86 examples of damson in sentences


DAMSONS.Whether for jam, jelly, pie, pudding, water, ice, wine, dried fruit or preserved, the damson, or damascene (for it was originally brought from Damascus, whence its name), is invaluable.

Amongst the list of the best sorts of baking plums, the damson stands first, not only on account of the abundance of its juice, but also on account of its soon softening.


3. Cabinet pudding, and damson tart made with preserved damsons. 1896.

3. Open jam tart, which should have been made with the pieces of paste left from the damson tart; baked arrowroot pudding.

3. Damson tart made with bottled fruit, ratafia pudding. 1925.

Damson Tart.

Damson Tart. Cream.

3. Damson tart. 2068.

2. Damson pudding. 2075.

Damson tart, boiled batter pudding. 2082.

2. Damson pudding. 2085.

2. Damson pudding made with bottled fruit.

Damson Tart, with bottled fruit.

Sweetness N. sweetness, dulcitude^. sugar, syrup, treacle, molasses, honey, manna; confection, confectionary; sweets, grocery, conserve, preserve, confiture^, jam, julep; sugar-candy, sugar-plum; licorice, marmalade, plum, lollipop, bonbon, jujube, comfit, sweetmeat; apple butter, caramel, damson, glucose; maple sirup^, maple syrup, maple sugar; mithai^, sorghum, taffy.

It was famous then for its fat, rich cheeses and its green damson plums.

He has the predatory instincts of that being who loves to call himself the image of his Maker, and more than once has given annoyance, especially last year, when he robbed a damson-tree of a brood of Baltimore orioles.

In exposed positions protection may be afforded by a row of damson trees.

I had never seen olives, and when I saw these trees covered with plenty of fruit about the size of damson plums I took the liberty of tasting it and found it very disagreeable, and wondered of what use such fruit could be.

for salads, to pickle walnuts like mangoes, to make flummery, to make a carp pie, to pickle French beans and cucumbers, to make damson and quince wines, to make a French pudding (called a Pomeroy pudding), to make a leg of pork like a Westphalia ham, to make mutton as beef, and to pot beef to eat like venison.

Damson marmalade, 163.

Damson pie is made in the same way.

PRESERVED DAMSON PLUMS Pick the plums over carefully, removing every one that has a decayed spot or blemish.

DAMSON JAM Weigh 3/4 of a pound of sugar for each pound of fruit.

86 examples of  damson  in sentences