286 examples of decoy in sentences

I have imagined a plan to decoy him into the service of his lord; but I would now know the condition of his vessel.

Just the place where a bully and a coward would decoy an unsuspecting stranger, murder him first, then rob him of his valuables, his papers, his very identity, and leave him there to rot.

Fowling is more troublesome, but all out as delightsome to some sorts of men, be it with guns, lime, nets, glades, gins, strings, baits, pitfalls, pipes, calls, stalking-horses, setting-dogs, decoy-ducks, &c., or otherwise.

So the meek Lama, lur'd by some decoy Of man, from all his unembitter'd joy; Ere while, as free as roves the wand'ring breeze, 45 Meets the hard burden on his bending knees[A]; O'er rocks, and mountains, dark, and waste he goes, Nor shuns the path where no soft herbage grows; Till worn with toil, on earth he prostrate lies, Heeds not the barb'rous lash, but patient dies.

It was known to be quite useless to attempt to decoy Merriwell out, so dependence must be placed on chance.

A few rods away its speed was slackened, and, before approaching closer, it made a circuit around the voyageurs' canoe, as if the warriors were anxious to assure themselves there was no decoy or design in this unresisting surrender.

" "Well, set Reuben to decoy them now, for I am in a hurry and have got something to say to you as quickly as possible, and it is very important.

190 Is this, ye faithless Syrens!this the joy To which your smiles the unwary wretch decoy? Naked and shackled, on the pavement prone, His mangled flesh devouring from the bone; Rage in his heart, distraction in his eye, Behold, inhuman hags!

He told of having been taken by a certain slave master to the Baltimore wharf, boarded a boat and after the slave dealer and the captain negotiated a deal, he, Williams, not realizing that he was being used as a decoy, led a group of some thirty or forty blacks, men, women and children, through a dark and dirty tunnel for a distance of several blocks to a slave market pen, where they were placed on the auction block.

While I was trying to convince Miss Lavinia as to the need of the serviceable, she was equally determined to decoy me toward the frivolous; and I yielded, I may say fell, to the extent of buying a white crêpey sort of pattern gown that had an open work white lilac pattern embroidered on it.

Although this hope appeared faintly in the background of the governor's project, his principal expectation was that of being able to decoy the strangers into a cul-de-sac, and to embarrass them with delays and losses.

In the words of the southern press, this girl has been used as a decoy.

; "The Decoy," an English Grammar with Cuts; 12mo, pp. 33: New York, S. Wood & Sons, 1820.


Live decoy for bushwhackers.

If Krishna should not be killed in the forest, the only alternative, the demons suggest, is to decoy him to Mathura.

Akrura, he judges, will be the best person to decoy Krishna to Mathura.

The idea of employing palpably dishonest servants to act as decoy ducks to lure the burglars on to the premises was an excellent one and had fully answered my expectations.

"It looks to me as if somebody really did borrow your boat last night, and that the decoy note supposed to be from me had something to do with it.

He was in the middle of the meal, and eagerly explaining to his interested parents the strange incidents of the missing boat and the decoy note, when Merritt Crawford burst into the room unannounced.

Bog, before leaving his shop, had been provided with this decoy note, written by the ingenious Wesley Tiffles in cunning imitation of Miss Minford's handwriting.

As a stratagem to decoy them on shore, Cortes dressed four of his soldiers in the clothes of the Spaniards he had taken, and left them on the spot, returning along-shore towards Villa Rica, that he might be noticed from the ship; but after we had got out of sight, we made a secret detour through the woods, and got back about midnight to the rivulet where we had left our disguised companions, where we carefully concealed ourselves.

Thus do pigeon trappers use to set up a decoy.

Judge Whitman, however, could not make his two decoy birds flutter to his satisfaction, and so he got no chance to spring his net.

The testimony of the two decoy pigeons was, that they had liberty enough; more than they knew what to do with.

286 examples of  decoy  in sentences