2556 examples of deadly in sentences

Oh, when ye to Granada come (and may great Allah send His guardian host to guide you to that sweet journey's end!), Carry my sighs along with you, and breathe them in the ear Of foes who do me deadly wrong, of her who holds me dear.

God grant that in the deadly joust The enemies that thou hast roused, May hurl at thee the unparried dart And pierce thee, liar, to the heart.

These dear serpents, my friends and playfellows, this henbane and antimony, the nourishment of my health and vigourthat any one should write of these as pernicious, deadly, and fatal to existence!

I bear a deadly grudge to the king of this land.

A deadly wrong they did me, yea within Mine holy place: thou knowest? POSEIDON.

But beneath it all I saw that he was a coward in deadly fear of assassinationa coward who dreaded lest some secret should be revealed.

But go quickly, for every moment places you both in more deadly peril.

When I tell you that she has been afflicted as she is by her enemiesthat an operation was performed upon her in Italy while she was unconsciousyou will readily see in what deadly peril she is.

That is the last feather, the one straw too much, and the excitable little Candlestick-maker at once challenges his opponents to deadly combat.

It is by no means easy always to account for some of our most beautiful flowers having Satanic surroundings, although frequently the explanation must be sought in their poisonous and deadly qualities.

Among further plants associated with his Satanic majesty may be enumerated the garden fennel, or love-in-a-mist, to which the name of "devil-in-a-bush" has been applied, while the fruit of the deadly nightshade is commonly designated "devil's berries."

Say, J.W., that day she told me so much of the deadly truth about myself that I hated her even more for knowing what to say than I did for saying it.

After overwhelming the Belgians the Kaiser's great advance army swept quickly into deadly conflict with the allies.

The German artillery had been getting in its deadly work and the pressure on Koenigsberg was soon to be relieved.

It was merely a deadly business of killing.

Therefore Coubitant held his peace, and checked the expression of his deadly and malignant feelings towards the young prisoner.

So coldly sweet, so deadly fair, We start, for soul is wanting there.

Belladonna Deadly Nightshade Eyes bright, with pupil Vomit patient freely.

Jupiter's countenance wore, for some minutes, as deadly a pallor as it is possible, in the nature of things, for any negro's visage to assume.

And though the first article of his creed proscribed women of such disastrous attractions as deadly dangerous to his kind, he chose without hesitation to forget all that, and at once began to cudgel his wits for a way to scrape acquaintance with the companion of Lady Diantha.

I caught Grim's eye, thinking he would smile back, but he looked as deadly serious as I have ever seen him.

I stood all thoughtful there, Waiting until the deadly tree My form for fruit should bear.

that in saying this I am holding the candle to that deadly doctrine of determinism, or that, like the tragic novelist, I see man only as a pitiful animal caught in the trap of blind circumstance.

So he talked to himself, and all the while I would have given a world to pluck up heart and creep on farther; yet could not, for the deadly sweating fear that had hold of me.

Among other things she told him that sometimes people came to her for bad medicines, to give to persons with whom they had quarreled, and in this way they would kill them with the poisons which she made out of toadstools and other deadly things.

2556 examples of  deadly  in sentences