376 examples of cutlets in sentences

The drawing-rooms were fitted with the greatest taste; the dinner was exquisite; were there ever such delicious veal cutlets, such fresh French beans?

Before Colonel Newcome had been ten minutes in the house the celebrated veal-cutlets made their appearance.

For that reason we find him a member of the Gann establishment, flirting when occasion seemed to demand it with mother and daughters, and taking occasional notice of little Caroline, who frequently broiled his cutlets.

66-8 Vanilla cream mould 1490 Veal, breast of 857 " to carve a 912 Cutlets 866 Fillet of 872 " to carve a 914 Knuckle of 885 " to carve a 915 Loin of 885 " to carve a 916 Vegetable, cutter 1173 Strips of 131 Vegetable marrow

She has also to dress the nursery and servants'-hall dinners, to prepare all fish, poultry, and vegetables, trim meat joints and cutlets, and do all such duties as may be considered to enter into the cook's department in a subordinate degree.


Flatten and trim the cutlets of a good shape, egg and bread crumb them, broil them over a clear fire, pile them high in the dish, and pour under them the gravy made from the bones, which should be strained, flavoured, and thickened.

Mutton Cutlets, with Mashed Potatoes.

ENTREES. Lobster Cutlets.

Stewed eels, pork cutlets and tomato sauce.

Lamb Cutlets and Asparagus Peas.

Mutton Cutlets and Soubise Sauce. SECOND COURSE.

Salmon Cutlets.

Trout à la Genévése Salmon Cutlets.

Cold beef and salad, lamb cutlets and peas.

Lamb Cutlets and Cucumbers.

2. Mutton cutlets and tomato sauce, bashed mutton, peas, potatoes.

2. Cold mutton and salad, veal cutlets and rolled bacon, French beans and potatoes.

Mutton Cutlets and Soubise Sauce.

2. Cold beef, mashed potatoes; mutton cutlets and tomata sauce.

Hashed beef and broiled bones, pork cutlets and tomata sauce; vegetables.

The remains of cold pork curried, dish of rice, mutton cutlets, and mashed potatoes.

Croquettes of Game aux Champignons. Chicken Cutlets.

If a substantial meal is desired, rump-steaks or mutton chops may he served, as also veal cutlets, kidneys, or any dish of that kind.

Soles followed the eggs, and then came cutlets, and afterwards asparagus.

376 examples of  cutlets  in sentences