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152 examples of  dabbling  in sentences

152 examples of dabbling in sentences

Hither come the San Gabriel lads and lassies, to gather ferns and dabble away their hot holidays in the cool water, glad to escape from their commonplace palm-gardens and orange-groves.

I loathe myself for dabbling in this mess.

Marshall McMahon McNutt, familiarly known as "Peggy" McNuttbecause he had once lost a foot in a mowing machineand who was alleged to be a real estate agent, horse doctor, fancy poultry breeder and palmist, and who also dabbled in the sale of subscription books, life insurance, liniment and watermelons, quickly slid off his front porch across the way and sauntered into Cotting's to participate in the excitement.

With a shout of joy he ran down to the margin, and the rest of that day he spent dabbling in the water, gathering beautiful shells and seaweed and strangely-painted pebbles into heaps, then going on and on again, still picking up more beautiful riffraff on the margin, only to leave, it all behind him at last.

But the chances of war were unfavourable this time, and the little baker whopped Georgie, who came home with a rueful black eye and all his fine shirt frill dabbled with the claret drawn from his own little nose.

They had passed through much togetherdanger, excitement, and now they were dabbling in sorrow.

"Mademoiselle," said Steinmetz earnestly, "I am an old man, and in my time I have dabbled pretty deeply in trouble.

It gives the ignorant, who have such an inveterate itch for dabbling in physic, a book and a doll's medicine-chest, and lets them play doctors and doctresses without fear of having to call in the coroner.

Naturally a courtier, taking to the intrigues of the royal court like a duck to water, making enemies on every hand as well as friends, and with a fastidious and impatient clientele, he yet found time to dabble in the wonders of the newly perfected microscope and to speculate upon the meaning of the novelties revealed by it in the tissues.

I had dabbled a little in the Universal Historythe ancient part of itand here was the court of Persia.

We know our business better than you do, and you'll get nothing out of us any more than we should get out of you if we were to dabble in your law, for you know that business better than we do.

"He is in New York, dabbling in railroads, as usual, and getting poorer and poorer by this obstinate folly, I heard last week.

He chased the butterfly, he climbed the trees, he would stand in the rain, paint his cheeks with berry juice, dabble in the mud, and nothing was secure from his prying fingers and curious eyes.

He professed to be known as the student of the family, dabbled in archaeology, and managed two or three local societies and field clubs, which met ostensibly to listen to his papers, but really to picnic.

"You stick to the tips your clients slip into your hand, my dear young lady," he advised, "and don't dabble in what you don't understand.

"I won't shake hands with you, Mr. Strong," he said, "for I've been dabbling in some vile-smelling stuff.

I cannot accuse myself of dabbling in them, even when I heard them talked over in all companies; but, as the old song says, 'Tho' through the wide world we should range, 'Tis in vain from our fortune to fly.'

Your excellent father, who himself had some dabbling in politics, spared no expence upon your education, though I believe he had by no means so high an opinion of your genius and abilities as I entertained.

A sort of petition, or testimonial, had been sent up to the Governor, composed apparently by the hapless wizard himself, who seemed to be no mean penman, and signed by a dozen or more of the coloured inhabitants: setting forth how he was known by all to be far too virtuous a personage to dabble in that unlawful practice of Obeah, of which both he and his friends testified the deepest abhorrence.

V. be watery &c adj.; reek. add water, water, wet; moisten &c 339; dilute, dip, immerse; merge; immerge, submerge; plunge, souse, duck, drown; soak, steep, macerate, pickle, wash, sprinkle, lave, bathe, affuse^, splash, swash, douse, drench; dabble, slop, slobber, irrigate, inundate, deluge; syringe, inject, gargle.

Adj. moist, damp; watery &c 337; madid^, roric^; undried^, humid, sultry, wet, dank, luggy^, dewy; roral^, rorid^; roscid^; juicy. wringing wet, soaking wet; wet through to the skin; saturated &c v.. swashy^, soggy, dabbled; reeking, dripping, soaking, soft, sodden, sloppy, muddy; swampy &c (marshy) 345; irriguous^. 340.

684. officiousness; dabbling, meddling; interference, interposition, intermeddling; tampering with, intrigue. press of business, no sinecure, plenty to do, many irons in the fire, great doings, busy hum of men, battle of life, thick of the action.

"Oh-h!" breathed Migwan in rapture, sinking down among the ferns and lilies that bordered the spring and dabbling her fingers in the limpid water, "I feel just like a wood-nymph, or a naiad, or

Del was sitting on an old log that jutted into the stream, dabbling in the water with the tips of her feet.

Pico dabbled in the black arts, wrote learnedly (in his room at the Badia of Fiesole) on the Mosaic law, was an amorous poet in Italian as well as a serious poet in Latin, and in everything he did was interesting and curious, steeped in Renaissance culture, and inspired by the wish to reconcile the past and the present and humanize Christ and the Fathers.

Arenas considered this tribute paid by the alcaldes as a fine imposed upon them for an infringement of the law; "for several ordinances were in existence, strenuously forbidding them to dabble in any kind of commerce, until it pleased his Catholic Majesty to grant them a dispensation."

Why, by dabbling in those accursed Albums, I have become a byword of infamy all over the kingdom.

Then, again, Mr. Bennett shows him dabbling in theatrical management and falling in loveirrelevances both.

Read it carefullyvery carefully, and make quite sure I haven't been dabbling in forgery of latebesides, it's so good for your eyes, you know, after being hit over the head," Margaret suggested, cheerfully.

She herself, according to the "Biographia Dramatica," when young "dabbled in dramatic poetry; but with no great success."

She was Myrtilla during the day, dabbling with her water-colours, her flowers, or her books; but at six o'clock each afternoon, with the sound of aggressive masculine boots in the hall, her life suddenly changed with a sigh to Williamson.

She grew plump and chirpy, and bustling as a blithe little sparrow, though perhaps duck would be a happier comparison, for she was dabbling and splashing in water all the day long, making the stairs and porches of her curatorship fairly glisten with cleanliness.

She dabbled with her hands aimlessly among its piteous treasures, laughing low to herself.

I humbly conceive that such a thing is conveyed with more Gallantry in a Billet-doux that should be understood at the Bank, than in gross Money; But as to stubborn People, who are so surly as to accept of neither Note or Cash, having formerly dabbled in Chymistry, I can only say that one part of Matter asks one thing, and another another, to make it fluent; but there is nothing but may be dissolved by a proper Mean:

She was one of the fine ladies who dabbled in poetry, and aimed at being the centre of a small literary circle at Lichfield.

Bosio had been fond of dabbling in spiritism and such things, and they had often talked about the possibility of coming back after death, in that very room, promising each other that, if it were possible, the one who died first would try to communicate with the other.

Nothing in the Dagonet and Marvell tradition was opposed to this desultory dabbling with life.

I began to see more clearly that it doesn't do for a man of scruples to dabble in politics.

My sister had a weakness for dabbling in the various "new" theories of the day, and Mabel, who before her marriage had belonged to foolish societies for investigating the future life to the neglect of the present one, had fostered this undesirable tendency.

She sees it back in the clean-swept kitchen, A part of her girlhood's little world; Her mother is there by the window, stitching; Spindle buzzes, and reel is whirled With many a click; on her little stool She sits, a child by the open door, Watching, and dabbling her feet in the pool Of sunshine spilled on the gilded floor.

Such trash may do very well to amuse the palate in these times of half-peace, half-hostility; but when "war, which for a space does fail, Shall doubly thundering swell the gale," then every soldier should drop gracefully to the simple ration, and cease to dabble with frying-pans.

"I dabble in it when I am away from the country," was the reply.

He is such a thorough clergyman, and never had my imagination; he calls my explorations 'dabbling in the occult.'

Nay, it must be confessed, that there are some Shakespearean enthusiasts ever dabbling and gabbling about what they call Shakespeariana, who would give more for the pen with which he engrossed a deed or wrote "Hamlet," than for the ability to understand, better than they do or ever can, what he meant by that mysterious tragedy.

"Is it possible, Caddy," asked Mr. Walters, "that your propensity to dabble in soap and water has overcome you even at this critical time?

She watched them cluster by a bench before the cookhouse, dabble their faces and hands in washbasins, scrub themselves promiscuously on towels, sometimes one at each end of a single piece of cloth, hauling it back and forth in rude play.

Her hands were growing rough and red from dabbling in water, punching bread dough, handling the varied articles of food that go to make up a meal.

"Is there nothing too low for you to dabble in?

I find a sensuous pleasure, almost a sensual, in dabbling in delicate drugslike Helen, for that matter, and Medea, and Calypso, and the great antique women, who were all excellent chymists.

In the fast-falling twilight I saw the ghosts of the Vandals and Visigoths who helped to destroy the works of the Caesars, and passed onward to the unknown; of the Franks who burnt Cahors in the sixth century; of the Arab hordes, dabbled with blood, who afterwards came up from the South slaying, violating, plundering; of the English troops under Henry II.

It had been written by Mr. Price, but it might have been written by a dozen other young mengranting intelligence, youth, leisure, a university education, and three or four years of London lifeany one of a dozen clever young men who frequent West End drawing-rooms and dabble in literature might have written it.

"The rumor is true, andOh, well, this is what I get for dabbling in politics.

He also trifled with horticulture, dabbled in tulips, was a connoisseur in pinks, and had gained a prize for polyanthuses.

The operator, after having been dabbling for some time in hypo, or pyro, or silver solution, gives his hands a wipe on the focusing cloth, and straightway sets about making an enlargement, ending up by blessing the manufacturer who sent him paper full of black stains and smears.

We make, and moil, like children in their gardens, And spoil with dabbled hands, our flowers i' the planting.

They were youth itself, dabbling with the miracles of the world; they were boy and girl, new-created man and woman.

This kind of rather unsavoury dabbling in problems best left to themselves generally concludes with the decease of most of the characters and a sort of clearing up, and to this rule, after many years and pages of discomfort, MARY E. MANN'S new story, The Victim (HODDER AND STOUGHTON), is no exception.

Sometimes he jots down the mere gossip of his last dinner-party; sometimes he notices the speculations of the last new theorist in philosophy, or discusses with a literary friend some philological questionthe latter being a study in which he was very fond of dabbling, though with little success, for the science of language was as yet unknown.

WaltonI might tell you of your father butchered in the silence of midnight on the plains of Trenton; I might picture his grey hairs dabbled in blood; I might ring his death-shriek in your ears.

There was another of the Commissioners, a man of peace, a preacher of the gospel of eternal love, stricken down with the words of mercy and forgiveness upon his lips, his gray and reverend locks all dabbled in his own blood.

He began to dabble in emotion himself, and that was a dangerous matter, for he knew nothing whatever about it save that, if he felt strongly, he could arouse strong feeling in others.

that, until you began to dabble in Hydropathy, you had not bestowed a sincere ablution upon your entire person since the epoch when, twenty years ago, we took our last plunge together, off Titcomb's wharf, in our native village.

You know when a person ain't able to work and dabble out his own clothes, you know he's gone a long ways.

It was this: when I was a boy, my father, who was anxious that I should learn something of physical science, which was then never taught at school, arranged with the owner of a large chemist's shop to let me dabble at chemistry for a few days in his laboratory.

The new Benedict has employment enough on his hands to desist from dabbling with the affairs of poor mortals; he may fairly leave human nature to herself; and we may sleep for one while at least secure from the attacks of this hitherto restless Old Bachelor.

any thing could arrest the folly of innovators and dabbling reformers, it would be the history of former attempts to effect improvements similar to theirs.

In the teeth of Harold's remonstrance I persisted in dangling over the boat-side to dabble in the clear, deep, running water.

The children of many generations had dabbled their hands in its basin.

Joseph's brethren dipt their brother's coat in goat's blood, and then brought the dabbled garment to their father, cheating him with the idea that a ferocious animal had slain him, and thus hiding their infamous behavior.

She ran wild, and hung about the river, watching it, and dabbling her feet and hands in the running water.

What he fancied was a dark figure lying horizontally in the shallow water, near the edge, turned out to be, as he drew near, no more than a shadow on the elsewhere lighter water; and with his change of position it had shifted and was gone, and Philip Feltram was but dabbling his hand this way and that in the water, and muttering faintly to himself.

Now he might face his kind without fear that his pride should be mortified, and dabble in the fascinating agitations of the turf once more.

Your practices are your own affair, and in them I decline to dabble.

The crowd shook the building with applause as the palpitating body was dragged by a hook into the death-chamber, and slaves turned up the bloody soil and covered the blood-dabbled earth with sand that the awful amusement might go on.

All the water that could be got seemed like a ridiculous dabbling in a basin, while the world was burning around you.

The fringe of the downs had dabbled in the shoals till they became one.

He may perhaps have dabbled in music, and caused a penniless friend who is musical to write for small pay songs which he honours by attaching his own name to them as their composer.

The worst of it is that such a compilation brings a man money, because there are always plenty of people who like to dabble in mud; and a ghoul is the most impervious of beings, probably because a ghoul of this species regards himself merely as an unprejudiced seeker after truth, and claims to be what he would call a realist.

Very many, perhaps most, of them had dabbled at one time or another in the various separatist schemes of the preceding two decades; and they felt strongly that much of the Spanish domain would and should ultimately fall into their handsand the sooner the better.

Even the gnarled roots of a fallen tree were dabbled with a fearful stain.

But, having dabbled a little in farming in the interval between my last two visits to England, and being touched with some of the enthusiasm that modern novices carry into the occupation, I was determined to look at the agriculture of Great Britain more leisurely and attentively, and from a better stand-point than I had ever done before.

Much of all this elegant dabbling in infidelity has been a caprice of fashion.

It seems she does not degenerate; her mother was ambitious and passionate for intrigues; she went to Paris, and dabbled in politics with all her might.

She did not dabble in French or music or painting and give it up; she went steadily on to success.

Don't be one of those chappies who prance along the beach, shivering and showing their skinny shapes, and then dabble their feet in the surf, pour a little sand in their hair, and think they've had a bath.

" So the days passed, and the greater part of every one Mr. Gabriel was dabbling in the water somewhere.

Augustus has had his hand in that business, and don't let us dabble in it."

Mr. Conway has some ground for his epigram, 'where Burke had dabbled, Paine had dived.'

cry I, with tremulous impatience, "of course not; but I asked her whether she used not to know him in India, and she said, 'Yes, we met several times,' just like thatshe no more blushed and looked confused than I should if any one asked me whether I knew you!" He is still leaning over the punt, and has begun to dabble as I did.

During a year or two of adolescence I used to be dabbling in chemistry a good deal, and as about that time I had my little aspirations and passions like another, some of these things got mixed up with each other: orange-colored fumes of nitrous acid, and visions as bright and transient; reddening litmus-paper, and blushing cheeks;eheu! "Soles occidere et redire possunt,"

Well, we know how to take care of your kind, and this is likely to prove the last case you'll dabble in for a while, my man.

For a few moments he was entirely occupied in giving orders, and let Amanda's hand go: every body knew her, and there seemed no worse mischief within reach for her than dabbling in the pools, to which she was still devoted.

At last he died, and o'er his bier his sweethearts sang doxology, And vowed they saw his ghost, which came from dabbling in psychology.

BINNS, the butler, who himself dabbled in aphorism, and had sucked wisdom from the privy perusal of Sir JOHN's note-book, had laid before them a dish on which reposed a small but well-boiled leg of one that had trod the Southdowns but a week before in all the pride of lusty life.

Suddenly upon the left were massed the trees of a great park; Tritons and Nereids appeared, dabbling in the basin of a fountain; there was a dome and a circle of columns rising above extensive buildings; and this was Potsdam....

When she had dabbled her feet a few moments in the pool, she said over her shoulder

With soap ad libitum you sought to dabble us; But when I told you we must leave the flat Did I not notice; underneath the spat, The bifurcated boot that marks Diabolus? I know that in a brief while you'll have found The house I wanted (sic), superbly roomy, With a fine view and every comfort crowned, A short three minutes from the Underground; Also I know that you are safe to "do" me.

Sometimes she even allowed herself to dabble in good works.

If they occasionally dabble in literature, so much the better.

the prosaic but true history of men and nations, he entered an office in Yorkshire, and there made friends with Colonel Clifford's son, Walter, who was secretly dabbling in trade and matrimony under the name of Bolton; and this same Hope was to come back, and to apply for a place to Mr. Bartley; Mr. Bartley was brother-in-law to that same Colonel Clifford, though they were at daggers drawn, the pair.