Do we say decrease or go down

decrease 459 occurrences

I lived happily, very happily, with my sainted BELINDAit must be confessed that she had a striking partiality for sardines, which caused considerable of a decrease in the profits of my wholesale and retail grocery establishment.

The poles then bent forward at the entrance to the ditch, and formed an arch, the top of which was tea feet distant from the surface of the water; the arch was made to decrease in height as the ditch decreased in width, so that the remote end was not more than eighteen inches in height.

In this, its progress has been like that of slang, which, gaining in popularity, must inevitably decrease in aptness and definiteness.

The decrease in the black population in those communities where the Negroes outnumber the whites will remove the fear of Negro domination, one of the causes of the backwardness of the South and its peculiar civilization.

They also observe that while there may be an increase of race prejudice in the North the same will in that proportion decrease in the South, thus balancing the equation while giving the Negro his best chance in the economic world out of which he must emerge a real man with power to secure his rights as an American citizen.

On a fine day when visibility is good, it is easy to distinguish between the rise and fall of country ahead and, therefore, to be prepared for decrease or increase in speed.

Some of these are several miles in length, but decrease considerably in the dry season, when the water becomes salt.

Finding a lamentable decrease in his receipts, he ordered the bailiff to "go ahead," and took an early train for Calcutta in order to set up an alibi in case of legal proceedings.

By degrees, however, it must be admitted, that Joachim's popularity began a little to decrease; for, though a boy has no objection to see his neighbour laughed at, he does not like quite so well to be laughed at himself, and there are very few who can bear it with good humour.

When they were quite deprived of green food the milk began to decrease; and as we had heard that oil-cake was given to cattle, we thought we would try some.

It is that the average stature of the older persons measured by or for the committee has not been found to decrease steadily with their age, but sometimes the reverse.

When first the ark was landed on the shore, And Heaven had vow'd to curse the ground no more; When tops of hills the longing patriarch saw, And the new scene of earth began to draw; The dove was sent to view the waves' decrease, And first brought back to man the pledge of peace.

The division of the range country into small farms and the raising of all kinds of crops have, it is claimed, done more to decrease our herds of antelope, elk, deer and other big game than have the rifles of the hunters.

"Amidst the great decrease of the inhabitants of Spain, the body of the clergy have suffered no diminution; but has rather been gradually increasing.

"Amidst the great decrease of the inhabitants in Spain, the body of the clergy has suffered no diminution; but it has rather been gradually increasing."Payne cor.

The paddle-wheel was seen to be unsuited to such large fighting vessels, and there was no confidence in the screw; while the great majority of naval officers in France, as well as in England, were averse to any decrease in sail spread.

CHAPTER XIII THE MEETING When Robert revived the wind was still blowing hard, although there had been some decrease in its violence, and it was yet night.

If his activity decreased with the progress of age, that was owing to the decrease of his physical powers.

Have you ever observed the effect produced upon the eye by the rapid decrease of light, which takes place as night draws on, during that season of the year in which the twilight is shortest?

Then the youth asked about the two men he had met; Singh Chando said;"Tell the first man when he is ploughing to plough two or three furrows beyond the boundary of his field and his wealth will diminish and tell the second man to drive away three or four of his cattle every day and their number will decrease."

As the evening approached the wind began to decrease in force, and then the people of the lugger lost all their apprehensions.

Through the ages, in one civilization after another, the glaring contrast between riches and poverty has appeared, dividing the community and laying the foundation for class struggle and class war, both of which decrease social efficiency, intensify class antagonism.

It may also involve the corresponding decrease of the geographical area, population, wealth and income of the vanquished.

FLUSHING (13), a Dutch seaport, strongly fortified, on the island of Walcheren, at the mouth of the western Scheldt; has an active shipping trade, docks, arsenals, &c. FLUXIONS, a method, invented by Sir Isaac Newton, of determining the rate of increase or decrease of a quantity or magnitude whose value depends on that of another which itself varies in value at a uniform and given rate.

The climate of the W. coast districts is tempered by the Gulf Stream; inland there is a great decrease in the rainfall, but much intenser cold is experienced.

go down 2282 occurrences

Of course not, when we've got this jolly hill to go down; not if I know it.

"There will be more room, and it's much more exciting to go down a steep hill.

No harm can come to you that does not come to all, and if you shall go down it can only be amid a wreck of worlds.

Why, go down and make yourself agreeable, of course.

That day at noon I had occasion to go down the blinding hot Mall, and I saw a crooked man crawling along the white dust of the roadside, his hat in his hand, quavering dolorously after the fashion of street singers at Home.

If he made that break two or three innocent men would go down before his bullets, as he sprang out, shooting to kill.

So long as they were in their depth, and had footing, they were alright, but when they reached the middle of the river, the current, rushing with frightful velocity, swept them off their feet, and boat and horses began to go down stream.

And Lady Kirkbank and the dressmaker would chink their liqueur glasses in amity before the lady gathered up her satin train and allowed her peerless shoulders to be muffled in a plush mantle to go down to her carriage, fortified by that last glass of green chartreuse.

Why don't you go down to camp and inquire?" "Every man would be in the hills in less than an hour.

Meantime, in the Black Lady's house the boy was getting ready for a fight, because the Black Lady said, "Go down now; they want you down there.

"I guess I'd better go down and give notice at the desk.

And this relation to these nations was to go down to posterity as a standing regulation, having the certainty and regularity of a descent by inheritance.

And now you," he said, nodding to the prisoner, "will go down on your marrow-bones and beg mine.

Two hundred and fifty miles or so below there is an Indian villagebut they never try to go down the river from here.

'Tell you what,' says she, 'I ain't got nuff money to send you, only partso you go down to whar' dey is a'pannin' gold.

It is not to be questioned that if women are permitted to work at the same operations as men for a lesser remuneration, the man's wage must go down.

"A few months ago, being near her residence and hearing that her health was better, I called on her, and to my surprise, found her able to sew, walk about, and even go down stairs.

Go down here to the rectory?"

Nor would she go down to say a word of farewell.

"Now let's go down and look in on the party," said Mr. Wing, locking a package of letters carefully into a small drawer in his desk.

"Oh, come on," pleaded Sahwah; "it's more fun to go down a steep hill.

I wanted to end this situation; so, pretty soon, I proposed that we go down to see where I kept my milk.

He must go down and fetch the box at once.

She would go down in the stage; she could go aloneand

It is for your own sake, dearest Ellen, I regret it, and for the sake of him you might select, that you, who are so fitted to enjoy and to fulfil them, can never know the pleasures attendant on the duties of a happy wife and mother; that by a husband and child, the dearest ties of earth, you will go down to the grave unloved.

Do we say   decrease   or  go down