262 examples of cutlers in sentences

How many mile ist to the next Cutlers?

Dr. Cutler's influence aided by Mr. Grayson of Virginia was of much assistance.

One fourth of all imported into England goes to the Sheffield cutlers.

"The town was originally a mere village, dependant on the Castle; but its mineral and subterranean wealth led the early inhabitants to become manufacturers of edged tools, of which arrow heads, spear heads, &c. are presumed to have been a considerable part; a bundle of arrows being at this day in the town arms, and cross arrows the badge of the ancient Cutlers' Company of Sheffield.

Hence there were exhibitions of elegant products, not exceeded in the Palais Royal, or any other place abroad, and superior to any of the cutlers' shops in London.

In particular Messrs. J. Rodgers and Sons, cutlers to his Majesty, display in a magnificent saloon, all the multiplied elegant products of their own most ingenious manufactory.

This is a standing joke at the expense of cockney credulity among the Sheffield cutlers.

There is also another hospital, founded by a Mr. Hollis, a Sheffield cutler; as a provision for sixteen cutlers' widows, who besides habitations, receive 7s.

"The Cutlers' Company was incorporated 21st

James I.The cutlers are 8,000 or 10,000 in number.

"Cutler's Gram., p. 66.

" Cutler's Gram., p. 140.

"Between you and I, she is but a cutler's wife.

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I am apt to think that the Posy was written originally upon the Ax, like those which our modern Cutlers inscribe upon their Knives; and that therefore the Posy still remains in its ancient Shape, tho' the Ax it self is lost.

Dua. Out with your Bodkin Your Pocket-dagger, your Steletto, out with it, Or by this hand I'le kill you: such as you are Have studied the undoing of poor Cutlers, And made all manly weapons out of fashion: You carry Poniards to murder men, Yet dare not wear a sword to guard your Honour.

And round them grew up a huge party"the largest personal following of any public man since Mr. Gladstone," it was once said by an eminent manwho differed from him in theology, but passionately supported him in politics; miners, cutlers, weavers, spinners, shoemakers, operatives of every trade, strong, sturdy, self-reliant men who loved him to the last.

It would not be amiss for a Man to see his Sword mounted, because the Cutlers, to save themselves the Trouble of filing the inside of the hilts and pommel, to make the Holes wider, often file the Tongue of the Blade too much, and fill up the Vacancies with Bits of Wood, by which Means the Sword is not firm in the Hand, and the tongue being thin and weak, is apt to break in Parrying or on a dry Beat, as has been unhappily experienced.

The two-pronged implement long outlived Coryat; and it is to be seen in cutlers' signs even down to our day.

Mar. If your enemies brought it to this, your enemies are Cutlers, come leave the King.

A] 2 ll. cutlers, King.

Cutlers and surgical instrument makers by appointment to His Majesty.

262 examples of  cutlers  in sentences