1011 examples of dads in sentences

But, in an humble manner, let you know Old Serving-creatures oftentimes are fit T' informe young Masters, as in Land, in Wit, What they inherit; and how well their Dads Left one, and wish'd the other to their Lads.

"Holiday at the bank this morning," he said, "in honor of Dad's wedding-anniversary.

I sold my horse when Dad bought me my Ford.

We all have what Dad used to call the family devil.

They have had you and Dad and Grandfather Holiday and the rest of them to go by.

"Dad can fire me.

Of course Dad would agree.

I couldn't, till I had tried it and found out first hand what kind of a man my dad was.

Please believe that, Dad, always.

You are sure you are not making too much of a sacrifice?" "Dad!

Come on, Dad, let's see what this bunk means.

Do you think you could take in another Dad?" "I know I could," said Carlotta lifting her flower face to him for a daughterly kiss.

He knew how Dad hated it.

"Dad," she said, "I suppose you are the very first man who has ever been right round the world."

Come, lasses and lads, get leave of your dads, And away to the Maypole hie, For ev'ry fair has a sweetheart there, And the fiddler's standing by; For Willy shall dance with Jane, And Johnny has got his Joan, To trip it, trip it, trip it, trip it, Trip it up and down!

Y' see, I'm in with a big firm of auto buildersmebbe you know 'emRawbon an' Spedding, the Rawbon bein' my dad?

My dad fair riz up an' screeched cablegrams at me when I hinted at goin' to the Front.

So I signed on to serve King George an' his missus an' kids for ever an' ever, or duration of war, Amen, with a mental footnote, which last was the only part I mentioned in mailing my dad, that I was a Benevolent Neutral.

One old leather-face, 'speciallythey told me after he was a Generalwas as nice as pie, an' had me in an' fed me a fresh meat and canned asparagus lunch and near chuckled himself into a choking fit when I told him about dad, an' my being booked up as a Benevolent Neutral.

He was so mighty pleasant that I told him I'd like to have my dad make him a present of as dandy an auto as rolls in France.

The girls sometimes go to church, which here, as in all Christian countries, is equivalent to the bazaars of Smyrna and Bagdad; and as the girls go, their "dads" must pay the parson.

Irma S. Black (A); 16Aug71; R511201. How to help children whose dads have gone to war.

Irma S. Black (A); 16Aug71; R511201. How to help children whose dads have gone to war.

And the tablecloth with the do-dads on it.

How's your dad?"

1011 examples of  dads  in sentences