152 examples of dabbling in sentences

With a shout of joy he ran down to the margin, and the rest of that day he spent dabbling in the water, gathering beautiful shells and seaweed and strangely-painted pebbles into heaps, then going on and on again, still picking up more beautiful riffraff on the margin, only to leave, it all behind him at last.

They had passed through much togetherdanger, excitement, and now they were dabbling in sorrow.

It gives the ignorant, who have such an inveterate itch for dabbling in physic, a book and a doll's medicine-chest, and lets them play doctors and doctresses without fear of having to call in the coroner.

"I won't shake hands with you, Mr. Strong," he said, "for I've been dabbling in some vile-smelling stuff.

I cannot accuse myself of dabbling in them, even when I heard them talked over in all companies; but, as the old song says, 'Tho' through the wide world we should range, 'Tis in vain from our fortune to fly.'

684. officiousness; dabbling, meddling; interference, interposition, intermeddling; tampering with, intrigue. press of business, no sinecure, plenty to do, many irons in the fire, great doings, busy hum of men, battle of life, thick of the action.

"Oh-h!" breathed Migwan in rapture, sinking down among the ferns and lilies that bordered the spring and dabbling her fingers in the limpid water, "I feel just like a wood-nymph, or a naiad, or

Del was sitting on an old log that jutted into the stream, dabbling in the water with the tips of her feet.

Why, by dabbling in those accursed Albums, I have become a byword of infamy all over the kingdom.

Read it carefullyvery carefully, and make quite sure I haven't been dabbling in forgery of latebesides, it's so good for your eyes, you know, after being hit over the head," Margaret suggested, cheerfully.

She grew plump and chirpy, and bustling as a blithe little sparrow, though perhaps duck would be a happier comparison, for she was dabbling and splashing in water all the day long, making the stairs and porches of her curatorship fairly glisten with cleanliness.

Bosio had been fond of dabbling in spiritism and such things, and they had often talked about the possibility of coming back after death, in that very room, promising each other that, if it were possible, the one who died first would try to communicate with the other.

Nothing in the Dagonet and Marvell tradition was opposed to this desultory dabbling with life.

My sister had a weakness for dabbling in the various "new" theories of the day, and Mabel, who before her marriage had belonged to foolish societies for investigating the future life to the neglect of the present one, had fostered this undesirable tendency.

She sees it back in the clean-swept kitchen, A part of her girlhood's little world; Her mother is there by the window, stitching; Spindle buzzes, and reel is whirled With many a click; on her little stool She sits, a child by the open door, Watching, and dabbling her feet in the pool Of sunshine spilled on the gilded floor.

He is such a thorough clergyman, and never had my imagination; he calls my explorations 'dabbling in the occult.'

Nay, it must be confessed, that there are some Shakespearean enthusiasts ever dabbling and gabbling about what they call Shakespeariana, who would give more for the pen with which he engrossed a deed or wrote "Hamlet," than for the ability to understand, better than they do or ever can, what he meant by that mysterious tragedy.

"The rumor is true, andOh, well, this is what I get for dabbling in politics.

The new Benedict has employment enough on his hands to desist from dabbling with the affairs of poor mortals; he may fairly leave human nature to herself; and we may sleep for one while at least secure from the attacks of this hitherto restless Old Bachelor.

She ran wild, and hung about the river, watching it, and dabbling her feet and hands in the running water.

All the water that could be got seemed like a ridiculous dabbling in a basin, while the world was burning around you.

Much of all this elegant dabbling in infidelity has been a caprice of fashion.

For a few moments he was entirely occupied in giving orders, and let Amanda's hand go: every body knew her, and there seemed no worse mischief within reach for her than dabbling in the pools, to which she was still devoted.

At last he died, and o'er his bier his sweethearts sang doxology, And vowed they saw his ghost, which came from dabbling in psychology.

the prosaic but true history of men and nations, he entered an office in Yorkshire, and there made friends with Colonel Clifford's son, Walter, who was secretly dabbling in trade and matrimony under the name of Bolton; and this same Hope was to come back, and to apply for a place to Mr. Bartley; Mr. Bartley was brother-in-law to that same Colonel Clifford, though they were at daggers drawn, the pair.

152 examples of  dabbling  in sentences