171657 examples of day in sentences

RODEHEAVER COMPANY Children's Day helper.

R110763. SEE Children's Day helper.

by Maurice Day.

IN THE DAYS OF THY YOUTH, CHILDREN'S DAY SERVICE; words by May M. Brewster, music by Ira B. Wilson.

Mothers' Day suggestion book.

R118068, 24Sep53, Clarence E. Mulford (A) MUMFORD, LEWIS The golden day.


THE CHILDREN'S KINGDOM; Children's day service.

SEE Day, Frank Parker.

THE GATEWAY TO TOMORROW; service for rally and promotion day.

The Sabbath and the Lord's day.

HALLOCK, GRACE T. Teachers' guide I to accompany Spick and span, The health parade, Growing big and strong, Safety every day.

Bible reasons why you should be a Seventh-day Adventist; an answer to the false charges and inscriptural teachings of E. B. Jones.

Science every day.

We had been hearing at intervals, for the last day or two, far-off sounds of artillery toward the north.

The day was hot, and the road was dusty.

* "Chicks, day old; ready Saturday.

There was attraction too in the very names of Arras and Bapaume, as well as in the thought of the part that our Cyrano of to-day has played against a ruder foe than the Spaniard.

However, she must have got used to me, because one day she asked if I would translate an English letter she'd received into French.

All I can state with certainty is that he interested his host in it so effectually that now the infatuated old fool is playing it all day long.

And so the game goes on, minute after minute, hour after hour, every day from dawn to dusk.

Years have passed since the time of that dastardly crime, But the victim's intangible shade Can be seen to this day, so the villagers say, In diaphanous garments arrayed.

Every day since his return from Paris Mr. BONAR LAW has been pestered with inquiries as to when, if ever, the House was to be allowed to discuss the Peace terms, and has evaded a direct answer with more or less ingenuity.

Mr. Grey had an hour or an hour and a half for his walk, in which he could again turn over in his mind all these matters of which his thoughts had been full for now many a day.

" "I don't mean to go on any farther,not as I have done to-day; but as to giving up business, that is rubbish.

171657 examples of  day  in sentences
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