91 examples of dagos in sentences

On the whole, I like the dagos, and reckoned I might try Cuba, or perhaps the Philippines" "A Lopez boat sails for Havana in two or three days," Barbara interrupted.

In this story Mrs. Johnston relates the story of Dago, a pet monkey, owned jointly by two brothers.

Dago tells his own story, and the account of his haps and mishaps is both interesting and amusing.

foreign body, foreign substance, foreign element; alien, stranger, intruder, interloper, foreigner, novus homo [Lat.], newcomer, immigrant, emigrant; creole, Africander^; outsider; Dago [Slang], wop, mick, polak, greaser, slant, Easterner [U.S.], Dutchman, tenderfoot.

"I'm glad I told your dagos to burn a flare when they hit the channel.

Don't know I'm sorry the dagos have lit out; my crowd are used up and ready to mutiny.

Better take this bag of Spanish money; minted silver goes and you may find the dagos shy of the president's notes.

"What about the cargo?" "Some dagos came along with a mule train and loaded up part of the truck on the beach.

I've smoked baksheesh in pagodas, stood a Dago Scotch-and-sodas, Scaled the mighty Mississippi's snow-clad peaks, Galloped madly on a llama through lagoons at Yokohama And found rubies at Magillicuddy's Reeks.

"Petrak's my name, sir, and they make a joke on my head by making me out 'Dago Red,' sir.

Archibald Rutledge (A); 5Sep56; R176581. RYNAR, DAGO, joint author.

Death for a Dago.

The barking dago.

Death for a Dago.

"Don't let all those Dagos in here!

"Them ain't Dagos, judge," whispered Roony the clerk.

Because he's da wop, da Ginney, da Dago and got-a no friends.

"That's what the Dago called him," said John.

"That was given to me in New York, sir," said he, "by a Dago, one of these I-talians.


"'Taint no use sendin' no answer," said he; "I couldn't find that Dago again.

From all I learn, this bird amounts to something; he ain't just a dago to be bumped off, and nobody care what's become of him.

that must be 'Dago Dave.'

On the other side stood Sennett and "Dago Dave," their hands high above their heads; each looking into the levelled barrel of a gun.

I no longer want to be a Dago.

91 examples of  dagos  in sentences