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2035 examples of  damp  in sentences

2035 examples of damp in sentences

The freshet is getting pretty bad, and it is getting a little damp, up here.'

And don't go out in these thin shoes in damp weatherpromise!'

Here were places so deep that only a bit of the sky showed and here the stones were damp.

The place did not look very interesting, and smelt rather damp and mouldy.

A week ago I would have fetched in the police and sworn out a warrant; and, if the weather had been as damp as it is, I would have waited to put on my rubbers before I would have done that much.

Next morning Simson was out before breakfast, and came in with evident signs of the damp grass on his boots, and a look of worry and weariness, which did not say much for the night he had passed.

The ruined gable looked due east, and in the present aspect of the sun the light streamed down through the door-way as our lantern had done, throwing a flood of light upon the damp grass beyond.

And we went on for a long time without another word, threading the dark paths, which were steep and slippery with the damp of the winter.

"What's a good name fer a detective, mar?" The widow sat down and wiped her damp hands on her apron, looking upon her hopeful with an expression of mingled awe and pride.

It paid better than pork, he told Palmer,a commission, especially in damp weather.

It seemed below the reach of rains, and not very damp.

Still happier were they, when, at night, with his sons and nephew, they were allowed to huddle on the forge, sitting on the bottoms of old buckets or boxes, and watching the fire, from the paly blue border of flame in the edge of the damp charcoal, to the reddening, glowing column that shot with an arrowy stream of sparks up the wide-throated chimney.

It was a damp, drizzly day; there was not a settled rain, yet it was too wet to work in the corn.

I must hurry home, for it grows damp here by the mill-race.

In a few moments Kazan stood with his forefeet planted in the damp sand at the edge of the stream.

These are the women, the old men, the children, the weaklings of our sweet France, who have lived for months in damp caves and dens, till they look like Lazarus rising from the tomb.

Dirt and squalor do not affect them; it is the damp and cold and lack of sunshine that so very soon proves fatal.

A welcome log-fire was blazing in the huge old grate, for in October it is chilly and damp in Scotland and a fire is pleasant at evening.

" XI The sun had finally broken through the clouds, and already its rays were slanting into the room, falling softly on the dusty furniture, and making the shadows of the vines outside dance fitfully on the wall by the fire; and the shadows of the elms were growing long and straight over the rain soaked leaves, and the rank, damp grass of our lawn.

" As we drew near, making our way through damp thickets, a sense of uneasiness came over me.

I sleep in a damp room, but it does me no good; I come home late o' nights, but do not find any visible amendment!

Kossuth, the brave champion of liberty, its eloquent pen and herald, was dragged to a damp and dark subterranean prison-cell in the castle of Buda, and detained there, while his father and mother and his family, who were looking to him solely for their support, were robbed of the aid of their natural protector.

In the winter the depressing damp of this northern Venice is crystallized and harmless.

I am curious and not nervousexcept of damp sheets.

"I do not know," she replied collectedly; "I think it is damp.

If this is done when the weather is damp, the herbs will not be so good a colour.

Flour should be of the best quality, and perfectly dry, and sifted before being used; if in the least damp, the paste made from it will certainly be heavy.

After having washed the floorcloth in the usual manner with a damp flannel, wet it all over with milk and rub it well with a dry cloth, when a most beautiful polish will be brought out.

A careful nurse, when a patient leaves his bed, will open the sheets wide, and throw the clothes back so as thoroughly to air the bed; She will avoid drying or airing anything damp in the sick-room.

Hence the difficulty of breathing experienced after scalds or burns on the cuticle, the cough that follows the absorption of cold or damp by the skin, the oppressed and laborious breathing experienced by children in all eruptive diseases, while the rash is coming to the surface, and the hot, dry skin that always attends congestion of the lungs, and fever.

He they sought had, in truth, been recently conveyed from the damp cells where he had passed the winter and spring, to the heated chambers beneath the roof.

"Thine eye, and cheek, and countenance are better, than in the damp caves below!

"Ah!" thought the major, as he opened a bundle of knit lamb's-wool stockings, "here is my dear mother again, with her thoughts about damp feet, and the exposure of service.

They are heavy things with the property of growing heavier, and prove of little use save to sit upon in damp places.

" Very slowly he raised himself from the damp pump platform by means of the red pump-handle.

" A damp chill gathered on the brow of Bushwyck Carr.

The summit is cold and damp, with areas of spruce thickets and attractive wet meadows scattered here and there.

To our left a great hill, all huge and damp, glittering with gossamers, and smelling of restless yellow leaves, shouldered the morning sky.

"It'sit's rather damp, isn't it?"

He was obliged to collect sticks, and put a senseless round-bottomed kettle on a damp reluctant fire; to himself he used much stronger adjectives in describing both; he relieved his feelings slightly by saying that he never ate lunch, and by gloomily eying the game-pie instead of aiding Sarah to demolish it.

The one, that your charming pleasantry had a better subject than that you find for it in this dialoguethe other, that my situation were not such, as must too often damp that pleasantry in you, and will not permit me to enjoy it, as I used to do.

"Come in and warm yourself, Judy," said Mrs. Ford, "it is cold and damp, and you must be tired.

Judy obtained a permit to enter the jail, and stayed with him in the cold, damp cell, cheering him with her presence.

He asked her if she knew where her husband was, and she told him that she did; for she thought it was better for him to leave his cave, as it was damp and comfortless.

" Cary observed that he had no stomach for cold, damp dawns and firing parties.

Of adipocere (the peculiar waxy or soapy substance that is commonly found in bodies that have slowly decayed in damp situations) there was not a trace; and the only remnant of the soft structures was a faint indication, like a spot of dried glue, of the tendon on the tip of the right elbow.

Sleepless and restless, I alone, In the dusk and damp of these wails of stone, Wander and weep in my remorse!

Damp and cool is this deep ravine, and cool the sound of the brook by our side!

The low wet grounds were still undrained, and the number of cases of eye-disease which we find in the legends of miraculous cures point to the prevalence of ophthalmia brought on by damp and low living, as the army of lepers points to the filth and misery of the poor .The

The Vicarage was shut in by trees, a damp, unhealthy place.

The damp chill of the autumn night was upon him and he was cold to the bone.

With a swiftness which would have been incredible to any one who didn't know the Moor, the damp clammy vapour was settling down, blotting out everything in its grey haze.

He was evidently the owner, for he was a prosperous, genial-looking person of the retired Major type, and he was lightening his somewhat damp task by puffing away steadily at a pipe.

"It must be very unwholesome to have rooms made so dark and damp," she said.

Look to any of the Saxon churches of the period when the Romanesque prevailed, and they are low, gloomy, and damp, though massive and solemn.

It must not be dark, damp, and gloomy, where it is necessary to light the gas on a foggy day, and where one must be within ten feet of the preacher to see the play of his features.

She went from Marlborough House to Windsor Lodge, and from Windsor Lodge to Wimbledon, only to discover that each place was damp and unhealthy.

Milder weather came, then blustery days, then chill damp ones, but steadily life grew, here, there, everywhere, and the ever-new miracle of the awakening earth took place once again.

If a tiger has passed very recently, the prints will be fresh-looking, and if on damp ground there can be no mistaking them.

Her chest, head, and side bled; all the veins of her hands were swollen, and there was a painful spot in the centre of them, which felt damp, although blood did not flow from it.

That court's too damp, Mr. Detective.

Bobby shrank from the damp and musty atmosphere of the narrow passage.

The damp chill of the hall nauseated him as it had done before, seemed to place about his throat an intangible band that made breathing difficult.

He sprang up, went to the door, opened it, and stood gazing through the damp and narrow court.

" The damp moon gave an ominous unreality to the room.

It was not yet wholly aired, not wholly free from the damp savour of night, but low in the east the sun was taking heart.

Descending about twenty steps at a sharp angle, we landed in a small, damp vault, with an opening in the floor, communicating with a short passage below.

Our road was through a deep, dark shade, and on either side, up and down, we saw but a cool, shadowy solitude, sprinkled with dots of emerald light, and redolent with the odor of damp earth, moss, and dead leaves.

The bottom appeared slightly damp.

The handsome, molded ceiling was dark from neglect and the cornice was stained by damp.

The death of the Queen of Prussia threw a great damp over the amusements of the Court.

There was great good humour and freedom on all these occasions; and if the grass was damp and the young ladies caught cold, and the sandwiches were scarce, and the gentlemen went home hungryI am sure these little drawbacks were not to be imputed to the royal entertainers, who delighted to see their neighbours and dependants happy and joyous.

His turf roof was falling to pieces already, and the steps to the kitchen were rotten with damp; a grindstone lay on the ground, and the cart was still left uncovered in the open.

A. From fire-damp?

Quassia water may be used to damp the coat.

Cellar workroom we calls Rheumatic Ward, acause of the damp.

and a green damp mould had covered his cheeks and forehead, and veiled his open eyeballs.

The climate is healthy, but damp, as it rains ten months out of the year.

It is given with desperate force, and the tall peak leaves its place with an easy sailing motion accelerated every instant, till it crashes prone on the earth, sending far and wide its scattered branches, and letting in the sunlight upon the cool, damp, mossy earth, for the first time perhaps in half a century.

" =406.= The autumn winds were damp and cold, And dark the clouds that swept along, As from the fields, the grains of gold We gathered, with the husker's song.

Before the shaft could be cleared and a way opened to the workings, all the poor fellows had died, overcome by the deadly "choke-damp."

It was a very dark, miserable place, very low and very damp; the walls disfigured by a thousand rents and blotches.

While he was silently conducting one of these games Mr. Swiveller began to think that he heard a kind of hard breathing sound, in the direction of the door, which it occurred to him, after some reflection, must proceed from the small servant, who always had a cold from damp living.

She was gone until late at night; and when Old Sophy, who had watched for her, bound up her long hair for her sleep, it was damp with the cold dews.

He therefore resolved to reload his pistols, lest the powder had become damp; but what was his surprise, when he drew the charge, to find neither powder nor ball, while each barrel had been carefully filled with tow, up to the space which the loading had occupied!

While, in those bright, shining, smokeless cities, whenever the sun shines upon them, one's eyes are put out by the glare of their white walls; and when it does not shine!why, in the winter, there's no resource left for a man but hopeless and shivering resignation, with their wide, windy chimneys, and their damp, crackling, hissing, sputtering, tantalizing fagots.

Lady Bird! fly away home The glow-worm is lighting her lamp, The dew's tailing fast, and your fine speckled wings Will flag with the close-clinging damp.

But one hot summer the marsh dried up, and they left it to look for another place to live in: for frogs like damp places if they can get them.

October has almost come, and the damp and the falling leaves.

Every leaf in every tea-garden is different from every other leaf, and a week of damp weather may change the whole stock in any warehouse.

We have had three or four weeks weather of the most extraordinary description I ever remember; not frosty nor wet, but damp and slippery; so that the granite has been found so inconvenient to horses, that they have not been driven at the common and usual pace.

Ha'e ye got hurt?' Mrs. Robinson came over and laid a damp hand on her boy's shoulder.

'Will ye enlist?' 'I'll see ye damp first!' 'Come on, then!'

Macgreegor, ye're jist a damp lucky deevil!' 'Oh, whisht!' said Christina smiling.

I know so exactly what you meanjust as one makes all sorts of things out of the patches of damp on an old ceiling?

I should define Damp as the product of Naturenot Art.

Jenny fought for their spring beauty, all the more because Lady Tyrrell was encouraging the wife to criticize the very things she had tried to sentimentalize over with the husband; but seeing that she was only doing harm, she proposed a brisk walk to Eleonora, who gladly assented, though her sister made a protest about damp, and her being a bad walker.

"Do you mind the damp?" asked the girl, anxiously.

Was it not very damp in the woods?"

"Lena and I are old friends," said Jenny; "too glad to meet to heed the damp.