5128 examples of declines in sentences

~An Officer Deplores the Misery of the Time~ In the fourth month summer shines; In the sixth the heat declines.

"I am happy to inform you, sir," commenced the ambassador, "that the ball-players have adjourned; and as for Mr. Lather, he declines your proposition.

" "Declines my proposition!"

Find that my thankless soul, deprived thereof, Declines to death, while heaven still bars the gate.

'Miss Van Rolsen declines to be interviewed concerning her niece.

She always insists that she married a certain man Dawson and declines to recognise any other.

Necker, M.; retires from the ministry; invited to rejoin, and declines; appointed prime mister; aims at popularity; convokes the States-general; resumes office.

Of lesser ills the Muse declines to sing, Nor stoops so low; of these each groom can tell The proper remedy.

Thus, the Homeric poems, the Argonautica, the Aeneid, the Pharsalia, and the later Latin epics, form one series: the Aeneid would be the climax of the series, which thence declines, were it not that the whole originates with the incomparable genius of Homera fact which makes it seem to decline from start to finish.

Or if C, having contracted to do a certain act for D, fails or declines to perform his part, the law can only award D damages; equity will compel the fulfillment of the contract.

When it comes to a question of actual swords my Smithson declines.

Austria however still vacillates and declines stating what her intentions are.

High to soar, and deep to dive, Nature gives at thirty-five; 10 Ladies, stock and tend your hive, Trifle not at thirty-five; For, howe'er we boast and strive, Life declines from thirty-five; He that ever hopes to thrive, Must begin by thirty-five; And all who wisely wish to wive Must look on Thrale at thirty-five.

Where Russia is concerned Mr. BALFOUR declines to be included among the prophets; all he knows is that that unhappy country has not yet evolved a Government with which he can negotiate.

Philosopher, poet, the learned, the sage, Never declines a call from me; And all, of every rank and age.

And, next, every school of socialism accepts the concentration of management and property as necessary, and declines to contemplate what is the typical Conservator remedy, its re-fragmentation.

He has all the following certainties, at least:that he himself is ready for the change; that he believes it would be a good and beneficent one; that unless some one begins the work of preparation, assuredly there will be no consummation; and that if he declines to take a part in the matter, there can be no reason why every one else in turn should not decline in like manner, and so the work remain for ever unperformed.

But Willy declines to join the Lady of the May at her high junketings; he also has troubles, and prefers to whisper them through Roget's iron bars.

It consists, in fact, of a detached hook, and its inventor declines to class it with shuttles at all, styling it a detached hook.

Even in the plentitude of success, he honors an avenging Nemesis, declines that homage which is due only to the Immortal, and strengthens his title to our tears, the nearer the moment approaches that is to call them forth!

Goldsborough, surrender of Johnston's army at, 183 Goodell, Dr. Wm., 212 Grant, Gen. U.S., captures Fort Donelson, 99; and the Vicksburg campaign, 134; and the Chattanooga campaign, 136; commander of the armies, 137 ff.; suggested for the Presidency, 157; declines to consider terms of peace, 171; at Appomattox, 177 ff.; at Goldsborough, 184 ff.

Instead of being a short case, this apparently simple matter has proved a long one, and already as the afternoon advances the light of the dull winter's day declines.

" In Equatorial Africa, "if a man marries and his wife thinks that he can afford another spouse, she pesters him to marry again, and calls him a stingy fellow if he declines to do so" (Reade, 259).

If he declines, he is obliged to pay the value of the hangings and the ornaments.

The Panamints towered a wrinkled red grisly mass, broken by rough canyons, with long declines of talus like brown glaciers.

5128 examples of  declines  in sentences