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316 example sentences with  decoy

316 example sentences with decoy

The decoy ship's true character was then revealed; concealed gunports were thrown open; colours were hoisted, and a hot fire opened from all guns.

The decoy ship was rapidly filling, but efforts were made to tow her into port, and with the greatest difficulty, and entirely owing to the splendid manner in which all hands stuck to the work, she was brought into Berehaven with her stern under water thirty-six hours later and beached.

On April 22, 1917, a decoy ship known as "Q22," a small sailing vessel with auxiliary power, armed with two 12-pounder guns, and commanded by Lieutenant Irvine, R.N.R., while in a position about fifty miles south of Kinsale Head, sighted a submarine on the surface which opened fire immediately at a range of about 4,000 yards.

The fire was accurate and the decoy ship was hit frequently, two men being killed and four wounded in a few minutes and the vessel considerably damaged.

On April 30, 1917, a decoy shipH.M.S. Prizea small schooner with auxiliary power, armed with two 12-pounder guns and commanded by Lieutenant W.E. Sanders, R.N.R., a New Zealand officer, sighted, when in position Lat. 49.44 N., Long.

On June 7, 1917, a decoy ship, the S.S. Pargust, armed with one 4-inch gun, four 12-pounder guns and two torpedo tubes, commanded by Captain Gordon Campbell, R.N., who had meanwhile been awarded the Victoria Cross, was in a position Lat.

The decoy ship lost one man killed, and one officer was wounded by the explosion of the torpedo.

The decoy ship, although seriously damaged, reached harbour.

On July 10, 1917, a decoy ship, H.M.S. Glen, a small schooner with auxiliary power and armed with one 12-pounder and one 6-pounder gun, commanded by Sub-Lieutenant K. Morris, R.N.R., was in a position about forty miles south-west of Weymouth when a submarine was sighted on the surface some three miles away.

On August 8, 1917, the decoy ship H.M.S. Dunraven, in Lat.

This action was perhaps the finest feat amongst the very many gallant deeds performed by decoy ships during the war.

Captain Campbell, as will be readily realized, met with great success in his work, and he was the first to acknowledge how this success was due to those who worked so magnificently under his command, and he also realized the magnitude of the work performed by other decoy ships in all areas, since he knew better than most people the difficulties of enticing a submarine to her doom.

13.18 W., the decoy ship Stonecrop, a small steamer commanded by Commander M. Blackwood, R.N., armed with one 4-inch, one 6-pounder gun and some stick-bomb throwers and carrying four torpedo tubes, sighted a submarine, which opened fire on her at long range, the fire being returned by the 6-pounder mounted aft.

The convoys received such additional protection as could be given by the airships which were gradually being stationed on the East Coast during the year 1917, and decoy ships occasionally joined the convoys in order to invite submarine attack on themselves.

This procedure was indeed adopted on all convoy routes as they were brought into being, the rule being for the decoy ship to drop behind the convoy in the guise of a straggler.

As the situation developed, a policy of dealing with the submarines by armed patrol craft and decoy ships in these areas had therefore been put into force.

Gradually other devices were thought out and adopted; these comprised drift and stationary nets fitted with mines, the depth charge, decoy ships of various natures, gunfire from patrol craft and gunfire from armed merchant ships, as well as the numerous devices mentioned in Chapter III.

Our decoy ships sank about twelve; four German submarines are known to have been sunk by being rammed by men-of-war other than destroyers, four by merchant ships, and about ten by means of our nets.

It was also decided to lay down 36 mercantile decoy ships and 12 tugs, and to build 56 motor skimmers on the lines of the coastal motor boats, which were then showing their value off the Belgian coast.

The captain examined the marks left on the grass, and was of opinion that more than one man had been employed to set up the decoy figure, a circumstance that seemed probable in itself, when the weight of the image and the danger of exposure were remembered.

unless he can create sixpence or a shilling to put into the box, for a stale [lure], to decoy in the rest of the parish.

Jeremy, who thinks habitually about ten times as fast as I do, slipped away at once into the shadows to find Narayan Singh and decoy the guard elsewhere.

Just the place where a bully and a coward would decoy an unsuspecting stranger, murder him first, then rob him of his valuables, his papers, his very identity, and leave him there to rot.

Ohthere was a very rich man in those things which are considered as valuable in his country, and possessed, at the time when he came to the king, six hundred tame deer, none of which he had bought; besides which, he had six decoy deer, which are much in request among the Fins, as by means of them, they are enabled to catch wild deer.

The name in the text ought perhaps to have been Rhane-fenna, as he tells us they had rein-deer, and employed decoy deer to catch the wild.

This occurrence put me on my guard, and made me very wary of buying articles at such auctions during my stay in New York, although the apparent beauty and cheapness of many of the articles I saw offered, especially of French manufacture, were sufficient to decoy the most wary, and I did not wonder at people being victimized at such places.

XII.As this continued for several days, and their vigilance was relaxed by custom (an effect which is generally produced by time), the Bellovaci, having made themselves acquainted with the daily stations of our horse, lie in ambush with a select body of foot in a place covered with woods; to it they sent their horse the next day, who were first to decoy our men into the ambuscade, and then when they were surrounded, to attack them.

They'll serve as a decoy."

And the air is calm in vain; Vainly Morning spreads the lure Of a sky serene and pure; Creature none can she decoy Into open sign of joy: 90 Is it that they have a fear Of the dreary season near?

Fowling is more troublesome, but all out as delightsome to some sorts of men, be it with guns, lime, nets, glades, gins, strings, baits, pitfalls, pipes, calls, stalking-horses, setting-dogs, decoy-ducks, &c., or otherwise.

Round two sides of the field, they have previously put fine nets, and at the apex they have a large cage with a decoy quail inside, or perhaps a pair.

When they get to the verge protected by the net, they begin to take alarm; they are probably not very certain about the peculiar looking 'old cow' behind them, and running along the net, they see the decoy quails evidently feeding in great security and freedom.

They were afterward entrapped by the same stratagem as that by which they had entrapped the Fabii: having pursued cattle which had been intentionally driven on in all directions to decoy them, they fell into an ambuscade; in proportion as they were more numerous, the slaughter was greater.

Some soft decoy to lure me to destruction!

Lorenzino had, in his villainous scheme, devised a cunning decoy to accustom neighbours and passers-by to noisy behaviour.

One by one they dropped into the boat like leaves from a bough in autumn, till the bough is left bare; or as birds drop into the decoy at the sound of the bird-call.

A thousand horse and a thousand foot, under the command of Mago, having been thus sent off, Hannibal orders the Numidian cavalry to ride up, after crossing the river Trebia by break of day, to the gates of the enemy, and to draw them out to a battle by discharging their javelins at the guards; and then, when the fight was commenced, by retiring slowly to decoy them across the river.

It is Mr. Thornhill who has ruined me; who employed the two ladies, as he called them, but who, in fact, were abandoned women of the town, to decoy us up to London.

Duling had on his back a basket holding a decoy cock, together with the snares of running-nooses and all the parts of the trap.

There is Duling, with the trap and the decoy cock on his shoulder.

So the meek Lama, lur'd by some decoy Of man, from all his unembitter'd joy; Ere while, as free as roves the wand'ring breeze, 45 Meets the hard burden on his bending knees[A]; O'er rocks, and mountains, dark, and waste he goes, Nor shuns the path where no soft herbage grows; Till worn with toil, on earth he prostrate lies, Heeds not the barb'rous lash, but patient dies.

A few rods away its speed was slackened, and, before approaching closer, it made a circuit around the voyageurs' canoe, as if the warriors were anxious to assure themselves there was no decoy or design in this unresisting surrender.

Upon seeing this manoeuvre, it was suspected that they might have a strong party concealed at the back of the point, to which they were anxious to decoy our people; the boat was therefore called alongside and armed and again sent after them.

This manoeuvre was evidently intended to decoy us into their power, and served to increase our caution.

"Well, set Reuben to decoy them now, for I am in a hurry and have got something to say to you as quickly as possible, and it is very important.

The witches have also a decoy ready for him in the desart; yet he sups with Okba's daughter, without any of the sorcerers being aware of it; and afterwards proceeds to consult the simorg, without meeting with any obstacle or molestation.

190 Is this, ye faithless Syrens!this the joy To which your smiles the unwary wretch decoy?

But it began to look as if the whole mystery after all was nothing but a well- staged decoy, using me for bait.

But on second thought I refused to believe he would deceive me about Scharnhoff and use me as a decoy without my permission.

One of these was an adjunct to a decoy pond for wild fowl.

Besides the sight of the long lines of white swans on the Fleet, there is an interesting decoy for trapping wild duck, the procedure being explained by the courteous attendant.

She had resisted for thirteen years the efforts of the Russian court to decoy her back to Russia.

She was the decoy.

Ginger, Bonnie, The Decoy (Century, October).

The she-bear told Muckwa to remain quietly in the tree, and that she would decoy off the hunters.

As Joel's informant, the fiery Bishop Klingensmith, remarked, this was not so generous as it seemed, since, while it would serve to decoy them on their way toward San Bernardino, they would never get out of the valley with it.

While I was trying to convince Miss Lavinia as to the need of the serviceable, she was equally determined to decoy me toward the frivolous; and I yielded, I may say fell, to the extent of buying a white crรชpey sort of pattern gown that had an open work white lilac pattern embroidered on it.

Although this hope appeared faintly in the background of the governor's project, his principal expectation was that of being able to decoy the strangers into a cul-de-sac, and to embarrass them with delays and losses.

And if they didn't know about our plans or the decoy, well, no harm done.

Without the decoy, the launch would have gone as planned with everyone knowing about it.

Richard had already given orders that ships from Starlight Enterprise be assigned the immediate task of pursuing and capturing the eighteen pirate ships that had destroyed NME's decoy freighters the day before.

; "The Decoy," an English Grammar with Cuts; 12mo, pp.

Or are we lured by the name, "Familiar Lectures,"a term manifestly adopted as a mere decoy, and, with respect to the work itself, totally inappropriate?

Convinced that an army raised by his name alone would, if deprived of its creator, soon sink again into nothing, he intended it to serve only as a decoy to draw more important concessions from his master.

Some of those old dames, I was informed, were decoy birds, who shared the profits with the preachers, and attended all the "camp-meetings" in the country.

Elizabethan days for all their spaciousness contained nothing more incredibly brave than the exploits of these decoy boats, exploits which could only be carried out if absolutely every man taking part in them played his rรดle to perfection.

Erle Stanley Gardner (A); 27Feb56; R165568. The painted decoy.


(In Ace-high western stories magazine, May 1939) ยฉ 17Mar39; B411188. Rosalea S. Fox (W); 7Oct66; R395522. Live decoy for bushwhackers.

Dandy the decoy.

Erle Stanley Gardner (A); 27Feb56; R165568. The painted decoy.


(In Ace-high western stories magazine, May 1939) ยฉ 17Mar39; B411188. Rosalea S. Fox (W); 7Oct66; R395522. Live decoy for bushwhackers.

HELD, JOHN, JR. Danny Decoy.

HELD, MARGARET J. Danny Decoy.

Dandy the decoy.

Hearts-ease was about sixteen, and they looked upon her as a promising decoy-duck, but she was "just the purest flower of the prairies," he said, and so they beat and starved her in consequence, for not falling in with their views.

He knows how to create the right Chelsea atmosphere and he is most artful in leading his readers on, just as a little dog shows himself every now and then at a decoy and thus draws the inquisitive ducks after him till they drift in with all exit cut off.

If Krishna should not be killed in the forest, the only alternative, the demons suggest, is to decoy him to Mathura.

Akrura, he judges, will be the best person to decoy Krishna to Mathura.

My reason is this after they let the Dellaway Indian at liberty they met with some Cherokees whom they endeavoured to decoy, but finding they would not be decoyed they fired on them

If any person maliciously, forcibly or fraudulently lead, take, decoy, or entice away any child under the age of fourteen years, with the intent to detain or conceal such child from its parent, guardian, or any other person having the lawful charge of such child, he shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not more than ten years, or by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars or by both such fine and imprisonment.

"It looks to me as if somebody really did borrow your boat last night, and that the decoy note supposed to be from me had something to do with it."

He was in the middle of the meal, and eagerly explaining to his interested parents the strange incidents of the missing boat and the decoy note, when Merritt Crawford burst into the room unannounced.

The bird caught in a snare: For you and your green twigs decoy 45 The little witless shepherd-boy To come and slumber in your bower;

I have a tame wolf which we use as a decoy.

Bog, before leaving his shop, had been provided with this decoy note, written by the ingenious Wesley Tiffles in cunning imitation of Miss Minford's handwriting.

Phillips retired down the river, hoping to decoy Lafayette after him, on that neck of land, now, as then, a point so critical, between the James and York Rivers,and then to return by his vessels on the first change of wind, get in Lafayette's rear, and shut him up there.

As a stratagem to decoy them on shore, Cortes dressed four of his soldiers in the clothes of the Spaniards he had taken, and left them on the spot, returning along-shore towards Villa Rica, that he might be noticed from the ship; but after we had got out of sight, we made a secret detour through the woods, and got back about midnight to the rivulet where we had left our disguised companions, where we carefully concealed ourselves.

The adroit captive offered, if his life were spared, to decoy his countrymen on shore, so that they could be massacred.

"A plaything for his brutal pleasures, to begin with; a decoy duck to trap the other men, I found afterwards; tortured and insulted from morning to night.

Thus do pigeon trappers use to set up a decoy.

Judge Whitman, however, could not make his two decoy birds flutter to his satisfaction, and so he got no chance to spring his net.

The testimony of the two decoy pigeons was, that they had liberty enough; more than they knew what to do with.

Proving that you donโ€™t need a fancy decoy to attract fish, Wagner used a painted piece of PVC pipe to lure this sturgeon close.

But stirring up public emotion with liberation imagery, and using the image of Mandela as a living saint, has been a decoy to obscure the far less heroic story of the ANC in power, and the unpleasant realities of the Mangaung conference.

Description (Service) Education centre with a large collection of North American wildlife, antique lure and decoy exhibit and a large warm water fish aquarium.

John Latreille and son Kurtis with their purchases from the Peter Brown decoy auctions.

The same bird that chased me at street level along Richmond Street and had me hiding behind decoy cows at the Steak House on Richmond Street.

With tissue differentiation, certain cells would specialize in generating decoy receptors.