87 examples of de facto in sentences

Had this de facto government assumed the plenary powers which provisional governments must, under similar circumstances, necessarily assume, it would have been better for the cause of the colonists.

My enemies have misrepresented this, as if I desired to be recognized as de facto the Governor of Hungary.

We shook off the yoke of the Austrian dynasty, we declared our national independence, and did thus not in an untimely movement of popular excitement, but after we became de facto independent, after we had, by crushing our enemy in our struggle of legitimate defence and driving him out from our country, proved to the world that we have sufficient strength to take our position amongst the independent nations of the earth.

And in the same way as Sam ruled at Hatton, Colomb was, de facto, the master of Strawberry Hill.

They till their lands, and are de facto petty farmers.

" A whistlea creaka jar; and they stop at the little Whitford station, where a cicerone for the vale, far better than Claude was, made his appearance, in the person of Mark Armsworth, banker, railway director, and de facto king of Whitbury town, long since elected by universal suffrage (his own vote included) as permanent locum tenens of her gracious Majesty.

He starts with no preconceptions as to what truth must mean, whether it exists or not; he is content to watch how de facto claims to truth get themselves validated in experience.

Before this was officially known, however, at the capital the Government of Zuloaga had been recognized by the entire diplomatic corps, including the minister of the United States, as the de facto Government of Mexico.

Because he may innocently acknowledge the king de facto (the king in deed,) without assuming him to be king de jure (king by right.)

President Palma, accepting the transfer, expressed his understanding that it would "continue de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cuba."

In some way, the departing American authority failed to leave any agent or representative of the de facto government of the United States, and the Cubans included the island in their new administration, very properly.

"You address me as a servant of the de facto government.

A very good trainsleepers and dinersone at four, a through trainsleepers, observation car, dining car, corridor compartmentsthat also is a de jure train" "But what is the difference between the de jure and the de facto?"

And when will there be a de facto train?"

Even heathen countries accept it de facto as the scheme on which the life of the human race is built.

If no arrangement on a principle of give and take is made between them, the road to the East, which from the point of view of the Germanic powers lies through Serbia, will sooner or later inevitably be forced open, and the independence, first of Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania, and later of Bulgaria and Greece, will disappear, de facto if not in appearance, and both materially and morally they will become the slaves of the central empires.

With this triumph, which the Emperor Paul of Russia signalized by decorating the Prince-Bishop Peter, the independence of the modern state of Montenegro, the first Serb people to recover its liberty, was de facto established.

It was lord de facto et de jure belli of the eastern or Greek Empire, that is of all territories and seas grouped geographically round Constantinople as a centre, with only a few exceptions unredeemed, of which the most notable were the islands of Cyprus, Rhodes, and Krete, still in Latin hands.

Events soon made Malta a question of great importance in the relations between France and England, and the renewal of war, in 1803, left Great Britain in de facto possession of the island, until the treaty of May 30, 1814, gave England full right and sovereignty over Malta.

Judge Blount has referred to the "de facto alliance between the Americans and Aguinaldo," and has dwelt at length on "promises, both expressed and implied," which were subsequently repudiated by Consul Pratt, Admiral Dewey and Generals Anderson and Merritt, constantly suggesting, even when he does not specifically charge, bad faith on the part of these officers of the United States.

In fine, admitting, as all do, the Continental Congress to have been a revolutionary body, exercising undelegated powers, the question is, Was it, or was it not, a de jure, as well as de facto national government, and this is a question that cannot be answered absolutely.

In such a case there is bimetallism de jure, but monometallism de facto.

And it has never been extended to a mere de facto or "virtual" monopoly arising only from the accident of trade.

[Footnote 1: We may divide monopolies into legal, geographical, and de facto, or "virtual" monopoliesphrases which sufficiently describe themselves.

During that period no army has invaded her with a view to her reconquest; and if she has not yet established her right to be treated as a nation independent de facto and de jure, it would be difficult to say at what period she will attain to that condition.

87 examples of  de facto  in sentences