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2670 examples of  dart  in sentences

2670 examples of dart in sentences

" He saw Henshaw flush and dart a glance of hate at him.

'If I were dragged every nerve apart, and every thought turned into a fiery dart,and that is so,' he said,'yet

" "There it is," said I; "you dart down on us who are unlearned with your phonetic disturbances, but you daren't examine what the thing really is for fear of being laughed at.

He had avenged himself upon the life-long scorners of his name and fame; but the blow that shattered their pride had sent a dart to his own heart.

but he has his horrid eye upon us, and is whetting his infernal feathered dart every instant, as you see him truly pictured in that impressive moral picture, "The good man at the hour of death."

The two hosts fell one upon the other furiously, and many a sergeant perished that day, by reason of lance thrust, or quarrel, or dart.

Nevertheless, when she at length found courage to swing and dart away through the door, Victor flung three curt words to the fellow at his feet, who grunted, rose, and glided from the room in close chase.

" Something fiery that was almost like a dart of pain went through Avery at his words.

The Theban Linus, that was ably skil'd In Muse and Musicke, was by Phoebus kill'd, Though Phoebus did beget him: sure his Art Had merited his balsame, not his dart.

Having encouraged the soldiers with no further speech than that "they should keep up the remembrance of their wonted valour, and not be confused in mind, but valiantly sustain the assault of the enemy"; as the latter were not farther from them than the distance to which a dart could be cast, he gave the signal for commencing battle.

Her strongest-wingรซd dart my Muse hath yet in store.

they as two sluices let in the influences of that divine, powerful, soul-ravishing, and captivating beauty, which, as one saith, "is sharper than any dart or needle, wounds deeper into the heart; and opens a gap through our eyes to that lovely wound, which pierceth the soul itself" (Ecclus. 18.)

But of all the tales in this kind, that is the most memorable of Death himself, when he should have strucken a sweet young virgin with his dart, he fell in love with the object.

For the fair beauty of a virgin pure Is sharper than a dart, and doth inure A deeper wound, which pierceth to the heart By the eyes, and causeth such a cruel smart.

To touch the brave Cowdenio's heart, The Graces all in her conspire; Love arms her with his surest dart, Apollo with his lyre.

Love, that soon kindleth in a gentle heart, Seized him thou look'st on for the form and face, Whose end still haunts me like a rankling dart.

The author remembers how "a Lady of my Acquaintance, perhaps not without reason, fell one day, as she was sitting with me, into this Poetical Exclamation: 'The Pen can furrow a fond Female's Heart, And pierce it more than Cupid's talk'd-of Dart: Letters, a kind of Magick Virtue have, And, like strong Philters, human Souls enslave!'

Through the smoke one could see the flames dart from tree to tree.

But the elder saw only the whizzing stream of water dart into its center, and the rosy foam rise and tremble on the glass's rim.

Conscious of being looked at, the little fellows were wheeling round with more than usual swiftness and dexterity, when a little creature of two or three years made a sudden dart forward into their very orbit, and in an instant must have been knocked down with great force.

He struck him in a vital part the first dart, as was evident from the whale's furious dying struggles; but in order to make sure, we hauled up and lanced the back of his head.

Despair Tended the Sick, busy from Couch to Couch; And over them triumphant Death his Dart Shook, but delayed to strike, though oft invoked With Vows, as their chief Good and final Hope.

The foe, who aim'd the fatal dart, Now heard his dying sighs; Compassion touch'd his yielding heart, To Albert's aid he flies.

"Fly, fly he cried, my touch profane "Oh, how the rest impart? "Rever'd old man!could Edwin stain "With Albert's blood the dart!"

She comes not as on Albion's plain, With death, and madness in her train; For here, her keenest sharpest dart May raze, but cannot pierce the heart.

While travellers who want the skill To mark the shapes of good and ill, With vacant stare thro' Europe range, And deem all bad, because 'tis strange; Thro' varying modes of life, you trace The finer trait, the latent grace, And where thro' every vain disguise You view the human follies rise, The stroke of irony you dart With force to mend, not wound the heart.

Ah, see his uncomplaining soul sustain 85 The sting of insult, and the dart of pain; His stedfast spirit feels one pang alone; A child's despair awakes one suff'ring groan

while groaning nature weeps "The limits of thy mercy dares to scan, "The object of thy love, his victim,Man; "While yet I linger, lo, the suff'rer dies 115 "I see his frame convuls'dI hear his sighs "Whoe'er controuls the purpose of my heart "First in this breast shall plunge his guilty dart:" With anxious step he flew, with eager hands He broke the fetters, burst the cruel bands.

A WIDE MOUTH NOW"] I was glad to see that he still could fly, and that swift as an arrow he could dart over and under, through and across, the thousand winding ways of our coral groves.

All three attempted to dart across the transept and gain the northern entrance, but they were Intercepted.

Had he a sling, would it dart a stone to so great a distance?

Of other birds which are becoming scarcer year by year in England, the kingfishers are not uncommon in these parts; you will often see the brilliant little fellow dart past you as you walk by the stream in summer.

He longed for her vivid phrasing, her quick dart at the heart of the things they talked of.

It seemed at first she was being awakened by a sharp dart, one of those darts of apprehension seemed shot into her approaching slumber.

Little rays from the sunny paths would dart daringly in to the dark place from which Ann rose.

Not unmolested let the wretches gain Their lofty decks, or safely cleave the main: Some hostile wound let every dart bestow, Some lasting token of the Phrygian foe: Wounds, that long hence may ask their spouses' care, And warn their children from a Trojan war.

On right, on left, above, below, Sprung up at once the lurking foe; From shingles grey their lances start, The bracken bush sends forth the dart.

"Before we rest our wings, however, we must take another dart over the city, as far as Stratford at Bow, where, with all due tenderness for boarding-school French, a joke of Chaucer has existed as a piece of local humour for nearly four hundred and fifty years.

Then another with a long pole drives the trouts from the mouth of the "hold," when they immediately dart into the net, and nothing remains but to draw the net quickly up.

She had been able then, she remembered, to sit still, to pursue, if not a train of thought, at least a set of connected images; but now her whole spirit seemed to be seething with a sort of poison that made her muscles jerk and start and her mind dart and faint.

His hope was that the flash and report of the weapon would frighten the animals into opening a path for a moment, through which the skaters could dart into the clear space below.

Controlled by an intuition or instinct which often surpasses reason, she was led to dart aside into the smaller stream at the critical moment when the fierce wolves were so near that escape seemed impossible.

Her dart to the left was only the effort to elude him for that instant, and she was not aware of the mouth of the creek until she had entered it.

Without giving myself time to reflect I dart into the dark hole, and grope my way along it.

A wide ribbon was stretched barrierwise across the walk about fifteen feet from the trees, and near it were several large baskets, one full of bows and dart-pointed arrows, and the other heaped with expensive toys and bonbon boxes of painted satin, for prizes, each article being numbered.

Mr. Vanderveer picked up a bow and dart to illustrate the game, aimed at a balloon, the arrow glanced off, but at the second shot the balloon went pop and shrivelled away with the whistle of escaping gas and shouts of applause from both children and their elders.

"It scares the sea-birds from their nests; They dart and wheel with deafening screams; Now darkand now their wings and breasts Flash back amid disastrous gleams.

Yet these, and all the rest, I could endure; But love's a malady without a cure: 110 Fierce love has pierced me with his fiery dart; He fires within, and hisses at my heart.

180 So stands the Thracian herdsman with his spear, Pull in the gap, and hopes the hunted bear, And hears him rustling in the wood, and sees His course at distance by the bending trees; And thinks, Here comes my mortal enemy, And either he must fall in fight, or I: This while he thinks, he lifts aloft his dart; A generous chilness seizes every part: The veins pour back the blood, and fortify the heart.

You'll make old Dart buck if you kick up a row like that.

Father's saddle and the brown pillow were on Dart, the big grey horse on which he generally carried me, and we were on the point of making tracks for home.

Totnes has a very quaint little main street which rises steeply from the bridge over the Dart.

Spread out on one of the steep slopes of the Dart, it overlooks the deep-set river towards the sea and inland towards Totnes.

Though a chain is no longer used to close the entrance to the Dart, the remains of the two little towers are still to be seen.

Flakes fell off the coal in the grate in shapes like coffins; the flames seemed to dart at him with their fiery tongues.

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He killed a Malay once, and once he was wounded by a poisoned dart.

A crew was found in a surprisingly short time, and a frenzied dart was made for the mouth of the Jhelum.

It was into an atmosphere highly charged, therefore, in which the lightning had scarcely ceased to play, and might at any moment dart its fires anew, that Mr. Fishwick was introduced.

The sun is shining still behind, The promise of a purpose kind; And, soon unveiled again, will dart His cheering rays upon my heart.

Thou hast eyes Like the flames of Sulphur, which me thinks do dart Infection on me, and thou hast a mouth Enough to take me in where there do stand Four rows of Iron Teeth.

" The errors of a great author are often more valuable than his sound sentiments; because they tend, by the reaction they provoke, and the replies they elicit, to dart new light upon the opposite truths.

Instead of death, the dart of love does strike, And renders all within these walls alike.

in what poison is thy dart Dipp'd, when it makes a bleeding heart?

TOTEMISM, division of a race into tribes, each of which has its own Totem, or animal, as the symbol of it and the name, and as such treated with superstitious veneration, as involving religious obligation. TOTNES (4), a quaint old market-town of Devonshire, overlooking the Dart, 29 m. SW. of Plymouth; has interesting Norman and other remains; a centre of agricultural industry.

He called to Nina to run, and had the satisfaction of seeing her dart through the door like a frightened hare.

As soon as he and Colonel Clifford were alone, that warrior, still standing straight as a dart, delivered himself of certain short sentences, each of which seemed to be propelled, or indeed jerked out of him, by some foreign power seated in his breast.

On the contrary, it sometimes manifests great flames, like those of a fiery furnace, which shoot forth in great tongues, and dart forth suddenly in certain directions toward the objects attracting them.