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306 example sentences with  decompositions

306 example sentences with decompositions

But Fabroni, full of the then novel conception of acids and bases and double decompositions, propounded the hypothesis that sugar is an oxide with two bases, and the ferment a carbonate with two bases; that the carbon of the ferment unites with the oxygen of the sugar, and gives rise to carbonic acid; while the sugar, uniting with the nitrogen of the ferment, produces a new substance analogous to opium.

Never should it be forgotten that the child, born chancewise, and then cast upon the pavement, without supervision, without prop or help, rots there and becomes a terrible ferment of social decomposition.

Decomposition then sets in with the help of microbes, fungi and microarthropods.

For all forms of decomposition this one law holds good.

But in moral names, that cannot be so easily and shortly done, because of the many decompositions that go to the making up the complex ideas of those modes.

He also demonstrated that when a current is passed through different electrolytes (compound substances decomposed by the passage of electricity), the amount of the decompositions are chemically equivalent to each other.

Under the cover of the fat, thorough-going bacterial decomposition of the proteins may be accomplished with the final release of highly poisonous products.

The third is the Pura pozzolana,which is the Tufa granulare in a state of compact sand, yielding to the print of the heel, dug like sand, and used extensively in the unsurpassed mortar of the Roman buildings.] It not unfrequently happens in the soil of the Campagna, that the vein of harder rock in which the catacombs are quarried assumes the soft and sandy character which belongs to it in a state of decomposition.

The officer on guard at the former gate visited detachments and sentries at the "Delhi" and "Turkoman" Gates, a distance of a mile and a half through streets in which dead bodies in the last stage of decomposition were still lying.

It must have been embalmed, according to the Egyptian custom, and placed in a coffin of the Indian sycamore, the wood of which is so nearly incorruptible, that thirty-five centuries would not suffice for its decomposition.

Timar fled to the ownerless island, and when the corpse of Krisstyan was discovered, in an advanced stage of decomposition, Timรฉa declared she recognized her husband's clothes.

They believe that the soul escapes with the parting breath, and their desire is to secure the spirit within the body until the body wastes; when, according to their doctrine, it animates another body, which, during the process of decomposition in the old one, has been created in a far distant island, where all the good things of this life are found in abundance, and the soul flies thither as soon as its old habitation is destroyed."

Next he suggests a method by which these signs may be recorded permanently, evidently by chemical decomposition on a strip of paper passed along over two rollers.

It remains, however, to explain the appearance of change, in which the wand of decomposition and the "together" again proves its magic power.

Or by maceration in water for several days, when the hoof will become loosened by the process of decomposition, and may be easily removed by the hands.

The gentry were largely in a process of decomposition.

Among them we must distinguish those that live in inert organic matters, alimentary substances, or debris of living beings, and which cause chemical decompositions called fermentations.

"The ruins of the mineral world, apparently so durable, and yet in a state of incessant decomposition, form a striking contrast with the perennial youth of the vegetable world; each individual plant, so frail and perishable, while the species is eternal in the existing economy of nature.

Already had decomposition commenced its repulsive work in the form of the little son, and he was laid away, while the coffin returned for the other dear one, who was to moulder with him in its narrow confines.

Indeed, in every region of the globe between the two Arctic circles there are swamps and marshes, steeping-tanks of hemp and flax, large deltas where salt and fresh waters mix, and yet there is no malaria there, although putrid decomposition is on every side.

Rica does not hesitate to admit that when a swampy tract is heated by the sun's rays to the necessary point for the putrid decomposition of the organic matters contained in it, the "chemical ferment," or rather the "mephitic gases," to which is attributed the morbific action, are developed, whatever may be the distance from the equator at which this marshy region lies.

But in accordance with the idea that malaria is a product of paludal decomposition, the trees selected have almost always been the eucalyptus.

Hydrochloric acid was then added; as the fine particles of sulphur were formed, the disk of light assumed a yellow tint, and as the decomposition of the hyposulphite progressed, it assumed an orange and finally a deep red tint.]

Lytton's work, although as vulgar as Verdi's is, in much the same fashion, sustained by a natural sense of formal harmony; but all that follows is decadent,an admixture of romance and realism, the exaggerations of Hugo and the homeliness of Trollope; a litter of ancient elements in a state of decomposition.

The porcelain clay used at present in all the English works is obtained in Cornwall, by pounding and washing over the gray disintegrated granite which occurs in several parts of that county: by this means the quartz and mica are got rid of, and the clay resulting from the decomposition of the felspar is procured in the form of a white, somewhat gritty powder.

This clay is not fusible by the highest heat of our furnaces, though the felspar, from the decomposition of which it is derived, forms a spongy milk-white glass, or enamel, at a low white heat.

" "This is brought about by impregnating the wood with some substance which either enters into combination with the constitutents of the sap or so alters their properties as to prevent the setting up of decomposition."

Utilization of seaweeds from the South Atlantic and gulf coasts for agar and its decomposition by bacteria.

Precis de decomposition (les essais 35) By Emile M. Cioran.

Precis de decomposition (les essais 35) By Emile M. Cioran.

They seemed, indeed, to have undergone half a dozen decompositions.

We could not much admire his town of Ghoree, which, with his fort, was situate on the edge of a morass extending from the limits of the savannah to the foot of the hillsI should think that the fever so prevalent in these districts must be in a great degree attributable to the absolute want of drainage and the decomposition of vegetable matter.

This, he told us, was the body of a chief, then undergoing the process of decomposition, previous to interment, which process is witnessed by men appointed for that purpose, who alone are permitted to approach the spot.

," says Chapman (I., 57), "in whatever state of decomposition, is ever discarded by Bushmen."

Our ideal decomposition of the drops which are all that we feel into still finer fractions is but an incident in that great transformation of the perceptual order into a conceptual order of which I spoke in my last lecture.

We are so inveterately wedded to the conceptual decomposition of life that I know that this will seem to you like putting muddiest confusion in place of clearest thought, and relapsing into a molluscoid state of mind.

Once made, they are dead, and an infinite number of alternative conceptual decompositions can be used in defining them.

But put yourself in the making by a stroke of intuitive sympathy with the thing and, the whole range of possible decompositions coming at once into your possession, you are no longer troubled with the question which of them is the more absolutely true.

And if you want to have the poem again, you cannot find it by adding together these two products of decomposition; you can only find it by passing back into poetic experience.

Our again meeting rocks of transition origin, led us to infer that the soil in the neighbourhood was of a better quality, as the decomposition of rocks of this class furnishes a much more fertile soil than sandstone of recent formation.

The use made of the mound is to contain eggs, which are deposited in layers, and are then hatched by the heat generated in part from decomposition.

The strata cut through varied considerably, in part consisting of ironstone mixed with a white kind of marl or pipeclay, for eight feet, then sandstone of a reddish colour and in a state of decomposition, with a darker kind of marl, in which were small bits of mica, for a depth of sixteen feet, the remaining portion of two or three being a sandy mud, apparently of the consistency of clay and of a light grey colour.

The formation of this part was a sandstone of a reddish hue, and in a state of decomposition.

The circulation is sufficient, however, to convey to all parts the products of decomposition, when only a small portion has undergone decay, and although serious results do not always follow the use of such fruit, it certainly is not first-class food.

Warmth and moisture are the conditions most favorable to decomposition, and should be especially guarded against.

"Press up the bottom of the can; if decomposition is beginning, the tin will rattle the same as the bottom of your sewing-machine oil can does.

Lytton's work, although as vulgar as Verdi's is, in much the same fashion, sustained by a natural sense of formal harmony; but all that follows is decadent,an admixture of romance and realism, the exaggerations of Hugo and the homeliness of Trollope; a litter of ancient elements in a state of decomposition.

It is strange that so many men who are morally in a state of decomposition should be, or at least can be, sweet and charming in manner.

Thus, during their existence, we observe a continual series of aggregation of substance; but no sooner does the principle of life become extinct, than the agents of decomposition are at work, dividing and selecting each different substance, and carrying it back from whence it came:"From dust thou comest, and to dust thou shalt return."

As men, then, and rational beings, it becomes our duty so to manage those things, when necessary, as to counteract as much as possible the decomposition and corruption which are natural to all organized bodies when deprived of the living principle.

When decomposition has gone on sufficiently far, the bones are carefully removed, painted red, wrapped up in bark, and carried about with the tribe for some time; after which they are finally deposited, either in a hollow tree or a shallow grave, over which a low mound of earth and stones is raised, occasionally ornamented with posts at the corners.

Rapid burial also prevents normal decomposition.

Uncontrolled reheating of the material results in reaching the decomposition temperature before the melting point is reached.

Chemical changes occur when a substance combines with another to form a new substance, or, chemical decomposition into two or more different substances.

Given Guayaquilโ€™s humid climate and the lack of refrigeration within the containers, this only accelerated the decomposition of the bodies and the distortion of name tags.

" Changes in the World Distribution of Output-per-capita 1960-98: How a Standard Decomposition tells an Unorthodox Story" (with Fabrice Collard and David Green).

Citation "Microwave Energy for Acid Decomposition at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures Using Biological and Botanical Samples"

Currently, he is working as a graduate student under the supervision of Dr. Marc Secanell and Dr. Jason Olfert, and will be working on the numerical modelling of thermal decomposition of methane using solar central towers.

Decomposes FGT poverty indices by groups and provides standard errors on various elements of the decompositions.

Di-2-propenyl sulfide is formed by hydrolysis decomposition of cabbage.

Diaconescu, E. P., R. Laprise and A. Zadra, 2012: Singular Vectors Decomposition of the Internal Variability of the Canadian Regional Climate Model, Climate Dynamics, 38(5-6), 1093-1113, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-011-1179-x.

Finally, a decomposition exercise shows that composition effects are able to explain a very limited amount of the observed cross-country differences in wage inequality.

Fishermen often say that they'd rather eat a piece of frozen salmon that was wild-caught, bled immediately (which slows down decomposition), and flash-frozen that same day on the boat.

For instance, a GRL link must not be allowed to be a decomposition and a contribution at the same time.

For matrices with blocks of strongly connected nodes this is a big win as LU decomposition can be used for many blocks.

For the proof we reduce the question (using topological Jordan decomposition) to analogous question about Lie algebras.

However, the chosen approach may affect legume decomposition rate and consequent N mineralization by impacting availability to decomposer soil microorganisms.

Although it was expected that the higher temperature downstream (Figure 3) would result in a faster decomposition rate, the results showed the opposite.

If it is not, one of the steps will fail and we will not be able to find such a decomposition.

Inspired by de Cataldo and Migliorini's Hodge-theoretic proof of the Decomposition Theorem, we provide an algebraic proof of the Soergel conjecture for a general Coxeter group.

In the case of planar graphs, this decomposition yields, on one hand, an efficient exact enumeration procedure, and on the other hand (more recently), a precise asymptotic estimate for the number of planar graphs with n vertices.

In this project, he studied the decomposition of water from Zr surfaces using ultra-high vaccum, surface science techniques and laser ionization spectroscopy (resonance-enhanced multi-photon ionization- REMPI).

In this vein, we present a polynomial-time heuristic to compute near optimal branch decompositions of linear matroids.

I will then present some Graph decompositions which facilitate the computation of R(G,p) and the connection with the Tutte polynomial.

JF and Louis amongst others told us what difficulties they had dealing with trees over a year ago; I certainly have had my own since Christmas implementing (untested) Decomposition.

Julian Enoch, Nested Column Generation Decompositions for Optimizing Provisioning Problems in Optical Networks, M.Sc.Comp., Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Concordia University, June 2018.

Lifting techniques for triangular decompositions.

Many of our decompositions arise from the action of a permutation on a fixed subgraph.

Many possible decompositions - how do we pick a good one?

``Motivic decompositions arising from the torus method of Bialynicki-Birula''

Paputa, Michellene Claire., "The thermal decomposition of triethylgallium : investigations by the kinetic method."

Post-rift flood-basalt-like volcanism on the Newfoundland Basin nonvolcanic margin: the U event mapped with spectral decomposition.

Proper orthogonal decomposition analysis for transitional flow of the carotid artery bifurcation based on stereoscopic PIV.

Recent studies have shown that secondary metabolites can also play a major role in ecosystem processes, such as plant succession or in the process of litter decomposition, by governing the interplay between plant matter and soil organisms.

Research was conducted both in the field, at a unique geo-forensic research facility, and in a state-of-the-art decomposition chemistry laboratory at UOIT.

Several such reformulations are proposed, involving orthogonal projections, QR or SVD decompositions, as well as simplex decompositions into basic and nonbasic variables.

Several such reformulations are proposed, involving orthogonal projections, QR or SVD decompositions, as well as simplex decompositions into basic and nonbasic variables.

Simulations reveal that this system is capable of uncovering interesting decompositions in a complex task.

Some simple tools used by farmers include fertilizer and organic matter tests, earthworm counts (which are an indicator of biological activity) and tests used to demonstrate the rate of decomposition by soil organisms.

The chemicals constituting the humus produced by the decomposition of once living substances have to be given a "second chance" to participate in the wholeness of organic existence.

The effects of the radiation may be direct (e.g., the displacement of atoms from their normal positions by fast neutrons or fission fragments), or indirect (e.g., a more aggressive chemical environment caused by radiolytic decomposition).

The increase in mineral (plant-available) N is due to decomposition of organic matter, but the story with P is more complicated.

The proof uses flows, colourings, matroid decompositions and a deletion/contraction argument.

The quasi-random bipartite graphs that Szemereedi's lemma uses in its decomposition are certain graphs in which the edges are uniformly distributed.

These algorithms, based on algebraic geometry and the methods discussed earlier in the talk, compute much of the geometric information contained in the primary decomposition of the solution set of a given polynomial system.

A Task Decomposition Structure shows the essential components of a task, which include subtasks that must be performed, subgoals that must be achieved, resources that must be accessible, and softgoals that must be satisfied.

This is the perfect microsystem for the natural processes of digestion, decomposition and dehydration.

We introduce a quantitative measure of cylindricity for a shape part and develop a cylindricity-driven optimization algorithm, with a global objective function, for generalized cylinder decomposition.

We investigate the structure of model selection problems via the bias/variance decomposition.

We use either Maximum Difference or Singular Value Decomposition similarity metrics for identifying locations of similar searching windows in the input images.