussing mad.

"Which I disremember," went on Little Joe thoughtfully, "of you ever putting so many words together without cussing.

"I don't blame you for cussing it out," he said; and the saying of it was a mark of the relaxed discipline which was creeping into all branches of the service.

They're behind the bars, but still cussing the Government.

If you feel like cussing me hearty when the time comes go ahead and cuss, but I got to hear that story.

You can punch a gent for cussing you, or stepping on your foot, or crowding you, or sneering at you, or talking behind your back, or for a thousand things.

No hollering, or yelling, or cussing, but every word counting and making somebody hop.

Noise isn't authority, and there's no sense in ripping and roaring and cussing around the office when things don't please you.

Where a few words, quick, sharp, and decisive, aren't enough for a man, a cussing out is too much.

The world is full of fellows who could take the energy which they put into useless cussing of their men, and double their business with it.

I remember once when I was cussing the men who butchered the pretty little things while Magnus Thorkelson was staying all night with me to help me get my stock through a bad stormit was a blizzard, but we had never heard the word thenand as I got hot in my blasting and bedarning of them (though they needed the venison) he got up and grasped my hand, and made as if to kiss me.

"Cussing" and "cursing" are quite different things, insists the author.

He would never have cursed any one, he protests; but a man is always justified in cussing when a proper case for it is presented.

"I was just cussing my hoss.

There was much talk among the men, and several told how they had heard the Swede "cussing" Walland in the saloon that evening.

Pretty soon he started cussing Mac Strann.

Casey had not thought of it before; mere cussing was natural to him as breathing, and he had scarcely been aware of the fact that Ole was speaking.

143 examples of  cussing  in sentences