254 examples of deducted in sentences

The deaths in the War do not represent a half of this decrease, when is deducted the losses among the coloured troops and those from French colonies who fought for France.

That interest on loans be deducted from the principal; 2.

The higher exemption in case of the married is conditional upon husband and wife living together, and applies only to their aggregate income; that is to say, it can not be deducted from the income of each.

They are not to be included, so far as concerns the normal tax, in the taxable incomes of the individual stockholders and the law does not provide that the tax paid by the corporation shall be deducted from the dividend.

Another advantage is that the tax is paid out of current income, being deducted from the income as it is received.

Although income from which the tax has been withheld is not included in the net personal and taxable income of the taxpayer, it must, nevertheless, be accounted for and included in his declaration as a part of his gross income, forming one of the specified items which are to be deducted from the gross income in arriving at the income subject to taxation.

Another exception to the general requirement of a complete declaration of income covers the case of the taxpayer whose entire income has been assessed and the tax on it deducted at the source.

Then I proceeded to fix in my own mind what ought to be the outside sentence that should be awarded for that particular offence had it stood alone; and from that I deducted every circumstance of mitigation, provocation, etc., the balance representing the sentence I finally awarded, confining it purely to the actual guilt of the prisoner.

Yes, but there may; and some say Jealousy Runs from the Sea, a rivolet but deducted From the mayne Channell.

[Thing deducted.]

This sum, therefore, justly chargeable to the year 1859, must be deducted from the sum of $59,848,474.72 in order to ascertain the expenditure for the year ending June 30, 1860, which leaves a balance for the expenditures of that year of $55,402,465.46.

From the aggregate of ten years' business, there is to be deducted $45,000, being a loss from 1817 to 1824, which leaves a profit on seventeen years' trade of $317,000.

Before breaking up these specimens of Indian art, it was determined to send a quantity, which should be deducted from the royal fifth, to the Emperor.

These advances are deducted from the amount due when the opium is delivered.

per day, out of which £5 per annum is to be deducted for houses and grounds.

From the remainder were deducted various agents' commissions and fees, until at length the principal reached Monrovia sadly reduced in amount,not over $200,000.

From such a margin, however, there had to be deducted not only the cost of feeding, clothing, sheltering, guarding and transporting the slaves for the several months commonly elapsing between purchase and sale in the trade, but also allowances for such loss as might occur in transit by death, illness, accident or escape.

To him it was all clear profit; but from the sum obtained by Rich are, of course, to be deducted the expenses of the company, lights, house-rent, &

After some trifling incidental expenses had been deducted, the remainder was returned to the emancipated slave; who thus obtained his freedom for about fifty dollars, instead of the sum originally offered.

Each private was given three dollars a month, from which ninety cents was deducted, leaving a net payment of two dollars and ten cents a month.

per acre; say the lowest .. 8,000 This clear after expenses have been deducted.

Her Fathers poor, some little Share deducted, To buy him a Hunting Nag These Creatures are very well instructed in the Circumstances and Manners of all who are any Way related to the Fair One whom they have a Design upon.

When they "live in," the value of their board for the school terms is usually reckoned at about £40 a year, which is deducted from the ordinary salary of an assistant.

From this amount are deducted expenses (and in some states 5 per cent of the total is placed in a "loss fund" to meet possible losses) and the rest is divided in proportion to the amount standing to the credit of each member, being credited to the account of running stock and paid in cash to holders of paid-up stock.

Sear the cut surfaces and proceed as directed on page 397, cooking twenty minutes to the pound if it is to be rare, less half an hour deducted on account of soaring.

254 examples of  deducted  in sentences