31 examples of debtor's in sentences

By a legal juggle, Catherine was deprived of her reversionary rights; and when every penny was gone, the wretched Hardman ended his days in a debtor's prison.

In 1784 the father, after a lifetime of toil, was saved from a debtor's prison by consumption and death.

The whole world is in the position of an insolvent debtor who is so deeply involved that his creditors cannot afford to let him go into bankruptcy, and so keep him out of the Poor Debtor's Court by doling out support from day to day.

To secure an equitable distribution of all the debtor's property among the creditors.

The next day the debtor's wife came to the Marshalsea, bringing with her a little boy of three, and a little girl of two.

"Not one farthing of costs or damages do you ever get out of me, if I spend the rest of my existence in a debtor's prison," said Mr. Pickwick.

And so, for the first time in his life, Mr. Pickwick found himself within the walls of a debtor's prison.

Frequently their very means of subsistence failed them, in consequence of their being forbidden to carry on the cultivation; and the unfortunate people, having no other resources for the relief of their pressing necessities, were compelled to alienate the debtor's bond, which purchased the fruits of their enforced toil but had been left unpaid.

For a time men forgave to Mr. Sheridanextravagant and reckless as he waswhat would long before have brought an honester, better, but less amusing man to a debtor's prison and the contempt of society; but only for a time was this career possible.

Shám Babu passed a restless night, dreaming of the debtor's jail and a starving family.

The life of an author resembled the proverbial existence of the flying-fish, chased by enemies in sea and in air; he only escaped from the slavery of the bookseller's garret, to fly from the bailiff or rot in the debtor's ward or the spunging-house.

A few minutes later, the key of the old stone debtor's jail was turned upon me.

If he chose to be merciful he could go to the praetor, and get what was called a missio in bona, i.e. a legal right to take the whole of his debtor's property, waiving the right to his person.

On his way to Saline, he entertained him freely at his own house, and the next day delivered him over to the Sheriff of that county, who conducted the prisoner to the debtor's room in the jail, and gave him the key, so that he and every body else had free egress and ingress at all times.

" In a very short time after, the strange events of that day were terminated by the young man being placed in the debtor's prison of the Calton.

Few steps sufficed to conduct us to the small room, or entrance-hall, into which the debtor's door opens, and from this we saw the ladder which the criminals were to ascend, and the scaffold on which they were to die.

Morris, who was now engaged in grand projects which were eventually to bring him to a debtor's prison, declined the position but strongly recommended Hamilton.

Sandford was convinced that Fletcher had in some way become prosperous, and he now advanced to use the peculiar note as a draft on the miserable debtor's funds.

Eight hundred dollars bail was demanded, and the speculator, being unable to procure it, was lodged in the debtor's prison.

One would think it impossible a Man who is given to contract Debts should know, that his Creditor has, from that Moment in which he transgresses Payment, so much as that Demand comes to in his Debtor's Honour, Liberty, and Fortune.

The doting mother no longer could supply him with a sufficiency of money to vie with the rich gallants at the Court, and the savings which Sir Jeremy had been patiently accumulating with a view to freeing the Acol estates from mortgage went instead to rescue young Marmaduke from a debtor's prison.

The debtor's interests in such changes are, of course, just the reverse of the creditor's interests.

A hundred lashes here and there, a debtor's jail, a hanging or two, would have made things more cheerful.

The consequences weredemands of immediate payment, and, in spite of the debtor's explanations and promises, writs, heavy law expenses, ruinous sacrifices, and ultimate bankruptcy.

The lands shall not be taken in execution for debt, and an Indian committed for debt may take the poor debtor's oath, his being a proprietor to the contrary notwithstanding.

31 examples of  debtor's  in sentences