19 examples of daydream in sentences

The complex harmony of sights and sounds slid softly over his soul, and he sank away into a still daydream, too passive for imagination, too deep for meditation, and 'Beauty born of murmuring sound, Did pass into his face.

"Today," said the bearded bloke, "we are all happy to welcome as the guest of the afternoon Mr. Fitz-Wattle" At the beginning of the address, Gussie had subsided into a sort of daydream, with his mouth hanging open.

Gussie, after the departure of P.K. Purvis, had fallen into a sort of daydream and was standing with his mouth open and his hands in his pockets.

absent, abstracted, distrait; absentminded, lost; lost in thought, wrapped in thought; rapt, in the clouds, bemused; dreaming on other things, musing on other things; preoccupied, engrossed &c (attentive) 457; daydreaming, in a reverie &c n.; off one's guard &c (inexpectant) 508

Thus, belated, he came to thinking of her again, and having now nothing else to do, he fell into daydreams that had no other effect than to reveal to him the impatience which had been, from the first, the real cause of his restlessness under the temporary confinement.

But while I was picturing out for him a magnificent future, imagining the lofty triumphs of his intellectan intellect grand in its achievements and glorious in its possibilities, my beautiful daydream was rudely broken up, and vanished away like the rays of sunset mingling with the shadows of night.

The cold facts of her existence couldn't be daydreamed away.

So might a poet have looked, while steeped in mournfully rapturous daydreams of remembered passion and severance.

-bye to most of the daydreams!

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" He fell into a hazy daydream and his thoughts wandered again to Bettyhe imagined vaguely that they had had a disagreement because she refused to go to the party as the back part of the camel.

" "But, Daphnèbut, fair cousin" "I won't listen to youmy daydream is pastspeak of it no more," said Daphnè.

Venetia played about for some little time; she made a castle behind a tree, and fancied she was a knight, and then a lady, and conjured up an ogre in the neighbouring shrubbery; but these daydreams did not amuse her as much as usual.

It's the place I never could find somehowlike counting Stonehengethe place of that queer daydream of mine.'


" So I roused me from my daydream, for I knew the song spoke true, That it isn't time for dreaming while there's duty still to do; And I turned into the highroad where it meets the flinty lane, And the world of wars and sorrows was about me once again.

My mother did not allow me to read love stories, and my daydreams of the future were scarcely touched by any of the ordinary hopes and fears of a girl lifting her eyes towards the world she is shortly to enter.

The actual beauty of some of the commonest flowers in our gardens can be in no degree exaggeratedeven in the daydreams of the most inspired poet.

"The shadow flies; but from her heart again He never fadesthe youth with golden hair; Eternally his image hovers there, Exhaustless source of sweetly pensive pain, In nightly visions, and in daydreams shown.

19 examples of  daydream  in sentences
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