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2556 examples of  deadly  in sentences

2556 examples of deadly in sentences

Awhile the fellow glared upon Beltane, beheld his smiling look and deadly eye, and slowly loosing his trembling captive, turned and strode out, muttering as he went.

Now as they strode along with ring and clash and the sound of voice and laughter, came Giles to walk at Beltane's stirrup; and oft he glanced back along the way and oft he sighed, a thing most rare in him; at last he spake, and dolefully: "Witchcraft is forsooth a deadly sin, tall brother?" "Verily, Giles, yet there be worse, methinks.

In very truth, a turbulent company this, prone to swift quarrel and deadly brawl; but, at these times, fiercer than any was Walkyn o' the Axe, grimmer than any was Roger the Black, whereas Giles was quick as his tongue and Eric calm and resolute: four mighty men were these, but mightier than all was Beltane.

But now was he seized of a madness, a cold rage and a deadly.

So Roger took the belt, and turning softly, left Beltane crouched above the fire as one that is deadly cold.

Now as Beltane leaned him on his sword, watching their flounderings joyful-eyed, the weapon was dashed from his loosened hold, he staggered 'neath the bite of vicious steel, and, starting round, beheld the third rogue, his deadly sword swung high; but even as the blow fell, Sir Fidelis sprang between and took it upon his own slender body, and, staggering aside, fell, and lay with arms wide-tossed.

" Meanwhile, Beltane, hurt and angry, betook him to the walls where bow and perrier had already begun their deadly morning's work; and coming to a quiet corner of the battlement, he leaned him there to watch where the besiegers, under cover of the cat that hourly crept more nigh, worked amain to dam the moat.

I'm speaking in deadly earnest, Simmonds, when I say that this fellow is the biggest catch we could make.

"If that proved to be the case, and if evidence could be obtained on which to justify the conclusion that these two old friends had had a deadly quarrel, the circumstantial evidence against Holymead as the man who killed your father was very strong.

And dangers yawn around our State, deep as the deadly grave, 'Tis right strong arms and sturdy hearts should take the sword of might, And eagerly for Fatherland descend into the fight.

Oh, when ye to Granada come (and may great Allah send His guardian host to guide you to that sweet journey's end!), Carry my sighs along with you, and breathe them in the ear Of foes who do me deadly wrong, of her who holds me dear.

They carry targets blazoned bright with scimitars arow, But each deadly blade is deftly made into a Cupid's bow.

No jousting game was e'er so brisk as that which then he waged; On arm and thigh with deadly blow the slashing weapon raged; Though certain was his death, yet still, with failing heart, he prayed That till his lady could escape, that death might be delayed.

But, in the dark, a deadly stone, flung with no warning sound, Was buried in his forehead and stretched him on the ground.

The furious foes in deadly fight His scanty followers put to flight, In panic-stricken fear they fly, And leave him unavenged to die.

And though thou art the mirror of beauty's glittering train, Thy bosom has one blemish, thy mind one deadly stain; For upon all alike thou shed'st the radiance of thy smile, And this the treachery by which thou dost the world beguile.

Thy warrior garb thou turnest To the livery of the slave; Thy coat of steel is no cuirass, No harness of the brave; When to Sidonia thou art come, To meet thy amorous mate, May foul suspicion turn her heart From love to deadly hate.

And, when on the arena the mighty bull was freed, Straight to the deadly conflict one warrior spurred his steed; His mantle was of emerald of texture damascene, And hope was in his folded hood as in his mantle green; Six squires went with him to the ring beside their lord to stand; Their livery was brilliant green, so did their lord command.

All at the sight were terrified, and now with deadly speed, His horns as keen as points of steel, he rushes at the steed.

God grant that in the deadly joust The enemies that thou hast roused, May hurl at thee the unparried dart And pierce thee, liar, to the heart.

That period past, another sun Shall not his annual journey run, Before a secret silent foe, Shall strike that boy a deadly blow.

These dear serpents, my friends and playfellows, this henbane and antimony, the nourishment of my health and vigourthat any one should write of these as pernicious, deadly, and fatal to existence!

I bear a deadly grudge to the king of this land.

A deadly wrong they did me, yea within Mine holy place: thou knowest? POSEIDON.

But beneath it all I saw that he was a coward in deadly fear of assassinationa coward who dreaded lest some secret should be revealed.

But go quickly, for every moment places you both in more deadly peril.

When I tell you that she has been afflicted as she is by her enemiesthat an operation was performed upon her in Italy while she was unconsciousyou will readily see in what deadly peril she is.

She, by mere accident, learned his secret and Woodroffe's, and they now both live in deadly fear of her."

She's in deadly peril of her life there.

She was in deadly fear of them.

He had found a way of bringing Indian spices, silks, and jewels to Europe, bringing them in quantities and without paying tribute to the Turks, without crossing the deadly deserts of Arabia.

That is the last feather, the one straw too much, and the excitable little Candlestick-maker at once challenges his opponents to deadly combat.

It is by no means easy always to account for some of our most beautiful flowers having Satanic surroundings, although frequently the explanation must be sought in their poisonous and deadly qualities.

Among further plants associated with his Satanic majesty may be enumerated the garden fennel, or love-in-a-mist, to which the name of "devil-in-a-bush" has been applied, while the fruit of the deadly nightshade is commonly designated "devil's berries."

One of the names of the deadly nightshade is belladonna which reminds us of its Italian appellation, and "several of our commonest plant names are obtained from the Low German or Dutch, as, for instance, buckwheat (Polygonum fagopyrum), from the Dutch bockweit."

Oz is an oblong-shaped country that is surrounded on all sides by a vast Deadly Desert that is supposed to keep visitors out.

Say, J.W., that day she told me so much of the deadly truth about myself that I hated her even more for knowing what to say than I did for saying it.

The people of the North begin to feel that they support a government for the benefit of their natural enemies; for, of all antipathies, that of slave labor to free is the most deadly and irreconcilable.

After overwhelming the Belgians the Kaiser's great advance army swept quickly into deadly conflict with the allies.

The German artillery had been getting in its deadly work and the pressure on Koenigsberg was soon to be relieved.

It was merely a deadly business of killing.

It may be objected that literature and art are ornamental affairs, which count for little in the deadly strife of nations.

But these changes did not, in effect, make war crueller or more deadly.

was ringing, hard, and deadly.

It is a dim, vague recollection; I am sure I felled Sanchez with one blow of my pistol-butt, stretching him apparently lifeless at my feet; in some way that deadly cleaver came into my hands and I trod on his body, swinging the sharp blade with all my might into those scowling faces.

The first rush was reckless and deadly, the infuriated devils not yet realizing what they faced, but counting on force of numbers to crush our defense.

[102] Continual waters [103] welling cheered the waste, 390 And plants were wholesome, now of deadly taste: Nor Winter yet his frozen stores had piled, Usurping where the fairest herbage smiled: Nor Hunger driven the herds from pastures bare, To climb the treacherous cliffs for scanty fare.

LV Softly he stroked the child, who lay outstretched With face to earth; and, as the boy turned round His battered head, a groan the Sailor fetched As if he sawthere and upon that ground 490 Strange repetition of the deadly wound He had himself inflicted.

Rudolph and a few others had short swords, or dirks, attached to their girdles, and with these they dealt blows that told with deadly effect on the half-naked bodies of their foes; and the good broad-sword that Brewster quickly placed in Maitland's hand, was not long in discomfiting several of the Indians, who had singled him out, at the command of their Chief, as the special object of their attack.

Therefore Coubitant held his peace, and checked the expression of his deadly and malignant feelings towards the young prisoner.

Didn't I induce you to quit fishing with that murderous gang-hook last summer; and when you did finally get a bass didn't you feel prouder than if you just 'yanked' him in, perhaps caught on the outside of his gills with some of that deadly jewelry?" demanded Jerry, whose one hobby was the "square deal" in all that he undertook.

In festive hours Heaven smiles upon his truth; In combat deadly as the dragon's tooth; Bounteous in all things, his exhaustless hand Diffuses blessings through the grateful land; And, of the noblest thoughts and actions, lord; The soul of Gabriel breathes in every word, May Heaven with added glory crown his days; Praise, praise to mighty Mahmudeverlasting praise!

Such a theory is deadly, for nothing remains stationary: whatever ceases to increase decreases and disappears.

Were we to consider the constituent parts and properties of the most common things we are in the habit of daily using, and their poisonous and destructive natures, we should recoil at the deadly potion, and shrink from the loathsome draught we are about to take.

The air we breathe contains a most deadly poison, called by chemists azotic gas, which, by its being mixed with what is called vital air, (oxygen gas,) becomes necessary to our existence, as much as the one (vital air or oxygen gas) would be prejudicial without the other; and Prussic acid, the most violent of all poisons, is contained in the common bitter-almond.

Gismunda fills the goblet with her tears, And drinks a poison which she had distill'd, Whereof she dies, whose deadly countenance So grieves her father, that he slew himself.

Too-late-Repentance, thou shalt bend my bow; Vain Hope, take out my pale, dead, heavy shaft, Thou, Fair Resemblance, foremost forth shalt go, With Brittle Joy: myself will not be least, But after me comes Death and deadly Pain.

As soon as when she riseth, flowing tears Stream down her cheeks, immixed with deadly groans, Whereby her inward sorrow so appears, That as salt tears the cruel cause bemoans.

If thou spare them, rain then upon my head The fulness of thy plagues with deadly ire, To reave this ruthful soul, who all too sore Burns in the wrathful torments of revenge.

it is too true; At her bed's feet this traitor made me see Her shame, his treason, and my deadly grief Her princely body yielded to this thief; The high despite whereof so wounded me That, trance-like, as a senseless stone I lay; For neither wit nor tongue could use the mean T'express the passions of my pained heart.

But for that traitor, he shall surely die; For neither right nor nature doth entreat For him, that wilfully, without all awe Of gods or men, or of our deadly hate, Incurr'd the just displeasure of his king; And to be brief, I am content to know What for thyself thou canst object to us, Why thou should'st not together with him die.

Sylla, we come with fierce and deadly blows To venge thy wrongs and vanquish all thy foes.

Romans, said he, old Marius now must die: These seven fair eagles, birds of mighty Jove, That at my birthday on my cradle sat, Now at my last day warn[150] me to my death, And lo, I feel the deadly pangs approach.

So coldly sweet, so deadly fair, We start, for soul is wanting there.

Belladonna Deadly Nightshade Eyes bright, with pupil Vomit patient freely.

Across this the three friends began to crawl, holding their breath, and clutching their deadly weapons, while their hearts beat with anxiety lest their victims should escape.

The friends tried their utmost to look angry; but the countenances of the girls were so meek, and yet so malicious, that the gravity of the braves was overcome, and they laughed heartily at the conclusion of their expected deadly struggle.

' Amy's cheek, which had been flushed by the former part of this speech, turned deadly pale at its conclusion.

There was no cordiality among the Jewish elders of the Christian community, and deadly hostility among the unconverted Jews, for they had doubtless heard of Paul's marvellous career.

Jupiter's countenance wore, for some minutes, as deadly a pallor as it is possible, in the nature of things, for any negro's visage to assume.

And though the first article of his creed proscribed women of such disastrous attractions as deadly dangerous to his kind, he chose without hesitation to forget all that, and at once began to cudgel his wits for a way to scrape acquaintance with the companion of Lady Diantha.

I caught Grim's eye, thinking he would smile back, but he looked as deadly serious as I have ever seen him.

Twenty-five challengers, with scarfs of green, the queen's favorite color, on snow-white chargers, overthrew an equal number of antagonists; but no deadly wounds were given.

"Is it small wonder that, though ill-feeling against the Earl of Brockelsby may have been deep, there was hatred, bitter, deadly hatred against the man who with false promises had led him into so hopeless a quagmire?

They would have a grand pageant:St. Patrick would meet St. Michael in deadly conflict, and the result would undoubtedly overwhelm one of the combatants with defeat, elevating the other to the summit of joy and victory.

When he confronted Wingate again, his face was deadly pale.

He was the modern figure of Fate, playing for a desperate stake with cold and deadly earnestness.

Her eyes closed, she fell on the steps of the throne in a deadly swoon.

I stood all thoughtful there, Waiting until the deadly tree My form for fruit should bear.

He immediately threw himself on his knees before a crucifix, and raising his hands toward heaven, put up a prayer for strength in his resolution to pursue as deadly enemies all who viewed that effigy with feelings different from his own.

Thy fires unquenched preserve, As erst the vestal flame; the pointed steel In the hot embers hide; and if surprised Thou feel'st the deadly bite, quick urge it home Into the recent sore, and cauterise The wound; spare not thy flesh, nor dread the event: Vulcan shall save when Aesculapius fails.

On this depend, each to his separate seat Confine, in fetters bound; give each his mess Apart, his range in open air; and then If deadly symptoms to thy grief appear, Devote the wretch, and let him greatly fall, A generous victim for the public weal.

Was the song a ballad of a lady fair, Saved from deadly peril by a bold corsair,

The electric power comes from the body of the Ray; if it wishes it can send a deadly shock through any fish which ventures near.

Uncas cast his skin, and having used their rifles with deadly effect, he and the scout made their escape into the woods, taking Alice with them.

In swinging round to Petersburg, and again at the springing of the Petersburg Mine, Grant thought himself sure to make enormous gains; but Lee's insight into his purposes, and lightning celerity in checkmating these, foiled both movements, giving the mine operation, moreover, the effect of a deadly boomerang.

that in saying this I am holding the candle to that deadly doctrine of determinism, or that, like the tragic novelist, I see man only as a pitiful animal caught in the trap of blind circumstance.

Now-a-days no one is allowed to set dogs or cocks to fight each other,at any rate, in England it is a penal offence,but men are plunged into deadly strife, against their will, by the operation of this ridiculous, superstitious and absurd principle, which imposes upon us the obligation, as its narrow-minded supporters and advocates declare, of fighting with one another like gladiators, for any little trifle.

So he talked to himself, and all the while I would have given a world to pluck up heart and creep on farther; yet could not, for the deadly sweating fear that had hold of me.

Among other things she told him that sometimes people came to her for bad medicines, to give to persons with whom they had quarreled, and in this way they would kill them with the poisons which she made out of toadstools and other deadly things.

It was quite a big steamer, with dinner-tables laid out on deck, decorated for Christmas with palm-branches, Chinese lanterns, and large, deadly-looking iced cakes.

"The deadly faintness is passed," she murmured; "I shall be better soon.

he asked in a deadly calm voice.

Thou that of faces honey-combs dost make, And of two breasts two cullenders, forsake Thy deadly trade; now thou art rich, give o'er, And let our curses call thee forth no more.

A lively and deadly wit.

[with deadly quietness].

They had the food which Colonel Bate knew was good for them, just as he knew what was deadly for the inhabitants whom they brought into that isolated room which every man must pass through before he was admitted to the full radiance of the colonel's curative smile.

With the first one, a great burst of the black smoke of deadly lyddite rose from the target.

Then, with his basilisk eyes fixed immovably upon her, as it were clinging to her, he made his deadly answer: "I will certainly tell you what I said, madam, since you desire it.

It was a ghastly chastisement, made deadly by the hatred that backed it.