285 examples of dauntless in sentences

It is to be manufactured into snuff-boxes for the officers and crew of the Dauntless, as a delicate admission that they are up to snuff and not to be sneezed at.

"You shall, indeed, my dauntless Orestes; you shall share my fortunes, whatever they be.

There was the aspiring look, the dauntless spirit, and the rigid honesty of Antonio, in the bearing of the lad; but these qualities were now smothered by a natural grief; and, as in the case of him whose funeral escort he followed, something obscured by the rude chances of his lot.

The people they were all afraid to travel night or day For every week in the newspapers there was published some-thing new Concerning this dauntless hero, the bold Jack Donahoo!

impávido, -a, dauntless, intrepid.

It is indeed a good deal less, for it is utterly inconsistent with the other acts of an unselfish, dauntless career.

Murray again wrote to Blackwood (February 15, 1817): "What is your theory as to the author of 'Harold the Dauntless'?

The Kshatriya princes fought with dauntless courage, but unity of action was impossible; for the Brahmins fomented mutual jealousies and checked the growth of national spirit.

Yes, I beheld the beauteous virgin queen, And all the dauntless heroes of her court; Where danger threatened, 'midst the danger seen, Bending their fearless way to Tilbury Fort; I heard the shouts of joy which Britons gave, When th' Armada sank beneath the wave.

He sat amid a burning world, and saw Tormented myriads, whose blaspheming shrieks Were mingled with the howl of hidden floods, And Acherontine groans; of all the host, The only dauntless he.

There was something confident, dauntless, irresistible about the straight little back.

"When the day broke upon this handfull of forlorn but dauntless spirits."Ib., p. 245.

What I here say, accords with the teaching of all our lexicographers and grammarians, except one dauntless critic, who has taken particular pains to put me, and some three or four others, on the defensive.

A few days later I saw how Belgians were still fighting on their own soil, miserable but magnificent, sick at heart but dauntless in spirit.

Gerald S. Craig (A); 23Dec60; R268315. CRANE, JOHN DE M. C. The dauntless liberator, Simon Bolivar.

The dauntless liberator, Simon Bolivar, by Phyllis Marschall & John Crane. Illustrated by Edward Toledano.

Boon, Kenton, and Harrod illustrate by their lives the nobler, kindlier traits of the dauntless border-folk; Wetzel, like McGarry, shows the dark side of the picture.

They were men of the most dauntless courage, but unruly and impatient of all control.

With our prisoner, however, it was still different; for, sustained by a dauntless spirit, he would have faced the great tyrant of the race, even in his most ruthless mood, with firmness, if not with disdain.

She was of dauntless courageshe knew no fear; but she did tremble and quail before the future stretching out before herthe future that was to have no love, and was to be spent without him.

Heaven gave Rob Roy a dauntless heart And wondrous length and strength of arm: [A] 10 Nor craved he more to quell his foes, Or keep his friends from harm. Yet was Rob Roy as wise as brave; Forgive me if the phrase be strong; A Poet worthy of Rob Roy 15 Must scorn a timid song.

The tall man on the right is the Governor of the State of Massachusetts, a millionaire, a classic face showing his aristocratic lineage in every feature, a scholarly, furrowed brow, dressed with scrupulous care, and looking at the frightful scenes with the dauntless eye of an eagle.

Julius Caesar, who transformed Rome from a republic into an empire, and Napoleon the Corsican, are the classic illustrations of the power of great ambition and dauntless persistency.

They have all felt the same admiration for the dauntless old viking, who, even amid the pangs of death, gloried in his past achievements, and looked ardently forward to his sojourn in Valhalla.

But justice to the officers and men now in Florida demands that their privations, sufferings, and dauntless exertions during a summer's campaign in such a climate, which for the first time was witnessed during the last year, should be specially commended.

285 examples of  dauntless  in sentences