4343 examples of deceived in sentences

She tried to say it gayly, but he was not deceived, and answered seriously in French: "Hold on.

And I say that they were not deceived.

You may tell the child never to mind whether the sun moves round the earth or not: but the day will come when he will mind in spite of you; and if he then finds that you have deceived him, that you have even left him in wilful ignorance, all your moral influence over him is gone, and all your religious lessons probably gone also.

Foolish man, self- deceived by his own lusts!

"Judas declared him innocent; but innocent he could not be, had he in any respect deceived the disciples.

I was young and inexperienced; I was deceived, I was carried away by a beautiful exterior.

The Clonmacnoise Manifesto, inviting the Irish "not to be deceived with any show of clemency exercised upon them hitherto," hardly supports the diatribes against Cromwell's "massacring" propensities.

'Oh, oh, oh!' says she, 'how I have been deceived in men!'

After this exhibition of her malice the shepherds and huntsmen no longer doubt that it was Maudlin herself who deceived them in the shape of Marian, and they determine to pursue her through the forest.

Absent since her childhood from New Mexico, she knew little about its geography, and could be easily deceived.

The Indians and Mexicans of the expedition, deceived by the similarity between these freaks of creation and the results of human workmanship, repeatedly called out, "Casas Grandes!

"Unless," he added, with the artful suggestion of the betrayed trust of a too credulous Christian, "he deceived me in this as in other things.

" In what other things Low had deceived him he did not say; but, to the astonishment of both men, Dunn growled a dissent to Brace's proposition.

He was conscious that this was not all; he had a full conviction of being deceived, and knew that he held the proof in his hand, but he could not formulate it beyond that sentence.

"I did; but when I found the priest would not assist me at first, and admit that the acolyte was a girl, I preferred to let him think I was deceived in giving a fortune to another, and leave it to his own conscience to permit it or frustrate it.

"And to save him you have deceived me?

" She said this so naturally and quietly that Poindexter was deceived.

It reminded Poindexter that as he had again deceived her she must take the government of her affairs in her own hands henceforth.

[Note 5: A kind of alloyed gold called by the natives guanin; the Spaniards were often deceived by its glitter.

The complaints of the men against Hojeda increased from day to day; for they accused him of having deceived them.

The strong currents deceived Juan Serrano, chief pilot of the flag-ship, and his colleagues, though they boasted that they were well acquainted with the nature of these currents.

May the unsuspecting man never be deceived.

The equivocation had entirely deceived her, and she little thought she had been taking counsel with the rival who was secretly triumphing in Raymond's involuntary constancy, and sowing seeds of vengeance against an ancient enemy.

" Julius laughed a little, and added, "I am not saying he deserves youhush!or that it would be well to take him now, only that I think to find himself utterly rejected for so insufficient a reason, and when he was really deceived, would not only half kill him now, but do his whole nature cruel harm.

Brothers, you are deceived; they do us no good.

4343 examples of  deceived  in sentences