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92 example sentences with  daisy's

92 example sentences with daisy's

Daisy is "the day's eye," nasturtium (from its spicy smell) "the nose-twister," dandelion "the tooth of the lion."

Lazy Daisy was openly sobbing.

WANDERERS Wide are the meadows of night, And daisies are shining there, Tossing their lovely dews, Lustrous and fair; And through these sweet fields go, Wanderers amid the stars Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.

Ev'n thou who mourn'st the daisy's fate, That fate is thineno distant date; Stern Ruin's plough-share drives, elate, Full on thy bloom,

Similarly, in each of the three poems 'To the Daisy', composed in 1802, and in the 'Afterthought, to the Duddon', the alterations introduced into the latest editions were all improvements upon the early version.

The white rose had fallen from her hair and the one at her throat had lost several petals; in her hand was a bunch of daisies that Morris had picked along the way and laughingly asked her to try the childish trick of finding out if he loved her, and she had said she was afraid the daisies were too wise and would not ask them.

"If it were good sleighing I might take you on my sled," he remarked, when all the daisies were pulled to pieces.

The blue figure among the daisies was stooping, her face hidden by a shady hat.

Where the daisies are a-springing, And the cattle bells are ringing, Comes my Mary, gaily singing, Bringing home the cows.

Where the daisies are a-springing, Wedding bells will soon be ringing, Then we’ll watch our servant bringing Mine and Mary’s cows.

"But is it not better for you to change horses now and then, and Daisy is not fit to be in the ring to-day," says your master.

[Footnote 2: 'the dissembling daisy': Greenequoted by Henley.]

In that year also Wordsworth wrote the 'Ode to Duty', 'To a Sky-Lark', 'Fidelity', the fourth poem 'To the Daisy', the 'Elegiac Stanzas suggested by a Picture of Peele Castle in a Storm', the 'Elegiac Verses' in memory of his brother John, 'The Waggoner', and a few other poems.

There is a certain fitness, however, in this poem being placedas it now isin sequence to the 'Elegiac Verses' in memory of John Wordsworth, beginning, "The Sheep-boy whistled loud," and near the fourth poem 'To the Daisy', beginning, "Sweet Flower!

The meadows are clothed with fresh grass, butter-cups and daisies are in blossom, and larks sing in the olive-trees.

"I remember when Daisy was choosing.

I know you and Daisy were tight."

"Oh?" "Daisy wasn't optimistic.

Daisy was strong.

Daisy's hair was light brown and streaked with gray.

In the long swards of tender grass the multitude of the daisies were white as milk faintly stained with flusht dews fallen from roses.

In our own deare Academia, with its glimpse of the cleare-shining Thames, Erasmus noted and admired our cut flowers, and glanced, too, at the books on our desksBessy's being Livy; Daisy's, Sallust; and mine, St. Augustine, with father's marks where I was to read, and where desist.

When twenty years of age, I asked my father what sort of a festival he took me to once, in company with a friend of his with only one arm, when we walked through meadows where daisies were blossoming in millions, and where we rode in carriages that went round continually until they were wound up.

The flowers are closing, The daisy's asleep; The primrose is buried In slumber so deep.

the flowers are bright for thee, The daisy's pearl'd with dew; Go, share them with the honey-bee,

'Tell the watchman,' it ses, 'that if he don't give you the watch and chain I shall appear to 'im agin and kill 'im.'" "All right," I ses, looking behind me to where three of the 'ands of the Daisy was sitting on the fo'c'sle smoking.

And now she paused, and now she stooped, And plucked a little flower A simple daisy 'twas, that drooped Within a rosy bower.

The burden of the song, The daisy is so sweet, The daisy is so sweet: when she begun, The troop of knights and dames continued on.

The burden of the song, The daisy is so sweet, The daisy is so sweet: when she begun, The troop of knights and dames continued on.

The lower leaves of the common field daisy are examples.

The common daisy is, however, a readier example, its name being a compound of day's and eyeDay's-eye, in which way, indeed, it is written by Ben Johnson.

The daisy is one of the pet flowers of the poets.

Daisy was not driven by Greatorex, for the reins were slack in his dropped hands, she was urged, whipped up, and maddened to her relentless speed.

A big imitation daisy was made from a round basket, by covering the top with yellow paper and surrounding the edge with as many petals as there were guests.

Marguerites (Chrysanthemums Frutescens).The White Paris Daisies are very effective when placed against scarlet Geraniums or other brightly-coloured flowers, and likewise make fine pot-plants.

Even if this be January, daisies are in blossom at our feet.

"The other is Miss Lynden, known, in a certain immoral resort called the Canterbury, as Letty Lynden, or 'Daisy' Lynden.

"I enclose, also, an affidavit made by Miss Lynden's landlady that she, Letty, or 'Daisy' Lynden, was commonly understood to be the mistress of Berkley; that he took her from the Canterbury and from her lodgings, paid her board bills, and installed her in rooms at the enclosed address, where she remained until she found employment with a Doctor Benton.

He and his twin-brother had been adopted from infancy by the Sergeants' Mess and had lived in peace and plentyin fact in too much plenty, for I regret to say that Daisy's brother died of drink from having formed the discreditable habit of emptying all the dregs of the Sergeants' beer mugs into his own inside.

This so delighted the amateur undertakers that Daisy's brother was at once exhumed and re-buried with further pomp and circumstance.

He so terrified Horatio, our portly bull-dog, by pecking at his sensitive kinky tail from behind when he was absent-mindedly lapping water from Daisy's bath, that he never again ventured alone on to the lawn.

Daisy was taking a post-prandial nap inside his beer barrel.

Percy, always deprecatingly anxious to find favour in Daisy's eyes, tore down to the shore one morning before breakfast and returned with a large pailful of salt water, which he laidso to speakat Daisy's feet.

Percy, always deprecatingly anxious to find favour in Daisy's eyes, tore down to the shore one morning before breakfast and returned with a large pailful of salt water, which he laidso to speakat Daisy's feet.

Percy however, being of an unsnubbable disposition, tried again to find a way into Daisy's heart, and this time he brought Hengist and Horsa, two young seagulls that he had found derelict on the rocks, hoping that he would take a paternal interest in their loneliness; but, like his great prototype, Daisy clapped his glass to his sightless eye, and "I'm damned if I see them," he said.

The daisies are few; Frost twinkles powdery

The daisies are the stars in that green sky.

His will stay after yours are removed, and I am done with earth; but keep the ring, Brother Dick, and when in after years you love some pure young girl as well as you love me, only differentsome girl who will prize such things, and is worthy of itgive it to her, and tell her it was Daisy's; tell her for me, and that I bade her love you, as you deserve to be loved."

All this Richard Markham had said to Ethelyn as they stood for a few minutes upon the beach of the pond, with its waters breaking softly upon the sands at their feet, and the young spring moon shining down upon them like Daisy's eyes, as the brother described them when they last looked on him.

And so, when Aunt Sophia had gone back to the city, and Judge Markham was in a few days to return to his Western home, she rode with him around the Pond, and when she came back the dead Daisy's ring was upon her finger

But I did not give her Daisy's ring," he said; and he spoke very reverently as he continued, "Abigail was a good, sensible girl, and even if she hears what I am saying she will pardon me when I tell you that it did not seem to me that diamonds were befitting such as she; Daisy, I am sure, had a different kind of person in view when she made me keep the ring for the maiden who would prize such things, and who was worthy of it.

Abigail was worthy, but there was not a fitness in giving it to her, neither would she have prized it; so I kept it in its little box with a curl of Daisy's hair.

It is better as it is," he said, as he walked away to Daisy's grave, where his tears dropped just as they always did when he stood by the sod which covered the fairest, brightest, purest being he had ever known, except his Ethie.

She should probably spend a few weeks with Mrs. Markham, senior, whom she fancied a tall, stately woman, wearing heavy black silk dresses and thread lace caps on great occasions, and having always on hand some fine lamb's-wool knitting work when she sat in the parlor where Daisy's picture hung.

He knew something of diamonds, for they had been Daisy's favorites; but pearls were novelties to him, and Ethelyn's pale cheeks would have burned crimson had she known that he was thinking "how becoming those white beads were to her."

When company cameand Mrs. Markham was not inhospitablethe east room, where the bed stood, was opened; and if the company, as was sometimes the case, chanced to be Richard's friends, she used the west room across the hall, where the chocolate-colored paper and Daisy's picture hung, and where, upon the high mantel, there was a plaster image of little Samuel, and two plaster vases filled with colored fruit.

They are softer, and finer, and neater; leastways our Daisy was as different from us as different could be, and Melinda is different from Tim.

Then, for the first time, Richard discovered that Ethelyn's piano had been unpacked, and was now standing between the south windows, directly under Daisy's picture.

Everything was different from what she had pictured it in her mindeverything but Daisy's face, which, from its black-walnut frame above her piano, seemed to look so lovingly down upon her.

Suddenly it occurred to her to suit herself rather than her hearers, and her snowy fingersfrom which flashed Daisy's diamond and a superb emeraldswept the keys with a masterly grace and skill.

Though very much afraid of his grand sister-in-law, he admired her beyond everything, and kept the slippers she brought him safely put away with a lock of Daisy's hair and a letter written him by the young girl whose grave was close beside Daisy's in the Olney cemetery.

Though very much afraid of his grand sister-in-law, he admired her beyond everything, and kept the slippers she brought him safely put away with a lock of Daisy's hair and a letter written him by the young girl whose grave was close beside Daisy's in the Olney cemetery.

She did not mean Daisy's ring.

It was hard to put off Daisy's ring, and Ethelyn paused and reflected as the clear stone seemed to reflect the fair, innocent face hanging on the walls at Olney.

I leave you Daisy's ring.

So the letters were directed and put, with Daisy's ring, in the little drawer of the bureau, where Richard would be sure to find them when he came back.

So, to the "draw" they wentthe very one where Daisy's ring was lying; and Richard saw that first, knowing now for sure that Ethelyn had fled.

"It was Daisy's, you know," he said to Andy, who, at his side, was not looking at the ring, but beyond it, to the two letters, his own and Richard's, both of which he seized with a low cry, for he, too, was sure of Ethie's flight.

"Dead," he said to himself many a time, and but for the dread of the hereafter, he, too, would gladly have lain down in the graveyard where Daisy was sleeping so quietly.

Nothing seen but the short green grass and the white daisies,grass and daisies being of equal height.

The three preceding poems 'To the Daisy' evidently belong to the same time, and are, as Wordsworth expressly says, "overflowings of the mind in composing the one which stands first."

Wordsworth's fourth poem 'To the Daisy', which is an elegy on his brother John, and belongs to a subsequent yearhaving no connection with the three preceding poems, will be found in its chronological place.

Ed.] [Footnote B: Compare Burns's poem 'To a Mountain Daisy', l. 15.Ed.]

Ev'n thou who mourn'st the Daisy's fate, That fate is thineno distant date; Stern Ruin's plough-share drives elate, Full on thy bloom; Till crushed beneath the furrow's weight Shall be thy doom.

In our remembrances of the happy meadows in which we played in childhood, the daisy's silver lustre is ever connected with the deeper radiance of its gay companion, the butter-cup, which when held against the dimple on the cheek or chin of beauty turns it into a little golden dell.

he answers, turning away his face toward the garden-beds, where the blue forget-me-not is unrolling her sky-colored sheet, and the double daisies are stiffly parading their tight pink buttons.

His life's pale ashes, under foot That cling about the daisies' root Will bear at last most glorious fruit!

Daisy was their little servant of the summer, the daughter of a quarryman near by.

The group meets at a hotel, where Daisy is forced to choose between Gatsby and Tom.

Gatsby is still in love with her, and spends many nights looking at the green light from Daisy's dock across his mansion.

Her friendship with Daisy is more of a product of recent cartoons, as they never interacted with each other during the classic shorts.

According to some media reports, their sister Daisy was approached by 'gangster-style' Albanian businessmen, one of whom started chatting her up, sources told The Sun.

Daisy's not so Normal any more!

He was a healthy 6lb 13ozs and Daisy is home with her family in Crook, Co Durham.

In Dallas' Lakewood neighborhood, you'll find the home of Polyphonic Spree's and Tripping Daisy's Tim DeLaughter, and his family, who moved into the space in 2006.

Anagnostakis told the court the events stemmed from Maguire's sister Daisy being injected by a substance by a group of Albanians and she immediately fainted.

Jonathan Ross then added that Rita had told him she was convinced Daisy was Kelis, as 'she knows the way Kelis breathes.'

The family think the baby might have been lying on Daisy's spine due to her 5ft 8inch height, leaving him concealed and a total surprise.

Today, Maguire's lawyer claimed in court that the footballer's sister Daisy was injected with a date rape drug by two mysterious Albanian men at the bar the defendants were at.

Evidence that alienation has occurred include that both Cruz and Daisy are lacking in ambivalent feelings of their parents?

His pursuit of Daisy is hampered by her own flirtatiousness, which is frowned upon by the other expatriates they meet in and Italy.

With the help of the RCMP and the Malaysian government, Daisy was able to be rescued.