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305 example sentences with  dauntless

305 example sentences with dauntless

Nathless this violence my spirit cheers With better hope than if she had no wrong; While Love invincible arrays the throng Of dauntless thoughts, and thus harangues his peers: But once, he argues, can a mortal die; But once be born: and he who dies afire, What shall he gain if erst he dwelt with me?

boy, and see the people you must soon command: A bold and stalwart nation, dauntless in the fight, Strong as an iron buckler to guard their monarch's right.

He had been dauntless and indefatigable, he was one of those who could yet rouse it to life.

Xavier Durrieu was courageous, Dulac dauntless, Charamaule fool-hardy.

The clear conception, outrunning deductions of logic, the high purpose, the firm resolve, the dauntless spirit, speaking on the tongue, beaming from the eye, informing every feature, and urging the whole man onward, right onward to his object,this, this is eloquence; or rather it is something greater and higher than all eloquence,it is action, noble, sublime, god-like action.

bold, bold-spirited; daring, audacious; fearless, dauntless, dreadless^, aweless; undaunted, unappalled, undismayed, unawed, unblanched, unabashed, unalarmed, unflinching, unshrinking^, unblanching^, unapprehensive; confident, self-reliant; bold as a lion, bold as brass.

The man that stands upon a principle is the same calm, dauntless, self-possessed man under all circumstances.

With a face set as a flint against every obstacle in his path of duty, he drove straight on to fulfil the convictions of his dauntless spirit.

So, forth in dauntless mood they fare, And with them goes the guardian pair.

"An' I need no man to tell me that," said the dauntless Sandy, as he gave back the hearty hand-grip of his friend; "an' she'll never repent it, the longest day o' her life, if she'll ha' me for her man."

Let's play it out as if it were a sport Wherein the game is better than the goal, And never mind the detailed "score's" report Of errors made, if each with dauntless soul But stick it out until the day is done, Not wasting fairness for success or fame,

Here the father and his dauntless boy were in still greater danger for an instant; for there is a fall between the two islands, over which had they gone, no earthly power could have withheld their final passage to the terrific precipice, which forms the Horse-shoe Fall.

But it is impossible that, had they deigned to look closer, they should not also have seen the gleam of genius and enthusiasm, the fire of inspiration, the serene light of exalted hope and dauntless courage upon those withered features.

It is indeed a good deal less, for it is utterly inconsistent with the other acts of an unselfish, dauntless career.

Often they were forcibly driven from the care of their flocks, often in the extermination of their flocks there was none left whom they could shepherd, but wherever a remnant still lingered there remained these dauntless and self-sacrificing men and women, regardless of everything except the cause to which they had devoted themselves.

Murray again wrote to Blackwood (February 15, 1817): "What is your theory as to the author of 'Harold the Dauntless'?

While it is deeply lamented that so many valuable lives have been lost in the action which took place on the 7th ultimo, Congress will see with satisfaction the dauntless spirit and fortitude victoriously displayed by every description of the troops engaged, as well as the collected firmness which distinguished their commander on an occasion requiring the utmost exertions of valor and discipline.

The Kshatriya princes fought with dauntless courage, but unity of action was impossible; for the Brahmins fomented mutual jealousies and checked the growth of national spirit.

V. "View the stern form that hovers nigh, "Fierce rolls his dauntless eye "In scorn of hideous death; "Till starting at a brother's[A] name, "Horror shrinks his glowing frame, "Locks the half-utter'd groan, "And chills the parting breath: "Astonish'd Nature heav'd a moan!

Our ardent and dauntless reformer followed out the moral of the parable of the Good Samaritan into its most rigid and repulsive consequences with a pen of steel, and let fall his "trenchant blade" on every vulnerable point of human infirmity; but there is a want in his system of the mild and persuasive tone of the Gospel, where "all is conscience and tender heart."

A pale, queenly woman, with haughty, delicate face, and loops of jet-black hair, falling over robes of white, erect and dauntless, fronting his levelled weapon without the slightest sign of fear.

Have you of God, the world, and all it doth contain, Of man, and that which worketh in his heart and brain, Not definitions given, in words of weight and power, With front unblushing, and a dauntless breast?

Sewingshields Castle, long since disappeared, is the scene of the knight's adventures in Sir Walter Scott's "Harold the Dauntless.

To his amazement, at the sound the doors rolled back, displaying a vast and brightly-lit hall, whose roof was supported on pillars of jasper and crystal; the glow from lamps of gold shone softly down on gold and gems, which were heaped upon the floor of this magic chamber, and the treasure became the rich reward of the dauntless youth.

Perhaps, some day, will come forth from this hamlet "Some village Hampden, that with dauntless breast The little tyrant of his fields withstood"; one who from earliest youth has kept himself in touch with the politics of the day, and has fitted himself to sit in the House of Commons as the representative of his class.

Grim, dauntless, and resolute, she resolved, for the sake of this hapless one, to look life in the face once more, and try the battle under other skies.

What a dauntless courage was here in the brute mind which, knowing the power of man, dared to rob him, to defy him!

The heart of Red Perris went out to the dauntless chestnut.

So faithful in love, and so dauntless in war, There never was knight like the young Lochinvar!

So daring in love, and so dauntless in war, Have ye e'er heard of gallant like young Lochinvar? SCOTT.

But we to his kindred, and we to his cause, When Albyn her claymore indignantly draws; When her bonneted chieftains to victory crowd, Clanranald the dauntless, and Moray the proud; All plaided and plumed in their tartan array Seer.

" Fitz-James was brave:Though to his heart The life-blood thrilled with sudden start, He mann'd himself with dauntless air, Returned the Chief his haughty stare, His back against a rock he bore, And firmly placed his foot before: "Come one, come all!

All this Charlie knew full well; but he had a pair of excellent pistols, and a dauntless heart.

Yes, I beheld the beauteous virgin queen, And all the dauntless heroes of her court; Where danger threatened, 'midst the danger seen, Bending their fearless way to Tilbury Fort; I heard the shouts of joy which Britons gave, When th' Armada sank beneath the wave.

The only dauntless he.

In the dauntless strength of woman's love.

In her he had found that ideal of womankind which he had so much upheld: instant and dauntless obedience to the behest of the one great love.

The steamer Laurada was chartered, and the ocean-going tug Dauntless was bought in Brunswick, Georgia.

She was ordered to proceed slowly to Navassa Island where the Dauntless would meet her.

There lay the Dauntless, purchased by Rubens.

The Dauntless was seized on her return to Jacksonville, but was soon released.

A number of minor expeditions were carried out in the next few months, by the Dauntless, the Three Friends, and the Commodore, the latter being wrecked in the last week in December.

If we should capture you, which is much more likely than that you will ever capture me, I will have you chopped up into small pieces and fed to the fires of the Dauntless."

Two days later, at an agreed upon place, they were joined by the Dauntless which had slipped out of Jacksonville.

About half the cargo of the Jones was transferred to the Dauntless and was landed, May 21, a few miles east of Nuevitas.

The former is illustrated by the case of the Dauntless when she was held up by a vessel of the United States navy, and boarded by one of the officers of the ship.

There she is; speak to her; I warrant your voice will revive her more quickly than that of Gryffhod; her consent you need not ask, for that you have obtained already, so take her for your wife when you will, and God give you joy of your choice, as for my part, I thank Heaven for bestowing on me so dauntless a son-in-law!'

His soul inspires me, while thy praise I write, And I, like Teucer, under Ajax fight: Bids thee, through me, be bold; with dauntless breast Contemn the bad, and emulate the best.

This humble tribute of no vulgar Muse: 360 Who, not by cares, or wants, or age depress'd, Stems a wild deluge with a dauntless breast; And dares to sing thy praises in a clime Where vice triumphs, and virtue is a crime; Where even to draw the picture of thy mind, Is satire on the most of human kind:

As the troubles have thickened his dauntless spirit ever shone brighter and he has remained cheerful, hopeful, and indomitable to the end.

The flood of successful rebellion was rolled back from the coast, and Bolรญvar, with his dauntless partisans, was soon confined to the Llanos, which stretch away in level immensity from the marshy banks of the Orinoco, the Apure, and their tributaries.

What I here say, accords with the teaching of all our lexicographers and grammarians, except one dauntless critic, who has taken particular pains to put me, and some three or four others, on the defensive.

God gave him that dauntless valor that France might enjoy safety during the minority of a king but four years old.

to see a proud And dauntless man step, full of hopes, Up to the P.C. stakes and ropes, Throw in his hat, and with a spring Get gallantly within the ring; Eye the wide crowd, and walk awhile

But for Beaumont's dauntless pluck and indomitable energy in 1876, Lockwood would never had made his great northing in 1882.

"He will drive me mad," said Richard, once more staggered by the dauntless determination of the criminal.

All who were his contemporaries remember that dauntless courage, that heroic virtue, that stainless purity of thought and speech, before which all evil things seemed to shrink away abashed.

Such was the dauntless courage of the leaders, that Mrs. Stanton offered herself as a candidate for Congress at the November elections, in order to test the constitutional rights of a woman to run for office.

A few days later I saw how Belgians were still fighting on their own soil, miserable but magnificent, sick at heart but dauntless in spirit.

Only be firm and dauntless.

The poem recording his dying injunctions voices the inspiration that came at this time to Israel's patriots from their nation's past, and that supreme devotion to the law and dauntless courage that animated the leaders in this great movement.

Well, no fear, young JanieI'll find some way if I'm put to itsome nice, safe, pretty way that wouldn't scare a neurasthenic baby, let alone the dauntless Miss Abbott.

But she lies forlorn in the breakers now, Her stately masts are gone, And cold are the hearts of the dauntless crew That yielded their swords to none; The gun is hush'd in her lofty sides, And the flute on her silent deck; Alas!

CRANE, JOHN DE M. C. The dauntless liberator, Simon Bolivar.

The dauntless liberator, Simon Bolivar, by Phyllis Marschall & John Crane.

"Who, noble, dauntless, frank and mild, Was, for his very goodness, fear'd; Belov'd with fondness like a child, And like a blessed saint rever'd!

The ample brow, too smooth for guile; The careless, fearless, open smile; The shaded and yet arching eye, At once reflective, kind, and shy; The undesigning, dauntless look, Became to me a living book.

Was it a dream?methought the "dauntless Harold" passed me by

But the solitude-loving hunter, dauntless and self-reliant, enjoyed to the full his wild, lonely life; he passed his days hunting and exploring, wandering hither and thither over the country, while at night he lay off in the canebrakes or thickets, without a fire, so as not to attract the Indians.

Sevier, who came to the Watauga early in 1772, nearly a year after Robertson and his little colony had arrived, differed widely from his friend in almost every respect save highmindedness and dauntless, invincible courage.

Boon, Kenton, and Harrod illustrate by their lives the nobler, kindlier traits of the dauntless border-folk; Wetzel, like McGarry, shows the dark side of the picture.

He was open-hearted and hospitable, with winning ways towards all, and combined a cool head with a dauntless heart; he loved a battle for its own sake, and was never so much at his ease as when under fire; he was a first-class marksman, and as good a horseman as was to be found on the border.

The bird was a friend to one alone and in need, and its dauntless melody made his own heart beat higher.

She was of dauntless courageshe knew no fear; but she did tremble and quail before the future stretching out before herthe future that was to have no love, and was to be spent without him.

Attacked on all sides, the few defenders fought with dauntless heroism, and when the night fell the Maltese Cross still waved over the fort.

Before Sir Walter was two years old, his nurse let him fall out of her arms, so as to injure his right foot, and render him lame for life: "This accident did not otherwise affect his health; he was, as I have been informed by a lady who chanced to live near him, a remarkably active and dauntless boy, full of all manner of fun, and ready for all manner of mischief.

Yet she fears him not, because she is of his own dauntless blood and fears not death itself.

And the women said, 'Let the victory that Arjuna treading like a bull had achieved of old on the occasion of burning the forest of Khandava, be thine, O Vrihannala, when thou encounterest the Kurus today with prince Uttara.'" SECTION XXXVIII Vaisampayana said, "Having issued forth from the city, the dauntless son of Virata addressed his charioteer, saying, 'Proceed whither the Kurus are.

" Her voice was dauntless, but her face mirrored the anguish that must be her daily companion.

I think old Caesar must have heard In Northern Gaul my dauntless bird, And, echoed in some frosty wold, Borrowed thy battle-numbers bold.

Musing on vanished loveliness and bloom, Man's dauntless courage, woman's changeless truth, And scenes of joyous glee, or tranquil rest, Shared with the early-lostthe brightthe blest.

I remember, on the fourth night I think it was, the barge Dauntless came alongside, and arter she was made fast the skipper came ashore and took a little notice of it.

The tall man on the right is the Governor of the State of Massachusetts, a millionaire, a classic face showing his aristocratic lineage in every feature, a scholarly, furrowed brow, dressed with scrupulous care, and looking at the frightful scenes with the dauntless eye of an eagle.

Captain Allen survived about four hours, during which his conversation evinced a composure and firmness of mind, and correctness of feeling, as honorable to his character, and more consoling to his friends, than even the dauntless bravery he before exhibited.

The dauntless seven who made up the suffrage club were there, and at the psychological moment one of the women ran up the steps of a park pavilion and spoke in a ringing voice, yet so quietly that the police made no move to stop her.

Not the familiar, gracious goddess, wide-winged, crowned, bearing wreaths, but a naked, desperate creature, gaunt, dauntless, turning her iron face to the west.

John was sent to the right to investigate; Peggy went off to the left, which proved to be the true trail, and in a very short time the dauntless five were once more in full cry.

" CHAPTER II HOW TRUE TILDA CAME TO DOLOROUS GARD "Dauntless the slug-horn to my lips I set.

Thus did the Dutch, English, and French in succession discover New Zealand, and forthwith come into conflict with its dauntless and ferocious natives.

We forced our way through, and there we saw Mr. Frank Sullivan with his hat off, his arms crossed, and his back against the wall, presenting a dauntless front to the gesticulations and threats of an exceedingly enraged young man with red hair, who was abusing him furiously.

"Is this the man whose name for daring has passed into a proverb?the dauntless, reckless, skilful 'Skimmer of the Seas!'

He had probably inherited from his father his manly and robust person, his open, dauntless, dark, and handsome face, in which there was so much character that you hardly looked for intellect, or perhaps at a brief glance confounded one with the other.

The inauguration of this hall was celebrated by a sumptuous entertainment; and when all the guests had retired, the king's bodyguard, composed of thirty-two dauntless warriors, lay down in the hall to rest.

Ortwine was fostered by Wat, the dauntless hero, who taught him to fight with consummate skill; while Hilde herself presided over the education of Gudrun, and made her so charming that many suitors soon came, hoping to find favor in her eyes.

They have all felt the same admiration for the dauntless old viking, who, even amid the pangs of death, gloried in his past achievements, and looked ardently forward to his sojourn in Valhalla.

To Heine, Napoleon was the incarnation of the French Revolution, the glorious new-comer who took by storm the intrenched strongholds of hereditary privilege, the dauntless leader in whose army every common soldier carried a field marshal's baton in his knapsack.

The dauntless courage and exemplary leadership of Private Hayashi enabled his company to attain its objective.

The Dauntless's first bombing in the war happened on December 10, 1941.

The โ€™s wing included thirty-five SBD Dauntless dive bombers, twenty-one F4F Wildcat fighters and twelve TBD Devastator torpedo bombers.

In the 1870s, the Toronto Dauntless played a home game at the Toronto Cricket Club (it was at the Grange; the field was nicknamed โ€œThe Taddleโ€ after nearby Taddle Creek).