64 examples of dacoits in sentences

In a trice the dacoits had them down, unsheathed, and, oh, bitter blow!

She had a swarthy complexion like Kali, the dacoits' divinity.

The dacoits found nothing below worth attention and trooped upstairs.

Long after the dacoits had gone the girl stood there.

The neighbours, who had heard the dacoits enter the house and seen them go away silent and empty-handed, came to learn the mystery and found her there.

Presently the cries of the dacoits showed that they had scented their quarry.

What is wrong?" The Magistrate told him of the dacoits and of his escape.

After a time there came the noise of the dacoits.

"Don't be shamming," returned the dacoits contemptuously, "thou knowest well whom we mean.

The dacoits bound him, searched the police office, and then proceeded to hunt the house.

The dacoits loudly abused the man.

The dacoits jumped from their dinghy and ran up the bank.

By sunrise they were all after the dacoits.

And after this, for a time, this part of the Dacca district enjoyed peace from dacoits.

Dacoits were about.

One day the old gentleman received a warning letter from a band of dacoits that the house would be visited by them that night.

She wished to return for her child; but it was growing dark and there was the danger of meeting the dacoits.

The other dacoits laughed and walked out of the room leaving their comrade with the child.

" The servant was arrested, and he confessed that he was one of the band of dacoits who had sent the warning letter and had broken into the house.

Chandra Babu's hiding place was soon discovered by the dacoits (gang robbers), who dragged him out by the legs and demanded his keys on pain of instant death.

Seeing a rusty talwár (sword) flourished within an inch of his throat, the unhappy man at once produced them, whereon the dacoits opened his safe and took out several bags of rupees.

" Thereon the dacoits counted out cash to that amount and no more, which was placed in bags containing Rs. 1,000 each, ready for removal.

" So saying he ordered the dacoits to extinguish their torches and follow him with the bags of money.

Chandra Babu's neighbours made no sign until the dacoits were well out of hearing, when they flocked in to unloose his bonds and offer hypocritical condolences.

After recording the complainant's statement, they endeavoured to secure additional evidence, but Chandra Babu was so cordially disliked, and the dacoits' vengeance so dreaded, that not a soul came forward to corroborate his story.

64 examples of  dacoits  in sentences