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414 examples of  david's  in sentences

414 examples of david's in sentences

The Proclamation read from the steps of David's Tower on the occasion of the Commander-in-Chief's Official Entry into Jerusalem was in these terms: To the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Blessed and the people dwelling in its vicinity: The defeat inflicted upon the Turks by the troops under my command has resulted in the occupation of your City by my forces.

He was the King of the people of Israel, the Royal Prince of David's line; and, as a man, His duty was only to His own people.

" Formerly certain agricultural operations were regulated by the seasons, and an old rule tells the farmer "Upon St. David's Day, put oats and barley in the clay.

The common Solomon's seal (Polygonatum multiflorum) has been nicknamed "David's harp," and, "appears to have arisen from the exact similarity of the outline of the bended stalk, with its pendent bill-like blossoms, to the drawings of monkish times in which King David is represented as seated before an instrument shaped like the half of a pointed arch, from which are suspended metal bells, which he strikes with two hammers.

" The leek is associated with St. David's Day, the adoption of this plant as the national device of Wales having been explained in various ways.

The origin of the wearing of the leek on St. David's day, among that people, is thus given in "BEETON'S DICTIONARY of UNIVERSAL INFORMATION:""It

Two of Vice-Admiral Beatty's ships were seriously damaged, namely, the giant battle cruiser Lion, which was Sir David's flagship, and the torpedo boat destroyer Meteor, one of the largest and fastest of this class afloat.

As in the case of Naboth, when men were suborned to say, "Naboth did blaspheme God and the king:" and as was David's case, when he thus complained, "False witnesses did rise up, they laid to my charge things that I knew not of."

David's biographers say nothing of the kind.

To overlook that startling fact is to overlook the very element which has made David's Psalms the text-book for all human weaknesses, penitences, sorrows, struggles, aspirations, for nigh three thousand years.

Look not at David, but at David's greater Son; and consider Christ upon his Cross. Consider him of whom it is written, 'Thou art fairer than the children of men: full of grace are thy lips, because God hath blessed thee for ever.

It is this one fixed idea, that God could hear him, and that God would help him, which gives unity and coherence to the wonderful variety of David's Psalms.

' Faith, again, it is, to turn from David's highest to his lowest phasefaith in God it is which has made that 51st Psalm the model of all true penitence for evermore.

It is a special mark of David's character, as special as his faith in God, that he never avenges himself with his own hand.

' It is plain then, that David's notion of his duty to his enemies was very different from that of the monks.

DAVID'S DESERTS 2 Samuel i. 26.

But amid all the simple and sacred beauty of that scene, we cannot forget, we must not forget that Abigail is but one wife of many; that there is an element of pure, single, all-absorbing love absent at least in David's heart, which was present in the hearts of our forefathers in many a like case, and which they have handed down to us as an heirloom, as precious as that of our laws and liberties.

It was not until the bloody battle with the Philistines, which terminated the lives of both Saul and Jonathan, that David's reign began in about his thirtieth year,first at Hebron, where he reigned seven and one half years over his own tribe of Judah,but not without the deepest lamentations for the disaster which had caused his own elevation.

Notwithstanding all his victories and exploits, his anointment at the hand of Samuel, his noble lyrics, his marriage with the daughter of Saul, and the death of both Saul and Jonathan, there had been at first no popular movement in David's behalf.

[Footnote 3: Authorities differ as to the precise date of David's accession.

David's grief at the foul deed was profound and sincere, but he could not afford to punish the general on whom he chiefly relied.

Then it was that David's repentance was more marvellous than his transgression, offering the most memorable instance of contrition recorded in history,surpassing in moral sublimity, a thousand times over, the grief of Theodosius under the rebuke of Ambrose, or the sorrow of the haughty Plantagenet for the murder of Becket.

" Should we seek for the cause of David's fall, for that easy descent in the path of rectitude,may we not find it in that fatal custom of Eastern kings to have more wives than was divinely instituted in the Garden of Eden,an indulgence which weakened the moral sense and unchained the passions?

In David's case, his last days do not seem to have been his best days, although he retained his piety and had conquered all his enemies.

When we pass from David's personal character to the services he rendered, how exalted his record!

Montfauçon's Antiquité Expliquée en Figures; Specimens of Ancient Sculpture, by the Society of Dilettanti, London, 1809; Ancient Marbles of the British Museum, by Taylor Combe; Millin, Introduction à l'Étude des Monuments Antiques; Monuments Inédits d'Antiquité figurée, recuellis et publiés par Raoul-Rochette; Gerhard's Archäologische Zeitung; David's Essai sur le Classement Chronologique des Sculpteurs Grecs les plus célèbres.

The next morning he landed near St. David's.

Mr. Wood mentions also epigrams, and a translation of several of King David's Psalms, written by Sir John Davies, but never published.

Before he left England he wrote poems, entitled, Steps to the Temple; and Wood says, "That he led his life in St. Mary's church near to Peterhouse, where he lodged under Tertullian's roof of angels; there he made his nest more glad than David's swallow near the house of God, where like a primitive saint he offered more prayers in the night than others usually offer in the day.

As against David or David's important supporters men like Uriah had no civil rights that could be enforced.

Some incidents are taken directly from Dickens's early experiences and into many more of David's childish sorrows, boyish dreams, and manly purposes, Dickens has breathed the breath of his own life.

drunk as a lord, drunk as a skunk, drunk as a piper, drunk as a fiddler, drunk as Chloe, drunk as an owl, drunk as David's sow, drunk as a wheelbarrow.

There was some show of fighting when the vessels first came alongside of one another, and Maskew drew a pistol and fired it off in young David's face, with only the two gunwales between them.

But he seemed pleased rather than sorry, and said that I must come now and live with him, for he had plenty for both; and that since chance had led him to save my life, I should be to him a son in David's place.

" This public confession began with an inscription; a musical phrase of David's lament over the body of his son Absalom: "Oh! Absalom my son, my son!" I had a son whom I loved, and sent to his death.

There was high triumph in the Little Red Doctor's expression when he came to my bench with the glad tidings of young David's promotion to a sergeantcy.

In fine, this early dream of David's shows him fortunate in having an old family friend like Mr. Benson to write it down; alsowhat I must on no account forgetso sympathetic an artist as Mr. H.J. FORD to make it into pictures.

Farther and farther the shepherds went until they passed David's well, and entered the city.

And the mother wondered and bowed her head, And sat as still as a statue of stone; Her heart was troubled yet comforted, Remembering what the Angel had said Of an endless reign and of David's throne.


It was the dearest wish of David's life to make a preacher of Anthony and he must have got by way of answers to his prayers, signs which reconciled him to the sheer impossibility of this project.

"The china dish is David's present, and these cards are from Mrs. Albright and Mrs. Bonnyman and Miss Crilly.

David's temper was getting the mastery.

Miss Crilly cast a frightened glance in David's direction.

Her closest girl friends were out of town, her mother unusually busy with some church work, her intercourse with Juanita Sterling limited to a few perfunctory calls; and except for David's cheery visits she would have been lonely indeed.

David's expression, in the English of the nineteenth century, is, "Before the dawning of the morning I cried," or, I began to cry before day-break.

25.Ittaithe six hundred Gittites, David's body guard.

David's expression, in the English of the nineteenth century, is, "Before the dawning of the morning I cried," or, I began to cry before day-break.

" Cambrensis, Bishop of St. David's, says, "It was the common vice of the English, from their first settlement in Britain, to expose their children and relations to sale;" and it also appears, "that the wife of Earl Godwin, who was sister to Canute, the Danish King of England, made great gain by the trade she made of buying up English youths and maids to sell to Denmark.

It was David's peculiar interest in the trees that gave the special invitation.

David's big rough hand was now surrendered meekly enough to the quick clasp of her little fingers, andforgetting all the daring deeds that he meant to dohe was led like any lamb up the hill to the open door of Cedar House.

The smallest and the oldest cabin was David's.

Never till that night had David's fervid imagination turned toward it without his beginning forthwith to wonder over the secrets of the ages which lie buried beneath.

It was a wild, strange sight, wild and strange enough to fire a cooler fancy than David's.

My friends, if any of you find yourselves in this sad case, the only remedy which I can give you, the only remedy which I ever found do me any good, or give me back my peace of mind, is David's remedy; the one which he found out at last, and which he spoke of in these blessed Psalms.

There is a unique monument in this church to the widow of William Barton, Bishop in turn of St. Asaph, St. David's, Bath and Wells, and Chichester, whose five daughters married five bishops!

David's first wife was Dora Spenlow, but at the death of this pretty little "child-wife," he married Agnes Wickfield.

In 577 the archbishop of Caerleon resigned his see to him, and St. David removed the seat of it to Menevia, which was subsequently called St. David's and became the metropolis of Wales.

David's lamentation at the death of Jonathan was never surpassed in pathos and beauty.2 Samuel, i. 19-27.

twas David's puny hand That caused his overthrow!

" David's heart softened and he said: "If that is so I will go out at daybreak and bring you their heads."

I find, I find my mounting spirits bold, And David's part disdains my mother's mould.

Religion, and redress of grievances, Two names that always cheat, and always please, Are often urged; and good king David's life Endanger'd by a brother and a wife.

Whence comes it, that religion and the laws Should more be Absalom's than David's cause?

His strength as yet in David's friendship lies, And what can David's self without supplies?

Let David's brother but approach the town, Double our guards, he cries, we are undone.

For almonds he'll cry whore to his own mother: And call young Absalom king David's brother.

990 His age with only one mild heiress bless'd, In all the bloom of smiling nature dress'd, And bless'd again to see his flower allied To David's stock, and made young Othniel's bride.

Welcome to Israel and to David's breast!

But now the Sovereign mounts the regal chair, And mitred seats are full, yet David's bench is bare.

He held fast his faith in God when Sennacherib and his Assyrian army were camping round Jerusalem; for God had said, 'I will defend this city to save it for my own sake and for my servant David's sake.'

It will not be David's experience, nor Paul's, nor Luther's, nor Bunyan's; much as you will study their experiences, comparing them all with your own.

Sir David's domain had been a good deal neglected of late years, and the brushwood and brambles grew thick under the noble old trees.

It was just possible that Mr. Holbrook might be one of Sir David's innumerable bachelor acquaintances.

Sir David's advice was only the echo of John Saltram's counselthe counsel which he would receive from every man of the world, no doubtthe counsel which he himself would most likely have given to a friend under the same circumstances.

"David's songs, though, are beyond me.

So fared they on to seek the promised sign That marked the anointed heir of David's line.

David's friends at school.

David's railroad.

SEE WHITFORD, WILLIAM G. David's friends at school.

This was the solution she woke up with one morning, and it seemed to explain not only David's and Elspeth's love, but her own, so clearly that in her desire to help she put it before Tommy.

" David's hands were clenched.

Sleeping far off in some noxious haunt, he hears David's voice and instantly begins to speak.

Well might David's soul cry out, 'I thought on my ways.'

As for Abigail, after her husband has refused to feed David's shepherds, and David has made up his mind therefore to slay him and his offspring, she takes provisions and meets David and induces him not to commit that crime; she does this not from love for her husband, for when David has received her presents he says to her, "See, I have hearkened to thy voice, and have accepted thy person.

Youth in Sir David's case meant suppleness of limb as well as youth's spirit and dash.

The Bps. of Peterborough, Landaff, Bangor, St. Asaph, St. David's, Dr. Atterbury, Prol.

TO DALRYMPLE, Feb. 25, 1759.Robertson's "History of Scotland"Comparison of Ramsay and Reynolds as Portrait-PaintersSir David's "History of the Gowrie Conspiracy" 48.

At all events, he was drunk as David's sow, and squabbling over, saving your presence, a woman of the sort one looks to find in that abominable hole.

In old times David's harp charmed away the demon from a human heart.

Dr. George Bull (1634-1710), Bishop of St. David's, wrote the "Defensio Fidei Nicenae."

On the rule, the word of God, by which alone we must regulate all our actions; and this ought to be our meditation day and night, and all our study, as we see it was David's, and other holy men of God, their daily work, see Psal. i. and cxix.

God pardoned David's sin, and did intimate the same to him by Nathan, and yet the sword did not depart from his house till he died.

He that with thine shall weigh good David's deeds, Shall find his passion, nor his love, exceeds: 28 He cursed the mountains where his brave friend died, But let false Ziba with his heir divide; Where thy immortal love to thy bless'd friends, Like that of Heaven, upon their seed descends.

34 Your private life did a just pattern give, How fathers, husbands, pious sons should live; Born to command, your princely virtues slept, Like humble David's, while the flock he kept.

As Saul's afflicted spirit from the sound Of David's harp, a present solace found; So, on this theme while we our Muse engage, No wounds are felt, of fortune or of age.

ADULLAM, David's hiding-place (1 Sam. xxii.

FERRAR, ROBERT, an English prelate, born at Halifax, was prior of the monastery of St. Oswald's, embraced the Reformation, and was made Bishop of St. David's by Edward VI.; suffered martyrdom under Mary in 1555.

Since, by my "infinite pains and groans," I have been reminded of Barkis, in "David Copperfield," when he crawled out of his bed to get a guinea from his strong box for David's dinner.

I was preaching one day to mother and Aunt Merce a sermon after the manner of Mr. Boold, of Barmouth, taking the sofa for a desk, and for my text "Like David's Harp of solemn sound," and had attracted Temperance and Charles into the room by my declamation, when my audience was unexpectedly increased by the entrance of father, with a strange gentleman.