738 examples of daddies in sentences

" "Let's go in, then, as grave and dignified second classmen, and warn the youngsters like daddies," proposed Dan, but his eyes were twinkling with the spirit of mischief.

" CHAPTER VIII THE SHOE BEGINS TO PINCH "Tramp, tramp, tramp, the bugs are marching, Up and down the tents they go, Some are brown and some are black, But of each there is no lack, And the Daddy-long-legs they go marching too!"

'I'm daddy,' he called out to me as I came in.

'That's just where it is, sir, Polly and little John, bless 'em; and all the time the wind's raging, and the waves is coming right over the boat, I'm thinking of my poor lass at home, and how every gust of wind will be sweeping right over her heart, and how she'll be kneeling by little John's bed, praying God to bring his daddy safe home again.

'Pull, daddy, pull!'

and then he would call out quite loudly, 'Come, daddy, come, daddy, to little John.' When Polly returned with old Betty, I had again to go down to help them to close the door.

The child seemed in some strange way to have heard that shout, and to have understood its meaning, for he opened his eyes and said, 'Come, daddy, come to little John.' We hurried down to the shore, where a large crowd had already collected.

So I folded my bank-note in paper, put it into an envelope, and wrote outside, 'With little John's love to his daddy, to help him to buy another Little John.'

Pretty "summer girls" with bare heads, over which they held parasols of bright green, or rose-red, that threw charming lights and shadows on their tanned faces: brown young men in khaki knickerbockers, shaking hands with paler men just coming from town, and little children in white, laughing at sight of arriving "daddies".

Here's the grandest little old song I bought downtown" and she placed on the piano a gaudy thing with the modest title"All Babies Need Daddies to Kiss 'Em."

I knew that before I met him, this boy, whose littleness surprised me, had suffered ill dreams in a nameless world, and now, worn out with tears and humiliation and dread of life, he slept, and while he slept I watched him dispassionately, as I would have looked at a crippled daddy-long-legs.

This, however, seriously I do believe, that when my two daddies put their heads together to concert that hissing, groaning, cat-calling epistle they sent me, they felt as sorry for poor little Miss Bayes as she could possibly do for herself.

There is many folk that has a face to the religion that is in fashion, and there is many folk, they have ay a face to the old company, they have a face for godly folk, and they have a face for persecutors of godly folk, and they will be daddies bairns and minnies bairns both; they will be prelates bairns and they will be malignants bairns and they will be the people of God's bairns.

[Illustration] "But won't your mamas and daddies be worried because you have been away from home so long?"

Ah, this comes of living so long with kilts and bonnetsmen forget the use of their daddies.

The idea is, no doubt, to prevent the child when older from asking: "What did you do in the Great War, Daddy?" England, as we have already said, endures its triumphs with composure.

What daddies do, by Robert Livingston, pseud.

SCAIFE, ROGER M. What daddies do.

We want daddies.

We want daddies.

Declassee, Daddy's gone a-hunting, and Greatness, a comedy.

What daddies do, by Robert Livingston, pseud.

SCAIFE, ROGER M. What daddies do.

We want daddies.

We want daddies.

738 examples of  daddies  in sentences
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