2645 examples of decays in sentences

In the cold of autumn days Each plant shrivels and decays.

Contrary to what might be expected, the dense wood of the tree decays, and suffers from the ravages of insects, more swiftly than the bark.

If we cannot reach that after death, it were better for us that death should make an end of us, and that when our body decays in the grave we should be annihilated, and become nothing for ever.

"Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone;"barren, useless, and truly dead to the rest of the world around it, because it is shut up in itself, and its hidden life, with all its wondrous powers of growth and fertility, remains undeveloped, and will remain so, till it decays away, a worthless thing, into worthless dust.

Do we not all know that when a tree dies its wood decays first, its bark last?

By a lone wall, a lonelier column rears A gray and grief-worn aspect of old days: 'Tis the last remnant of the wreck of years, And looks as with the wild-bewilder'd gaze Of one to stone converted by amaze, Yet still with consciousness; and there it stands, Making a marvel that it not decays, When the coeval pride of human hands, Levell'd Aventicum, hath strew'd her subject lands.

Ligament decays much more slowly than muscle, so that in a body of which the muscles had largely decayed the bones might still be held together by ligament.

I am come hither in hopes of benefit from the air, but I carry my distemper about me in an anguish of mind that visibly decays my body every day.

The mountain- peak does not grow, but only decays.

"The negro multiplies there; the white man dwindles and decays."

And therefore, in the heathen, God's likeness withered and decayed, as a tree withers and decays when torn up from the soil.

[Greek: T.] Frail as the leaves that quiver on the sprays, Like them man flourishes, like them decays.

our mercy is become our crime: While halting Punishment her stroke delays, Our sovereign right, Heaven's sacred trust, decays!

The king never dies; he only decays for ever.

Evil might have its day, but in the end it will always fall; the forces of light will overcome it as it decays from within.

Nay, if aught be sure, what can be surer Than that earth's good decays not with earth?

After the production of this oospore the parent filament gradually loses its vitality and slowly decays.

As his outward strength decays, his inward man is renewed day by day; his hope blooms with immortality.

Well, it is but a short separationa thin partition; my earthly tabernacle feels the force of timeit crumbles and decays; but by faith I look for a more durable habitation, where I shall meet those who are gone before.

The poet has likewise these similies on life; As smoke that rises from the kindling fires Is seen this moment, and the next expires: As empty clouds by rising winds are tost, Their fleeting forms no sooner found than lost: So vanishes our state; so pass our days; So life but opens now, and now decays; The cradle, and the tomb, alas!

Plantations have one Advantage in them which is not to be found in most other Works, as they give a Pleasure of a more lasting Date, and continually improve in the Eye of the Planter, When you have finished a Building or any other Undertaking of the like Nature, it immediately decays upon your Hands; you see it brought to its utmost Point of Perfection, and from that time hastening to its Ruin.

For pity only on fresh objects stays, But with the tedious sight of woes decays.

" There seemed to be no light left on earth; the sun was blotted out forever, Oh glory of our youth that so suddenly decays!

The general rose decays; But this, in lady's drawer, Makes summer when the lady lies In ceaseless rosemary.

When the top decays, as it always does in the lapse of time, whence shall come regeneration if not from below?

2645 examples of  decays  in sentences