2670 examples of dart in sentences

Without giving myself time to reflect I dart into the dark hole, and grope my way along it.

A wide ribbon was stretched barrierwise across the walk about fifteen feet from the trees, and near it were several large baskets, one full of bows and dart-pointed arrows, and the other heaped with expensive toys and bonbon boxes of painted satin, for prizes, each article being numbered.

Mr. Vanderveer picked up a bow and dart to illustrate the game, aimed at a balloon, the arrow glanced off, but at the second shot the balloon went pop and shrivelled away with the whistle of escaping gas and shouts of applause from both children and their elders.

"It scares the sea-birds from their nests; They dart and wheel with deafening screams; Now darkand now their wings and breasts Flash back amid disastrous gleams.

Yet these, and all the rest, I could endure; But love's a malady without a cure: 110 Fierce love has pierced me with his fiery dart; He fires within, and hisses at my heart.

180 So stands the Thracian herdsman with his spear, Pull in the gap, and hopes the hunted bear, And hears him rustling in the wood, and sees His course at distance by the bending trees; And thinks, Here comes my mortal enemy, And either he must fall in fight, or I: This while he thinks, he lifts aloft his dart; A generous chilness seizes every part: The veins pour back the blood, and fortify the heart.

Flakes fell off the coal in the grate in shapes like coffins; the flames seemed to dart at him with their fiery tongues.



By Benjamin Wall Dart.

By Dale Carpenter & Elizabeth Cuthbertson, illustrated by Eleanor Dart & Anne Fleur.

By Whitman Publishing Company, employer for hire of Eleanor Dart, art by Eleanor Dart.

By Whitman Publishing Company, employer for hire of Eleanor Dart, art by Eleanor Dart.

R56999, 11Jan50, Anne Reed Parsons (W) ROBERT HENRI, compiled by Nathaniel Ponsette-Dart.

R60757, 7Apr50, Nathaniel Ponsette-Dart (A) ROBERTS, Elizabeth Madox.


Prepared under the supervision of Benjamin Wall Dart, assisted by the publisher's editorial staff.

A crew was found in a surprisingly short time, and a frenzied dart was made for the mouth of the Jhelum.

It was into an atmosphere highly charged, therefore, in which the lightning had scarcely ceased to play, and might at any moment dart its fires anew, that Mr. Fishwick was introduced.

Thou hast eyes Like the flames of Sulphur, which me thinks do dart Infection on me, and thou hast a mouth Enough to take me in where there do stand Four rows of Iron Teeth.

" The errors of a great author are often more valuable than his sound sentiments; because they tend, by the reaction they provoke, and the replies they elicit, to dart new light upon the opposite truths.

Instead of death, the dart of love does strike, And renders all within these walls alike.

in what poison is thy dart Dipp'd, when it makes a bleeding heart?

TOTEMISM, division of a race into tribes, each of which has its own Totem, or animal, as the symbol of it and the name, and as such treated with superstitious veneration, as involving religious obligation. TOTNES (4), a quaint old market-town of Devonshire, overlooking the Dart, 29 m. SW. of Plymouth; has interesting Norman and other remains; a centre of agricultural industry.

He called to Nina to run, and had the satisfaction of seeing her dart through the door like a frightened hare.

2670 examples of  dart  in sentences