414 examples of david's in sentences

He was the King of the people of Israel, the Royal Prince of David's line; and, as a man, His duty was only to His own people.

" Formerly certain agricultural operations were regulated by the seasons, and an old rule tells the farmer "Upon St. David's Day, put oats and barley in the clay.

Two of Vice-Admiral Beatty's ships were seriously damaged, namely, the giant battle cruiser Lion, which was Sir David's flagship, and the torpedo boat destroyer Meteor, one of the largest and fastest of this class afloat.

' Faith, again, it is, to turn from David's highest to his lowest phasefaith in God it is which has made that 51st Psalm the model of all true penitence for evermore.

It is a special mark of David's character, as special as his faith in God, that he never avenges himself with his own hand.

When we pass from David's personal character to the services he rendered, how exalted his record!

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But he seemed pleased rather than sorry, and said that I must come now and live with him, for he had plenty for both; and that since chance had led him to save my life, I should be to him a son in David's place.

Farther and farther the shepherds went until they passed David's well, and entered the city.

It was the dearest wish of David's life to make a preacher of Anthony and he must have got by way of answers to his prayers, signs which reconciled him to the sheer impossibility of this project.

Miss Crilly cast a frightened glance in David's direction.

David's big rough hand was now surrendered meekly enough to the quick clasp of her little fingers, andforgetting all the daring deeds that he meant to dohe was led like any lamb up the hill to the open door of Cedar House.

The smallest and the oldest cabin was David's.

There is a unique monument in this church to the widow of William Barton, Bishop in turn of St. Asaph, St. David's, Bath and Wells, and Chichester, whose five daughters married five bishops!

David's first wife was Dora Spenlow, but at the death of this pretty little "child-wife," he married Agnes Wickfield.

" David's heart softened and he said: "If that is so I will go out at daybreak and bring you their heads."

It was just possible that Mr. Holbrook might be one of Sir David's innumerable bachelor acquaintances.

So fared they on to seek the promised sign That marked the anointed heir of David's line.

David's friends at school.

David's railroad.

SEE WHITFORD, WILLIAM G. David's friends at school.

Youth in Sir David's case meant suppleness of limb as well as youth's spirit and dash.

The Bps. of Peterborough, Landaff, Bangor, St. Asaph, St. David's, Dr. Atterbury, Prol.

Dr. George Bull (1634-1710), Bishop of St. David's, wrote the "Defensio Fidei Nicenae."

On the rule, the word of God, by which alone we must regulate all our actions; and this ought to be our meditation day and night, and all our study, as we see it was David's, and other holy men of God, their daily work, see Psal. i. and cxix.

414 examples of  david's  in sentences