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58 examples of  defaulter  in sentences

58 examples of defaulter in sentences

It's tenderness to defaulters that wrecks discipline.

"I know just how thieves and defaulters and forgers feel," she said to herself, as she took off her wraps.

The man who held the pistol had ceased for the moment to bear any resemblance to her father, but assuredly he was the defaulter whom Jeff Wells and the sheriff sought.

An impartial observer might have pronounced the younger man to be the defaulter.

In his opinion it was necessary, as the people were defaulters, to try now to arouse the middle classes.

Grandmother, she was quite sure, would agree with her that the story was not to be chattered about; and even if it were true that Mrs. Smith and Peggy were those very Smithsons, neither was to blame, but only, as she had heard her father say once of the family of a man who had proved a defaulter, "innocent victims who were very much to be pitied.

So that he was only a potential defaulter, so to speak; and, discreditable as the affair undoubtedly was, it does not seem to have any direct bearing on this present case.

I'm not going to risk being posted up as a defaulter while you hold ยฃ500 of my money.

His incorrigible love of sport may have made the defaulter's sheet ugly (and there's no denying that "Absent with leave" does not lead to quick promotion); but that was in the good old days.

How little at least, that he would be the defaulter!

highwayman, Dick Turpin, Claude Duval, Macheath, footpad, sturdy beggar. cut purse, pick purse; pickpocket, light-fingered gentry; sharper; card sharper, skittle sharper; thimblerigger; rook [Slang], Greek, blackleg, leg, welsher [Slang]; defaulter; Autolycus^, Jeremy Diddler^, Robert Macaire, artful dodger, trickster; swell mob

debtor, debitor^; mortgagor; defaulter &c 808; borrower.

bankrupt, insolvent, debtor, lame duck, man of straw, welsher, stag, defaulter, levanter^. V. not pay &c 807; fail, break, stop payment; become insolvent, become bankrupt; be gazetted. protest, dishonor, repudiate, nullify, refuse payment.

[Fr.], loose fish, sad dog; rounder [Slang]; lost sheep, black sheep; castaway, recreant, defaulter; prodigal &c 818.

Certain deductions have to be madesome ryots may be defaulters.

Peons, with their brass badges flashing in the sun, and their red puggrees shewing off their bronzed faces and black whiskers, are despatched in all directions for defaulters.

GENTLEMEN: Having seen a report from the Treasury Department, just made to me, that General John Campbell, lately nominated Indian agent, stands recorded as a public defaulter on the books of the Treasury, and being unapprised of this fact when he was nominated to the Senate, I beg leave to withdraw this nomination.

Finding from the inclosed letter from the Secretary of the Treasury that James C. Dickson, lately nominated to be receiver of public moneys at Mount Salus, Miss., is a defaulter, I beg leave to withdraw his nomination, and to nominate in his place Hiram G. Rennels.

Nothing should be presumed against them; but if, with the requisite facilities, the public money is suffered to lie long and uselessly in their hands, they will not be the only defaulters, nor will the demoralizing effect be confined to them.

To meet emergencies, which were now becoming chronic, extraordinary taxes were established, the non-payment of which involved the immediate imprisonment of the defaulter; and the debasement of the coinage, and the alienation of certain parts of the kingdom, were authorised in the name of the King, who had been insane for more than fifteen years.

Any one failing to do so before sunset on these dates becomes a defaulter, and his estate is put up to auction in order to satisfy the demand, however small it may be.

They were furnished in a few weeks, and he spent several nights in examining them carefully, taking lists of defaulters in order to verify them by independent inquiry.

So rapidly did his dealings increase that he sought an agent to represent him at the district headquarters; and particularly to buy up defaulters' estates at the auctions which are held periodically under Government auspices.

When the week of grace had expired, Nagendra Babu filed a suit in the local Mรบnsiffs Court against his defaulter.

I may now, however, exclaim in the language of complaint employed by my first and greatest predecessor, that I have been abused "in such exaggerated and indecent terms as could scarcely be applied to a Nero, to a notorious defaulter, or even to a common pickpocket.

Shut up the robber and the defaulter, we must.

If I don't get that sum I shall be a defaulter, revolution or no revolution.

Helpless beyond measure in all the duties of practical statesmanship, its members or their dependants have given proof of remarkable energy in the single department of peculation; and there, not content with the slow methods of the old-fashioned defaulter, who helped himself only to what there was, they have contrived to steal what there was going to be, and have peculated in advance by a kind of official post-obit.

"Then he is a defaulter," I answered.

The formation of this society gave rise to another, whose members pledged themselves to have no dealing with a member of the "Shylock Society," and also to publish all defaulters in "high life," which served to check these oppressive measures and restore harmony.

He is a public defaulter, and will die so.

He is a public defaulter, and will die so.

He will die a public defaulter.

The island is thinly peopled and the administration or justice is horribly corrupt, under the governorship and judgeship of Sir George Hill, the well known defaulter as Vice Treasurer of Ireland, on whose appointment Mr. O'Connell remarked that "delinquents might excuse themselves by referring to the case of their judge.

He is a public defaulter, and will die so.

He is a public defaulter, and will die so.

He will die a public defaulter.

The island is thinly peopled and the administration or justice is horribly corrupt, under the governorship and judgeship of Sir George Hill, the well known defaulter as Vice Treasurer of Ireland, on whose appointment Mr. O'Connell remarked that "delinquents might excuse themselves by referring to the case of their judge.

During the forty years between Washington's first inauguration and Jackson's the total number of removals from office was 74, and out of this number 5 were defaulters.

" Defaulter.

He would have said so, but in his peculiar position as an absconding defaulter he did not dare.

the Lord Mayor, into my Rounds, and to detect, expose, and punish all Defaulters in the several Stands and Beats: Whereof this fair Warning is given, that none may be surprized in Neglect of Duty, I being determined to shew no Favour to such Offenders.

The lieutenanta reservist who had a little white in his beard looked at the five defaulters without anger.

The imputation on his honor stung so keenly that he declared "he would rather be in his grave than in the Presidency," and in private correspondence he complained that he had been assailed "in terms so exaggerated and indecent as could scarcely be applied to a Nero, a notorious defaulter, or even to a common pickpocket."

Kerbstone was found to be a defaulter to the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars; the property was gone,undermined like a snow-bank in spring.

Days pass without anyone of the crew of a Dreadnought having to be called up as a defaulter, I am told.

Then he was declared a defaulter, and in due process of time his name was struck off the club books, with some serious increase of the ignominy hitherto sustained.

He had been proclaimed a defaulter after such a fashion that all his clubs had sent to him for some explanation; and as he had given none, and had not answered their letters, his name had been crossed out in the books of them all.

It's deuced hard, when a fellow is on the square like that, to make two ends meet when he comes across defaulters.

But when a fellow turns round upon you as a defaulter at cards, there is no getting rid of him.

Where the play is all straightforward and honorable, a defaulter when he shows himself ought to be well-nigh murdered.

Suppose it should turn out as I feared; imagine the shock to a high spirited girl to discover that she had married a defaulter.

Far from seeking revenge, the worst defaulter I ever had dealings with cannot deny that I am always willing to accept a good post-obit.

He had naturally, as I have already shown, a fine, honorable, boyish if not childlike nature; and the eyes of his mind were not so dim with good living as one might have feared from the look of those in his head: in the glass of loyalty he now saw himself a defaulter; in the scales of honor he weighed and found himself wanting.

Sometimes men prominent in religious work become defaulters or commit other crimes.

The Bank of Pennsylvania has failed; it is discovered that Mr. Biddle has proved defaulter, and we are ruined!"

But I saw a quite English Provost-Marshal losing himself in chase of defaulters of the New Army who knew their Paris!

Of this nature is the following anecdote, which I am assured is genuine:A minister in the north was taking to task one of his hearers who was a frequent defaulter, and was reproaching him as a habitual absentee from public worship.