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91 examples of  dagos  in sentences

91 examples of dagos in sentences

On the whole, I like the dagos, and reckoned I might try Cuba, or perhaps the Philippines" "A Lopez boat sails for Havana in two or three days," Barbara interrupted.

And now good-bye, Dago at him, and God bless youand play like the divil!" Mr. John Corbett slowly folded up the War Cry and placed it in his pocket, and when Maggie brought down the green box with their earnings in it he emptied its contents in his pocket, and then, softly humming to himself, he went into the other room.

or maybe it was two days Dago was gone and never come back was it Manny's goast got him and drug him down the cliffs screaming horrible and in the gorgeanyway that was Two.

In this story Mrs. Johnston relates the story of Dago, a pet monkey, owned jointly by two brothers.

Dago tells his own story, and the account of his haps and mishaps is both interesting and amusing.

And I mind me what a Dago told me onst.

And a mixture of Dago and Japanese Latin and Jew and Portugese Crops out thru a sun-tanned hide.

"By the Eternal," said Sinclair, "it's Dago!" Arizona halted, quivering with emotions which the sheriff could not identify, save for a blind, intense malice.

The tall man turned to the sheriff, smiling: "Dago Lansing, eh?" "Never heard that name," said the sheriff.

"I won't go on, Dago," said Sinclair mildly.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Dago.

He forced them to strip Dago to the waist.

And Dago, the moment the lash fell, ceased his wailing and begging, and stood quivering, with his head bent, his teeth set and gritting, until the punishment was ended.

It was Sinclair, also, when the thing was ended, and the others would have thrust the boy out penniless, who split the contents of his wallet with Dago.

" Dago had listened in the most profound silence, accepted the money without thanks, and disappeared, never to be heard from again.

"Arizona," he said, "or Dago, or whatever you like to be called" "Cut the Dago part, will you?" demanded Arizona.

"Arizona," he said, "or Dago, or whatever you like to be called" "Cut the Dago part, will you?" demanded Arizona.

I'll show those dirty dagoes where they get off! FEJEVARY:

Yes, the dirty dagoes.

Hindus aren't dagoes you know, Horace.

foreign body, foreign substance, foreign element; alien, stranger, intruder, interloper, foreigner, novus homo [Lat.], newcomer, immigrant, emigrant; creole, Africander^; outsider; Dago [Slang], wop, mick, polak, greaser, slant, Easterner [U.S.], Dutchman, tenderfoot.

Stokers, hodmen, farmers, plumbers, Yankees, dagoes, Japanese?

"We don't stand a dead Dago's chance around here.

" "It would take more than France, Spain, Italy and all the rest of the dago nations to do the job!"

"I'm glad I told your dagos to burn a flare when they hit the channel.

Don't know I'm sorry the dagos have lit out; my crowd are used up and ready to mutiny.

Better take this bag of Spanish money; minted silver goes and you may find the dagos shy of the president's notes.

"What about the cargo?" "Some dagos came along with a mule train and loaded up part of the truck on the beach.

I've smoked baksheesh in pagodas, stood a Dago Scotch-and-sodas, Scaled the mighty Mississippi's snow-clad peaks, Galloped madly on a llama through lagoons at Yokohama And found rubies at Magillicuddy's Reeks.

She is my sea-ghost, and as much a character to me as Riggs or Thirkle or Dago Red.

"It must have been Dago Red you saw," he began, grinning, and wagging his head.

"Who is this Dago Red?" "A worthy man," he replied getting serious.

Neither had he explained away the fact that he had told me I could not buy a ticket in the Kut Sang, which I did; nor the fact that he had his own ticket when he told me that, nor the false telephone message for the obvious purpose of making me miss the steamer, and then his getting in my way when I was in pursuit of Petrak, or "Dago Red," as he called him.

"Petrak's my name, sir, and they make a joke on my head by making me out 'Dago Red,' sir.

But she could n't speak English, and I could n't speak Dago; and she died.

"Well, he's dark enough to be a dago!

A dago pulled a knife on me oncet fer ter cut me wide open, but I broke der dago's wrist quicker dan yer can spit.

A dago pulled a knife on me oncet fer ter cut me wide open, but I broke der dago's wrist quicker dan yer can spit.

One er dem dagoes off'n a Souf American boat gimme some er his jaw, an' I give 'im a back answer, an' here I is wid a broken arm.

I've been knocking the dago out of him as hard as I can hit!"

and I'm not crammed full of Dago and other rot.

Maybe you heardhe and Dago Frank were in the act of breaking into the Western-Danish Bank.

"That would have been a dago's trick; not a white man's," he asserted.

My mother had hair way down her shoulders and you couldn't tell my uncle from a dago.

Milder forms of antagonism consist in sending the immigrant workers "to Coventry," using contemptuous language of or to them, as we hear every day in "dago" or "sheeny," and in objections by the elders to the young people associating together, while the shameful use that is continually made of the immigrants as strike-breakers may rouse such mutual indignation that there are riots and pitched battles as a consequence.

Isle of Gothland 80 23 5,000 Oesel 45 24 2,500 Oeland 84 9 1,000 Dago 26 23 1,000 Aland 24 20 800 Hogland 9 5 100 Denmark 240 114 360,000 Lutherans of the Helvetic Confession.

We don't want the land there, and we can't afford to fight for the dagoes who live there.

Seems there was a gang of Rooshians or Swedes or Dagoes of some sort used to run this country.

It will be long before labour in America speaks with the massed effectiveness of labour in France and England, where master and man are racially identical, and where there is no variety of "Dagoes" to break up the revolt.

They come in my place, Dagoes, Wops, Hunnyacks, Swedes, Jews, every breed, and what you thinkthey keep talkin' about what us Americans had ought to do to lick Germany.

The barking dago.

Mechanik und Aesthetik des Violoncellspiels von Hugo Becker und Dago Rynar.

Archibald Rutledge (A); 5Sep56; R176581. RYNAR, DAGO, joint author.

Death for a Dago.

The barking dago.

Mechanik und Aesthetik des Violoncellspiels von Hugo Becker und Dago Rynar.

Archibald Rutledge (A); 5Sep56; R176581. RYNAR, DAGO, joint author.

Death for a Dago.

"And the first dago that tries it will get hurt," added Monsieur Power pleasantly.

"Don't let all those Dagos in here!

"Them ain't Dagos, judge," whispered Roony the clerk.

"She talked a kind o' dago, but I tumbled to what she was a-givin' me.

If a man was a tanner, and especially a foreign, hand-workin' tanner, what would his markin's be? "'I tried to remember everybody that I'd ever seen handlin' a hide, and all at once I recollected that the first thing a dago shoemaker done when he picked up a piece of leather was to smooth it out with his thumbs.

"Much worse danger than I was in when the poor excited dagoes were threatening me.

There was little horses running around a board, and you put your money where you thought it would win, but you never thought right, because the Dago had a stick under the table that pulled them races to suit his fancy.

"So Pete, he grasps my hand with tears in his eyes and considerable blood on his nose, where I'd accidently hit him with the Dago, and he says I'm his friend forever, and he'll show me what friendship really means.

There were a hundred and seventy-five of those dagoes from the rock-cut; I handled them like dipping sheep for the scab.

The man that bought it was a Dago.

"Looking up the Dago?" asked he with a grin.

" "Who do you meanthe Dago?" asked the machinist.

Because he's da wop, da Ginney, da Dago and got-a no friends.


"The Dago wants to see you," he said.

"The Dago's put!"

"When he went into the house"jerking his head in my direction"I was left alone with the Dago, and he begun to talk to me.

"I was sittin' talkin' to that Dago last night after supper, and he says his bear's tamer than a cat.

The Dago says he sleeps close up to him of cold nights to keep himself warm.

"That Dago's never comin' back," said the boy, solemnly.

I guess that Dago never let him have any more'n he could help.

"That's what the Dago called him," said John.

The Dago said there ain't no need for it, but he puts it on when he's travellin' along the road to keep people from bein' skeered.

"That was given to me in New York, sir," said he, "by a Dago, one of these I-talians.


"'Taint no use sendin' no answer," said he; "I couldn't find that Dago again.

Olive oil is something the dagoes cooks with.

"Well," she announced, "we use olive oil in our cooking, so we must be dagoes.

DAGO, a marshy Russian island, N. of the Gulf of Riga, near the entrance of the Gulf of Finland.

From all I learn, this bird amounts to something; he ain't just a dago to be bumped off, and nobody care what's become of him.

that must be 'Dago Dave.'

On the other side stood Sennett and "Dago Dave," their hands high above their heads; each looking into the levelled barrel of a gun.

I no longer want to be a Dago.