2556 examples of deadly in sentences

"Only I don't want to get mixed up with any of the deadly stuff.

There was a gentleman come out of a neighbouring house, who had looked curiously at us; he now drew near, and, standing a little way off, called out, 'It is little use to knock at that door, ladiesthe master is dead a week since, and the house stands empty;' at which Althea turned a deadly pale face to him, saying, 'Do not mock ussure, it cannot be so.

And all the Land did be full of grim and monstrous roarings, and odd-wise lower sounds, very deadly.

And I came in sudden to meet the two beast-men as they ran at me; and I cut quick and light with the great Weapon, and did have that anger upon me which doth make the heart a place of cold and deadly intent; so that I had a wondrous and brutal judgement to the slaying.

It tells how young Charlie Shandross, bidding his preposterous soldier uncle be hanged, shook the stale dust of Ballybar off his feet, served three years in the C.M.R., and so prepared himself for the deadly adventure of the rod of the snake, the image of the ape, the Haytian attaché and the sinister priestess of Voodoo ritesParis its setting.

And it proved to be Thevetia neriifolia, and a very deadly poison.

For no one who puts the mere dread out of his mind will call the Cobras ugly, even anything but beautiful; nor, again, the deadly Coral snake of Trinidad, whose beauty tempts children, and even grown people, to play with it, or make a necklace of it, sometimes to their own destruction.

destructive, subversive, ruinous, devastating; incendiary, deletory^; destroying &c n.. suicidal; deadly &c (killing)

stillborn; mortuary; deadly &c (killing) 361.

mortal, fatal, lethal; dead, deadly; mortiferous^, lethiferous^; unhealthy &c 657; internecine; suicidal. sporting; piscatorial, piscatory^. Adv.

Now-a-days no one is allowed to set dogs or cocks to fight each other,at any rate, in England it is a penal offence,but men are plunged into deadly strife, against their will, by the operation of this ridiculous, superstitious and absurd principle, which imposes upon us the obligation, as its narrow-minded supporters and advocates declare, of fighting with one another like gladiators, for any little trifle.

Being a true lover of living, a fellow with something pushing and spontaneous in his inside, he must, like any other soldier, in any other stirring, deadly warfare, push on at his best pace until he touch the goal.

To deal with strong and deadly elements, banditti, pirates, war and murder, is to conjure with great names, and, in the event of failure, to double the disgrace.

So far as I can understand Savonarola, his failure was due to two causes: firstly, his fatal blending of religion and politics, and secondly, the conviction which his temporary success with the susceptible Florentines bred in his heated mind that he was destined to carry all before him, totally failing to appreciate the Florentine character with all its swift and deadly changes and love of change.

Ruskin, after making his deadly comparisons, concludes thus genially of the Giotto version"If you can be pleased with this, you can see Florence.

But their vicinity to the Fort prevented any outbreak; had there been no such restraint upon their actions, each would have sought the life of his deadly foe.

Again and again, in the darkness of the night, she turns back to flee from her deadly foe, but far more from the picture of her children, murdered before her eyes.

Opposite to exercise is idleness (the badge of gentry) or want of exercise, the bane of body and mind, the nurse of naughtiness, stepmother of discipline, the chief author of all mischief, one of the seven deadly sins, and a sole cause of this and many other maladies, the devil's cushion, as [1540]Gualter calls it, his pillow and chief reposal.

usethe rope has been tested, and answers bravely to the strain; and now with a long boar spear, Pat cautiously descends the bank, and gives him a deadly thrust under the fore arm.

" Madeline became deadly pale; but she did not speak, uttered no exclamation,only a slight movement of her eyebrows expressed eagerness, as she turned more attentively to Miss Wimple, who proceeded as though unconscious of any trace of emotion in her companion.

Deadly cold, it was, when it came; and the man who once got chilled through with it, just died.

She spoke bravely, for it would have been a deadly cruelty not to contradict him.

Tears of anger stood in Joe's eyes, but he was calm and in deadly earnest.

What he had learned since reaching home had changed his desire into a deadly purpose.

It is to recognize and honor as republican legislators, incorrigible men-stealers, MERCILESS TYRANTS, BLOOD THIRSTY ASSASSINS, who legislate with deadly weapons about their persons, such as pistols, daggers, and bowie-knives, with which they threaten to murder any Northern senator or representative who shall dare to stain their honor, or interfere with their rights!

2556 examples of  deadly  in sentences