64 examples of dacoits in sentences

Rushing back to the palki with the utmost speed and regardless of onlookers, she flung wide the door, screaming frantically, "Dacoits! dacoits!

Often had she heard tales of dacoits and their ruthless deeds.

If the dacoits overtake us, we will guard you.

Dacoits were known and feared everywhere.

" The anxious listeners within felt sure these were the dacoits and longed for the arrival of the police.

" On hearing these words the poor pursued girl fell at the feet of her host, calling herself his daughter and addressing him as "father", and implored of him not to give her up to these awful dacoits.

Then the dacoits announced that the lady must be produced or they would force an entrance into the house.

Some were boatmen; all were dacoits.

But none of this gang of river dacoits were captured.

In a trice the dacoits had them down, unsheathed, and, oh, bitter blow!

She had a swarthy complexion like Kali, the dacoits' divinity.

The dacoits found nothing below worth attention and trooped upstairs.

Long after the dacoits had gone the girl stood there.

Presently the cries of the dacoits showed that they had scented their quarry.

What is wrong?" The Magistrate told him of the dacoits and of his escape.

"Dacoits after you!" said the policeman and looked grave.

After a time there came the noise of the dacoits.

"Don't be shamming," returned the dacoits contemptuously, "thou knowest well whom we mean.

The dacoits bound him, searched the police office, and then proceeded to hunt the house.

The dacoits loudly abused the man.

By sunrise they were all after the dacoits.

And after this, for a time, this part of the Dacca district enjoyed peace from dacoits.

She wished to return for her child; but it was growing dark and there was the danger of meeting the dacoits.

About twelve at night the dacoits arrived and broke into the house.

The other dacoits laughed and walked out of the room leaving their comrade with the child.

64 examples of  dacoits  in sentences