317 examples of daye in sentences

Finally a short time after, men haue so far disordered themselues, and broken the bondes and limits of honesty, that men & women haue daunsed togeather, or as wee would say, in mingle mangle, and namely and specially in feastes and banquets, in so much that we see, that this wicked and ungodlye custome, hath stretched forth it selfe euen unto us, and hath yet, or already the sway at this daye, more then euer it had.

and Henry VII.:"For rose garlondis and woodrolf garlondis on St. Barnabe Daye, xj'd."

So ended she; and all the rest around To her redoubled that her undersong*, 110 Which said, their brydale daye should not be long:

But ah! here fits not well Olde woes, but ioyes, to tell, Against the bridale daye, which is not long: Sweet Themmes!

And Edmond must expect still worse and worse, A lowringe morning proves a fayer daye, Fortunes ilfavord frowne shewes shee will smile On you and frowne on Ironside.

Till evening drewe on of the following daye, When by a yong ladye discover'd was hee

Good daye to our fayre foundresse!

See the cordaige Be stronge and tight, the netts with all theire stringes, Plometts, and corks, well plac't for hookes and bates, This daye wee shall have little use of them:

As such a dark night can beeto one, I feare, That scarce will looke on daye more.

Syr, good daye.

Saye that this daye shee shalbee made his wyfe.

He that hathe ech daye to his backe Chandge of gaye suites, whylst wee alacke Have but one coate, that coorse and ould, Yet it defends us from the could; As warme too in an equll eye As they in all theere purple dye; 'Mongst

" Right jollie is ye tailyor-man As annie man may be; And all ye daye, upon ye benche He worketh merrilie.

"A payne ys made that no person or persons that shall brewe any weddyn ale to sell, shall not brewe aboue twelve stryke of mault at the most, and that the said persons so marryed shall not keep nor haue above eyght messe of persons at hys dinner within the burrowe, and before hys brydall daye he shall keep no unlawfull games in hys house nor out of hys house on payne of 20s.

Behold Cambisês and his fatal daye ... While he his brother Mergus cast to slaye, A dreadful thing, his wittes were him bereft.

the v daye of Januarye."

With a historical study by Lawrence C. Wroth and a note on the Stephen Daye Press by Melbert B. Cary, Jr.

With a historical study by Lawrence C. Wroth and a note on the Stephen Daye Press by Melbert B. Cary, Jr.

Junii at Maydestone Fight, was buryed on the third daye of June, anno predicto.

" "Joseph, the son of Thomas Daye, and An, his wife, who was wounded at Maydestone Fight Junii, was buryed the eleventh daye of June.

xi. is subjoined the following date, "Anno M.CCCCC.XXXIII., v. daye of Apryll," together with a printer's device (two hands pointing towards each other).

xvij's "P'd to Peter Medcalfe for mending the Cloke when it neade due at o'r Ladies Daye laste past in Anno 1581 iij's "P'd for entringe this account xx'd.

"Finyshed the xxvii daye of August, the yere of our lord M. CCCCC.

I dyd take my lycence For to travayle to the toure of Chyvalry; For al my minde, wyth percyng influence, Was sette upon the most fayre lady La Bell Pucell, so muche ententyfly, That every daye I dyd thinke fyftene, Tyl I agayne had her swete person sene.[101]

I will not yeald to you for you are wiches & yor portion is hell fyre to all eternity & many such like expressions shee had; telling them that Mr. Bishop had often tould her that shee must not yield to them, & that that daye Norwalk minister tould her the same

317 examples of  daye  in sentences