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454 example sentences with  deducted

454 example sentences with deducted

The higher exemption in case of the married is conditional upon husband and wife living together, and applies only to their aggregate income; that is to say, it can not be deducted from the income of each.

105 For having yet in his deducted spright Some sparks remaining of that heavenly fyre, He is enlumind with that goodly light,

"That the above-mentioned four per cent was to be laid out, with the king's approbation, in behalf of the agriculture and manufacturing industry of Spain and the Philippine Islands," it is clear that the king reserves and appropriates to himself the investment of the amount to be deducted from the general dividends, in order to apply it where and how may be deemed most advisable.

The previous advance is deducted.

What are you going to do?" "I must advertise the mortgaged farms for public sale, and when arrears of interest, various charges, and smaller loans are deducted, there will probably be nothing left.

As a rule the contests are handicaps, the starting point of each competitor being regulated by its weight; but the winners of previous important events are penalised in addition, according to their presumed merit, by having a certain number of yards deducted from the start to which weight alone would otherwise have entitled them.

This sum, therefore, justly chargeable to the year 1859, must be deducted from the sum of $59,848,474.72 in order to ascertain the expenditure for the year ending June 30, 1860, which leaves a balance for the expenditures of that year of $55,402,465.46.

From the aggregate of ten years' business, there is to be deducted $45,000, being a loss from 1817 to 1824, which leaves a profit on seventeen years' trade of $317,000.

If, accordingly, in a computation of the length of man's life, the hours passed in slumber are carefully deducted, and considered as forming no part of available time, not even the medical men dispute the justice of such procedure.

These advances are deducted from the amount due when the opium is delivered.

Should this be done, it will be found that the average crop of the previous four years is 91,980 hhds., and if from it is deducted one fourth, there will remain 68,985 hhds., whilst the average of the other four years is 72,200 hhds.

per day, out of which Ā£5 per annum is to be deducted for houses and grounds.

One third of this was deducted as an allowance for the probabilities of death, and sickness, leaving one hundred and four dollars as the price of his redemption.

Should this be done, it will be found that the average crop of the previous four years is 91,980 hhds., and if from it is deducted one fourth, there will remain 68,985 hhds., whilst the average of the other four years is 72,200 hhds.

per day, out of which Ā£5 per annum is to be deducted for houses and grounds.

From the remainder were deducted various agents' commissions and fees, until at length the principal reached Monrovia sadly reduced in amount,not over $200,000.

The dignity of Art appears perhaps most conspicuously in Music; for in Music there is no material to be deducted.

The rocky hill became valuable and went for twenty thousand dollars, of which three thousand had to be deducted for the mortgage.

From these statements there should, in fairness, be deducted the value of all the raw cotton which is returned to America; and, in fact, if the true exchange trade would be seen, all should be deducted that is exported from England.

From these statements there should, in fairness, be deducted the value of all the raw cotton which is returned to America; and, in fact, if the true exchange trade would be seen, all should be deducted that is exported from England.

The usual work of a slave field hand, he thought, was barely two-thirds of what a white laborer at usual wages would perform, and from his earnings about forty dollars a year must be deducted for his maintenance.

When interest on the investment and a proportion of an overseer's wages were deducted in addition, he thought the prevalent rate, six to eight dollars a month and board valued at forty or fifty dollars a year, for free white farm hands in the Northern states gave a decisive advantage to those who hired laborers over those who owned them.

The second votes are then counted on his papers, and after the number of votes necessary to return him has been deducted, the surplus votes are divided in due proportion among the second choice names, and count for them.

The profit of the operation may be sure or doubtful; the outlay is certain, and to be deducted in any event.

Received at the church-ale and Robyn Hode, all things deducted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

On February 20th there were 282 on the Order Paper, and Mr. Punch was moved to wonder whether this cascade of curiosity might be abated if every questionist were obliged to contribute half the cost, the amount to be deducted from his official salary.

At midsummer next an account would be drawn up, 'in a thoroughly businesslike way,' and whatever then remained due to Miss Shepperson would be paid at once; after which, if the arrangement proved agreeable to both sides, it might be continued, cost of board and lodging being deducted from the rent, and the remainder paid 'with regularity' every quarter.

The weekly sum of fifteen shillings for board and lodging had been deducted, throughout the whole time, from the rent due to her as landlady.

But from these sums was to be deducted the expense of the engravings, though these were only the plates used for Ogilby's Virgil, a little retouched.

Cibber was not above looking at the practical side of things, but he had no patience, nevertheless, with the Philistianism of Rich, who had that fatal fondness for "paying extraordinary prices to singers, dancers, and other exotick performers, which were as constantly deducted out of the sinking sallaries of his actors.

Each slave is estimated to produce from 250 to 300 dollars per annum; but of course from this are to be deducted the wear and tear of the slave, and the casualties incident to human life.

The bailiff, the eldest, had a pound a week, out of which he had to purchase every necessary, and from which five shillings were deducted for lodgings.

When the cost of conveyance to the station, of the horses, of the wear and tear, of the men who have to be paid for doing nothing else but look after the milk, is deducted, the profit to the farmer is but small.

When the meal was over, King Robert offered Henry immense presents of gold and silver and precious stones, and a hundred horses richly caparisoned, each carrying a cuirass and a helmet; and he added that all that the emperor did not accept of these gifts would be so much deducted from their friendship.

Her Fathers poor, some little Share deducted, To buy him a Hunting Nag These Creatures are very well instructed in the Circumstances and Manners of all who are any Way related to the Fair One whom they have a Design upon.

Her Father's poor, some little share deducted, To buy him a hunting Nag; I, 'twill be pretty.

The Mermaid passed the point at the distance of three miles, and, when the island bore South 68 degrees West, distant two miles and a half, had four and three-quarter fathoms, which was the least water that was found, but, being then high water, five or six feet, if not more, may be deducted, to reduce it to the proper low water sounding.

The tide prevented our trying its depth: a league and a half to the north-west, at high-water, we had irregular soundings between ten and sixteen fathoms, but six fathoms must be deducted from it to reduce it to the depth at low water.

But my mistress appropriated every day part of the profit to some private use, and, as she grew bolder in her thefts, at last deducted such sums, that my master began to wonder how he sold so much, and gained so little.

The result of this correspondence was that Goldsmith contracted to write for Griffiths a "Life of Voltaire"; the payment being twenty pounds, with the price of the clothes to be deducted from the sum.

When they "live in," the value of their board for the school terms is usually reckoned at about Ā£40 a year, which is deducted from the ordinary salary of an assistant.

After the national banking system was started in 1864, attempts to tax both the capital of the banks and the stock in the hands of individuals led to federal court decisions and then to state legislation by which now in many of the states the banks are separately taxed on their real estate and the shares are assessed to the individual holders (by various rules), but the taxes deducted from dividends and paid by the bank.

Sear the cut surfaces and proceed as directed on page 397, cooking twenty minutes to the pound if it is to be rare, less half an hour deducted on account of soaring.

In reckoning up his available hours he deducted so much in each day for the due performance of his canonical duties.

A message flashes across the screen, which reads ā€œ2pts deductedā€ (Fail message: Sweet flip, bro!

After getting the tag, motorists can download ā€˜My Fastag appā€™ on their cellphones and link their bank accounts with the vehicle registration numbers to get alerts on the toll amounts deducted.

But the CRA said this income threshold is calculated after a recipient has deducted their expenses, a fact that is not spelled out explicitly on the eligibility webpage.

During the last year, we have taken measures like faceless assessment, faceless appeal, SFT (statement of financial transactions), restriction on cash withdrawal by imposing TDS (tax deducted at source).

Ali said that the seven per cent collection costs which the NCS deducted from revenue generated had not been enough to settle the personnel costs of staff members.

FASTag is linked to your bank accounts and payments are directly deducted from the linked account.

He wanted to know the quantum of professional tax deducted from the employees attached to the service and where the same was remitted.

However, with the clarification by the board, if the tax has been deducted by the e-commerce firm, then the payment gateway wonā€™t have to do so.

ā€œIf the visitors are late for their appointment, time will be deducted from their visit.ā€

Investment income earned on the temporary investment of specific borrowings pending their expenditure on qualifying assets is deducted from the borrowing costs eligible for capitalisation.

It is a mandatory document and every employer is liable to issue Form 16 to all its employees from whom income tax has deducted from their salaries.

My firm deducted 20% of my leave salary.

Tax shall be deducted at source at the rate of 10 per cent on the interest earned on SCSS, if it exceeds ā‚¹50,000 in any financial year.

The bank said it had deducted some of the pay of the two directors, from its Beijing branch, and had issued warnings to both for ā€œdrunken misconduct.ā€

The ERA deducted four weeks' salary - $4832.46 - from the claim for holidays taken and awarded her $57,334.

The manageable repayments are deducted straight from payroll, which assists workers with cost management and affordability.

Tokyo Medical University deducted points from the scores of women and previously unsuccessful male candidates who took its entrance exams in 2017 and 2018, according to the ruling.

At least it was only one lie tonight ā€¦the number is 21 today but he deducted his VAT and mentioned 19 ā€¦just to portray that his measures are having an effect,ā€ Mr Dzokoto wrote on his Facebook page sighted by Ghanaguardian.

Whatā€™s more, the adjuster deducted $10,000 in Medical Payment Benefits Law payments that Benson had received.

A fixed overhead cost (30%) for operating the dining facilities, which includes heat, hydro and rent, is also deducted.

Check the deceased person's pay stubs to see if any life insurance premiums were deducted or contact the employer directly.

Contributions, within limits, made to the plan can be deducted from your taxable income.

Enter the total of all the instalment payments you made towards your include tax that was deducted from your paycheques and reported on a T-slip.

AIM will penalize you if you try to random guessing: for each wrong answer, 15% of the question value will be deducted.

All refunds prior to May 11th, 2019 are subject to a 20% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund balance.

All refunds prior to September 9th are subject to a 20% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund balance.

For the timber supply analysis, an average of 10 per cent of the forested land base was deducted from the timber harvesting land base to account for roads, trails and landings.

Hydro distribution companies are often opposed to such "net metering" systems because they point out that, if kilowatts generated are deducted on a one-to-one basis from kilowatts used, the Hydro company gets no funds to maintain its infrastructure.

If any unpaid plan expenses were to be paid by the employer and the employer is bankrupt, those expenses may be deducted from your accounts and the accounts of the other.

If the benefits are not shown to fall within the insurance exception they must be deducted from the wage claim that is recovered.

If you contributed to a registered federal political party or to a candidate for election to the House of Commons, you will get a tax credit which is deducted from your federal tax payable.

If your meeting is not completed in 60 minutes marks will be deducted.

If your order qualified for free shipping actual shipping charges will be deducted from the total.

If your reduction tried to solve LongestPath given an instance of HamPath, I deducted significant marks.

In Invoice 06, Atkinson deducted $1167.64 for the boom and $5108.28 for the A-frame.

Interest of 0% per year will be computed monthly and deducted from the monthly payments.

In the decision I stated if counsel were unable to agree on Ashleyā€™s educational expenses or the amount to be deducted from Mr. Smithā€™s share of expenses, I would hear them.

In this case, the EI premiums are automatically deducted from your paycheque.

It has to recognize how much it costs for the benefits they already get, and if the premium is going to be adjusted, the cost should probably be deducted.

I understand that should I be successful in obtaining employment with GBHS, the cost of the criminal background check will be deducted from my pay, and I hereby grant permission to do so.

Late assignments will be deducted 15% the first day, 30% the second day and will receive a mark of 0 the third day if not submitted.

Ms. LeBlanc believes that $992.70 in oil was specifically delivered to the business tank and she wishes to have that deducted from the total bill before division.

Similarly, any winter tuition owed as of February 1 will be automatically deducted from the student's February, March, and April paycheques.

Some marks were deducted for these points on A1, but many more will be deducted in subequent assignments.

Some marks were deducted for these points on A1, but many more will be deducted in subequent assignments.

Students who submit unprofessional assignments (messy, hard to read, hard to follow, or contain extraneous information) will have an automatic 20% deducted from the assignment mark.

Tax will be deducted by Trentā€™s payroll department from any payments made to students for assistantships.

The charges will be deducted from your available credit.

Aside from a sum of $40,600 relating to the replacement helicopter rental, Mr. Gain said, all other costs should be counted as operating costs during the loss period and deducted from the calculation of actual income.

A special resolution under this section shall specify the stated capital account from which the reduction of stated capital effected by the special resolution will be deducted.

The table amounts take the new tax treatment of child support into account; that is, payments are tax-free to the recipient and may not be deducted by the payor.

They have deducted not only--we lose $116 million this year, another $104 million next year.

This assumes that rental income losses are not deducted from Mr. Woodfordā€™s income as he says he was not asking for those reductions at the expense of child maintenance.

This year, I am getting the warning: Ufile has automatically optimized your tax return in the following area(s): > The amount deducted as QPP contribution on the federal tax return is the amount actually deducated at source on the T4 slip by the employer.

To date, these costs have been deducted from individual project budgets.

Well, Your Honour will see from Standing Order 119 (2) which says, " Three hours shall be deducted for each departmental estimates so referred from the time allocated under Standing Order 116".