2035 examples of damp in sentences

A week ago I would have fetched in the police and sworn out a warrant; and, if the weather had been as damp as it is, I would have waited to put on my rubbers before I would have done that much.

These are the women, the old men, the children, the weaklings of our sweet France, who have lived for months in damp caves and dens, till they look like Lazarus rising from the tomb.

Dirt and squalor do not affect them; it is the damp and cold and lack of sunshine that so very soon proves fatal.

A welcome log-fire was blazing in the huge old grate, for in October it is chilly and damp in Scotland and a fire is pleasant at evening.

" XI The sun had finally broken through the clouds, and already its rays were slanting into the room, falling softly on the dusty furniture, and making the shadows of the vines outside dance fitfully on the wall by the fire; and the shadows of the elms were growing long and straight over the rain soaked leaves, and the rank, damp grass of our lawn.

" As we drew near, making our way through damp thickets, a sense of uneasiness came over me.

" A damp chill gathered on the brow of Bushwyck Carr.

Milder weather came, then blustery days, then chill damp ones, but steadily life grew, here, there, everywhere, and the ever-new miracle of the awakening earth took place once again.

If a tiger has passed very recently, the prints will be fresh-looking, and if on damp ground there can be no mistaking them.

It was not yet wholly aired, not wholly free from the damp savour of night, but low in the east the sun was taking heart.

Descending about twenty steps at a sharp angle, we landed in a small, damp vault, with an opening in the floor, communicating with a short passage below.

Our road was through a deep, dark shade, and on either side, up and down, we saw but a cool, shadowy solitude, sprinkled with dots of emerald light, and redolent with the odor of damp earth, moss, and dead leaves.

The bottom appeared slightly damp.

The handsome, molded ceiling was dark from neglect and the cornice was stained by damp.

The death of the Queen of Prussia threw a great damp over the amusements of the Court.

A. From fire-damp?

Quassia water may be used to damp the coat.

Cellar workroom we calls Rheumatic Ward, acause of the damp.

and a green damp mould had covered his cheeks and forehead, and veiled his open eyeballs.

The climate is healthy, but damp, as it rains ten months out of the year.

Before the shaft could be cleared and a way opened to the workings, all the poor fellows had died, overcome by the deadly "choke-damp."

It was a very dark, miserable place, very low and very damp; the walls disfigured by a thousand rents and blotches.

While he was silently conducting one of these games Mr. Swiveller began to think that he heard a kind of hard breathing sound, in the direction of the door, which it occurred to him, after some reflection, must proceed from the small servant, who always had a cold from damp living.

October has almost come, and the damp and the falling leaves.

Every leaf in every tea-garden is different from every other leaf, and a week of damp weather may change the whole stock in any warehouse.

2035 examples of  damp  in sentences