3112 examples of deer in sentences

The fish may be taken at any season, and during the months of July and August he will find deer enough feeding along the margins of the lakes and rivers, and easily to be come at, to satisfy any reasonable or honorable sportsman.

I was over a portion of that wilderness last summer, and found plenty of trout and abundance of deer.

I heard the howl of the wolf, the scream of the panther, and the hoarse bellow of the moose, and though I did not succeed in taking or even seeing any of these latter animals, yet I or my companion slew a deer every day after we entered the forest, and might have slaughtered half a dozen had we been so disposed.

Though it was thus diminutive in size, Smith declared that he had seen, and shot at, some of the largest deer that ever roamed the forest.

He insisted that he had seen some, by the side of which the largest we had looked upon by daylight, were mere fawns, and thereupon he undertook to establish a theory that the large deer fed by night and the smaller ones by day.

This would have been all well enough, were it not for the fact, understood by every experienced night-hunter, that by the spectral and uncertain light of the lamp, or torch, a deer, when seen standing in the water, or on the reedy banks, is in appearance magnified to twice its actual dimensions.

To this Smith at last assented, since to deny the proposition, involved the conclusion that he had killed the wrong deer; for the one he shot at, as it stood in the edge of the water, though much smaller than some he had seen, appeared greatly larger than the one he killed.

I've a kind of liking for the deer and moose, and haven't any ill will towards, now and then, a wolf or a painter.

Wal, Crop and I had Seen about all there was to be looked at about Tupper's Lake, and havin' hearn some pretty tall stories about the deer and moose up about the head of Bog River from an Ingen who'd hunted that section, I mentioned to Crop one mornin' that we'd take a trip into them parts.

I've seen a good many deer in my day, but the way they stood around in those ponds, and in the shallow water of the river below, among the grass and pond lilies, was a thing to make a man open his eyes some.

But you ought to have seen the deer feedin' on the pond-lilies and grass in that lake

You ought to have seen the scampering of the deer at the sound of my rifle!

I learned more fully a fact that I'd an idea of before, by my fight with that deer, and it is thisthat

As we swept around a point near the south shore of the lake, we saw a deer at a quarter of a mile from us, feeding upon the lily pads that grew along the shore.

We saw several deer feeding along the shore that, discovering us as we rowed carelessly along, went whistling and snorting away into the forest.

Profits interested him little, for he grew his patch of corn and pumpkins, and hunted the deer for his own slender needs.

He carried an old gun, and slew with it a deer in a marshy hollowa pretty shot, for the animal was ill-placed.

" I heard the deer crashing through the hill-side thicket, and guessed that presently it would come out in the meadow.

These were, the great savannahs where herds of wild cattle and deer roamed, and where the Free Companions came to fill their larders.

"It is hard to approach the Master, and my brother must follow me close as the panther follows the deer.

At a great fire in the centre women were grilling deer's flesh, while little brown children strove and quarrelled for scraps, I saw few men, for the braves were out hunting or keeping watch at the approaches.

" The afternoon was now ending, and we were given a meal of corn-cakes and roast deer's flesh.

Often, when time did not press, he would lead me, clumsy as I was, so that I could almost touch the muzzle of a crouching deer, or lay a hand on a yellow panther, before it slipped like a live streak of light into the gloom.

Heroes were we all, last nightnay, very Titansfour 'gainst an army!whiles now, within this balmy-breathing morn you shall see Walkyn o' the Bloody Axe with grim Black Rogerkin, down at the brook yonder, a-sprawl upon their bellies busily a-tickling trout for breakfast, while I, whose good yew bow carrieth death in every twang, toasting deer-flesh on a twig, am mocked of wanton warblers

(Shakespeare: Othello) Mice and rats and such small deer.

3112 examples of  deer  in sentences