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748 example sentences with  defiled

748 example sentences with defiled

How pleasing for a Tory fireside was the mud bath with which it defiled Coleridge, who wasand you had always known it"little better than a rogue."

Impure, tainted, contaminated, polluted, defiled, vitiated.

Thus, in the energetic language of his biographer, was his name ennobled, and cleansed, but with blood, from the stains that defiled it.

This egg, it seems was tossed into the air, by the hissings of its dam, and before it fell again to the earth (where it would be defiled) it was to be received in the sagus or sacred vestment.

The crystal flagons rang like one great harmonica with shrill but spirit-stirring music; volumes of vaporous perfumes diffused themselves through the apartment, and an endless procession of treasure-laden figures defiled before the bewildered youth.

In parenthesis I may state we are going to restore those walls to the condition they were in before German hands defiled them.

For three days and nights, the German troops, an army of 300,000 men, defiled through our streets.

Therefore we delight in the ancient ceremonial, as like as we can make it, to that of the earlier and purer ages of the Church, when Christianity was still, as it were, fresh from the hand of its Creator, ere yet it had been debased and defiled by the idolatrous innovations of the Church of Rome.

It would seem that De Montfort's soldiers had very little respect for holy places, for we read that not only were the altars defiled but the very church was fired and hardly saved from destruction.

The lascar retorted that the Brahmin was already defiled by biting cartridges which had been greased with cow's fat.

The thought of this, and that they had defiled their hands with blood, and done so great crimes, only to place the posterity of Banquo upon the throne, so rankled within them, that they determined to put to death both Banquo and his son, to make void the predictions of the weird sisters, which in their own case had been so remarkably brought to pass.

These vessels, being those in which the inhabitants boil their rice, are considered, after once being used, as defiled, and are accordingly thrown into the river.

The men must bite off the ends of these cartridges; so the Mahometans are defiled by the unclean animal, and the Hindoos by the contact of the dead cow.

The stings of Falsehood those shall try, And hard Unkindness' altered eye, That mocks the tear it forced to flow; And keen Remorse with blood defiled, And moody Madness laughing wild Amid severest woe.

Likewise a man who was just then bringing him a palm slipped in the blood which had been shed, fell, and defiled the palm.

Many of them were placed as offerings in it and others were dedicated to Capitoline Jupiter and Juno and Minerva, while all the votive gifts that were thought to have previously reposed there or were still reposing were now by decree taken down as defiled.

Love that is burning desire, that quenches all other spark of the spirit, that is boundless; love of a hideously grotesque and deformed sort; love defiled, twisted, misshapen as though Eros had become an ugly, malformed, leering monstrosity.

It is well said indeed by Lysis, the Pythagorean, that to inculcate liberal speculations and discourses to those whose morals are turbid and confused, is just as absurd as to pour pure and transparent water into a deep well full of mire and clay; for he who does this will only disturb the mud, and cause the pure water to become defiled.

The fringe of your robe just touched me, me so low Your feet defiled, I saw the scorn in your eye, And the jeweled hand, that drew back your garments fine.

For how, as the excellent father doth often urge, can we pray to God for mercies, or praise God for His benefits, or heartily confess our sins, or cheerfully partake of the holy mysteries, with a mouth defiled by impious oaths, with a heart guilty of so heinous disobedience.

"Every man," saith the wise man, "shall kiss his lips that giveth a right answer;" but no man surely will be ready to kiss those lips which are embittered with reproach, or defiled with dirty language.

No man surely can be wise who will suffer himself to be defiled therewith.

At length they breathe, defiled with dust and gore; Their gasping throats with parching thirst are dry, Gloomy and fierce they roll the lowering eye, And frown defiance.

Officers from the Cameroon have confirmed the filthy habits of the Huns and Hunnesses, how they defiled the rooms in the hospital at Duala that they occupied just before they were sent away; how disgusting were their habits in the cabins of the fine Atlantic liner that took them back to Europe.

And as these soldiers lay half dead with fever on the road, their German jailers gave orders that their mouths and faces be defiled with filth, a crime unspeakable to a Moslem.

It must be pain and grief to the German men and women whom our clemency allows to occupy their houses, throng the streets and read the daily Reuter cablegram, to see this town, the apple of their eye, defiled by the "dirty English" the hated "beefs," as they call us from a mistaken idea of our fondness for that tinned delicacy.

Confirm thy former deed; Reform that is defiled; I was, I am, I will remain

A shapeless robe of sackcloth was girded about her waist with a knotted cord; her raven hair fell down upon her shoulders, and its blackness was defiled by pale streaks of ashes, which she had strewn upon her head.

Nevertheless, as the deep logic of actions ought always to be italicized by the historian, it is necessary here to call to mind and to repeat, even to satiety, that apart from the members of the Left, of whom a very small number were present, and whom we have mentioned by name, the three hundred Representatives who thus defiled before the eyes of the crowd, constituted the old Royalists and reactionary majority of the Assembly.

Three carriages defiled one after the other, closed, guarded, dreary, dumb; no voice came out, no cry, no whisper.

But even the cultus of nymphs would be defiled after awhile by a darker element.

He had never been so much in the public eye before, and he felt slightly defiled.

Thus and thus they cried: Upon this churl, this hoarder-up of corn, This spoiler of the Earl of Huntington, This lust-defiled, merciless, false prior, Heaven raineth vengeance down in shape of fire.

Gilbert de Hood, late Prior of Saint Mary's, Our sovereign John commandeth thee by me, That presently thou leave this blessed land, Defiled with the burthen of thy sin.

Endowed with my merit's legacy, I flourish'd in the reign of seven great kings: The first was Athelstane, whose niece Elfleda Malicious tongues reported I defiled: Next him came Edmond, then Edred, and Edwy.

One hundred and sixteen of his poems have come down to us, most of which are short, and many of them defiled by great coarseness and sensuality.

But Tyre was defiled by the worship of Baal and Astarte; it was a city of exceeding dissoluteness.

But Judas proceeded with his sacred work, pulled down the defiled altar of burnt sacrifice and rebuilt it, cleansed the Sanctuary, hallowed the desecrated courts, made new holy vessels, decked the front of the Temple with crowns and shields of gold, and restored the gates and chambers.

Smith did not translate the "Reformed Egyptian" openlyif he had been asked to do so, he would have said, "not for Joe;" he got behind a blanket in order to do the job, considering that the plates would be defiled if seen by profane eyes; and deciphered them by two odd lapidistic transparencies, called "Urim and Thummin," which he found at the same time as he met with the records.

Crowds of the vilest women arrayed themselves in her dresses, or defiled her bed.

Minerva grieved to see the nymph succeed; And now remembering the late impious deed, When, disobedient to her strict command, 60 She touched the chest with an unhallowed hand; In big-swoln sighs her inward rage expressed, That heaved the rising ร†gis on her breast; Then sought out Envy in her dark abode, Defiled with ropy gore and clots of blood: Shut from the winds, and from the wholesome skies,

Child-hearted onceoh, deep defiled, Dare you look now upon a child?

The stores that Peter had once looked upon as show-places were poor two-story brick or frame buildings, defiled by time and wear and weather.

The bishop of Sarum in the history of his own times, says, that the stage was defiled beyond all example.

War is hard under any circumstances, but never was national humiliation more complete than when the Prussian flag floated over the Arc de Triomphe, and Prussian soldiers defiled beneath it.

From the Parliament and from the court, from the conventicle and from the Gothic cloister, from the gloomy and sepulchral circles of the Roundheads, and from the Christmas revel of the hospitable Cavalier, his nature selected and drew to itself whatever was great and good, while it rejected all the base and pernicious ingredients by which those finer elements were defiled.

We passed the doleful spot with a double regretfor the nook of Paradise which had been defiled, and for the good money which had been wasted: but with a hearty hope, too, that, whatever natural beauty may be spoilt thereby, the wealth of these asphalt deposits may at last be utilised.

they that touch pitch will be defiled [Much Ado About Nothing].

If the vintner's nose be at door, it is a sign sufficient, but the absence of this is supplied by the ivy-bush: the rooms are ill breathed like the drinkers that have been washed well over night, and are smelt-to fasting next morning; not furnished with beds apt to be defiled, but more necessary implements, stools, table, and a chamber-pot.

You can't touch soot and not be defiled.

Let, therefore, the object of your meditation be above and not below, so that every time you revert to it in thought you will be lifted up; let it be pure and unmixed with any selfish element; so shall your heart become purified and drawn nearer to Truth, and not defiled and dragged more hopelessly into error.

The Baba Sahib, she says, has defiled her rice; yesterday he put his foot into her curry; to-day he washes the monkey's tail in her consecrated lotah.

I saw it repeatedly; but whenever I bring it up, it comes before me, not as it appeared from the window of the Tuileries, or when riding among his troops, or when standing, with folded arms or his hands behind him, as they defiled before him; but it rises on my vision as it looked that morning, under the nodding plumes,smooth, massive, and so tranquil, that it seemed impossible a storm of passion could ever ruffle it.

"God sent angels to the tuition of men; but whilst they lived amongst us, that mischievous all-commander of the earth, and hot in lust, enticed them by little and little to this vice, and defiled them with the company of women:" and to Anaxagoras, de resurrect.

Schechem saw Dinah the daughter of Leah, and defiled her, Gen. xxxiv.

He told him 'that his kingdom was not of this world,' and likewise spoke strongly of the many hidden crimes with which the conscience of Pilate was defiled; warned him of the dreadful fate which would be his if he did not repent; and finally declared that he himself, the Son of Man, would come at the last day, to pronounce a just judgment upon him.

They went to a temple made of stone, to immolate and to sacrifice that lamb which was but a symbol, and they left the true Paschal Lamb, who was being led to the Altar of the Cross by the cruel executioners; they were most careful not to contract exterior defilement, while their souls were completely defiled by anger, hatred, and envy.

Among other careful and well-thought-out instructions came the order that, when possible, the murders should not take place in the town, but outside it, for clean Allah-fearing Moslems would not like to live in habitations defiled by Christian corpses.

26 The man, son of his god, has laid before thee his shortcomings and his transgressions; 27 his feet and his hands are in pain, grievously defiled by disease.

"Because," I was told, "your shadow fell on it and defiled it!"

They drew near the gulch, and could hear the mellow sound of bells as the town herd defiled slowly down it toward town.

Some day he might have grown rich enough to buy it, and set it apart for ever, as a little house sacred to love and youth; but, meanwhile, with what ugly and noisome presences would it have been defiled!

Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are Defiled and

Unbelieving is nothing pure: but even their mind and conscience is Defiled.

He felt his heart beating for her; but he felt that his heart was beating for all alike; girls or women, he wanted them all, he defiled them all with his thoughts.

We talked to them and encouraged them to continue their struggle against the blight that had defiled their homes and their country.

The Harwell band marched through the archway and defiled on to the platform.

Angels of heaven and hell did prove themselves that night in Meaux: night of unrest and sleeplessness, or of cruel dreaming; night of bloody visions, tortured by the apprehension of a lacerated body driven through the city streets, and of the hooting shouts of Devildom; night haunted by a gory image,the defiled temple of the Holy Ghost.

Woe to the queen; for the land is defiled, and the people accursed.

There has been throughout present to him the conscience of "a soul defiled with every stain."

That this is the case, is evident from these words in the Revelation: 'These are those who were not defiled with women; for they are Virgins: and they follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth,' chap.

The reason of this is, because in such case conjugial love, which in itself is spiritual, chaste, pure, and holy, becomes natural, is defiled and disregarded, and thereby perishes; wherefore in order that this love may be preserved, it is expedient that concubinage grounded in really excusatory causes, n. 472, 473, be engaged in with one only, and not with two at the same time.

Know, however, that with every one in this world, externals are successively closed, and internals are opened, and thereby they are prepared for heaven or hell; and as the evil of adultery defiles the internals of the mind above every other evil, you must needs be conveyed down to the defiled principles of your love, and these are in the hells, where the caverns are full of stench arising from dunghills.

When I was permitted to see them nearer, I was surprised that some of them held books in their hands, and were reading; and I was told that this is the case, because in the world they said various things concerning the spiritual things of the church, and yet defiled them by adulteries, even to their extremities, and that such was the correspondence of this lust with the violation of spiritual marriage.

To the pure all things are pure, but to them that are defiled, nothing is pure, 140.

Who has not heard of the Emperor Titusso beloved for his mild virtues and compassionate regard for the suffering, that he was named "The Delight of Mankind;" so tender of the lives of his subjects that he took the office of high priest, that his hands might never be defiled with blood; and was heard to declare, with tears, that he had rather die than put another to death.

Earth, fire, water, he said, ought never, under any circumstances, to be defiled by contact with putrefying flesh.

As if kings alone were defiled with that pitch!

We saw them as they defiled past Suda coming in, and the commander of one of the Italian ships took the trouble to count some of the battalions, one of which, consisting of 900 men when it set out, returned with only 300.

And it was this thing, cast down, defiled, dragged in the mud, and ignored because of its defilement, that Charlotte Brontรซ took and lifted up.

Tell me, must I rather be The base disowner of my wedded wife, Or the defiling and defiled adulterer? PRIEST.

Through these opened gates, in the darkness of the night, stole in some Samaritans, carrying under their robes dead men's bones and bits of dead men's bodies, and these they strewed up and down the cloisters of the temple, to make them defiled and unclean.

In some places the people shewed their sense of the sanctity of the fires by using for fuel the trees past which the gay procession had defiled, with fluttering banners, on Corpus Christi Day.

He has defiled all the finest scenery on the Continent.

Those two, disguised as Hujjaj, defiled the Black Stone, which was given by Allah to the first Arabs; and they both escaped.

Not a groan, curse, or even a sigh escaped the desecrated Moslems forever defiled by the touch of the infidels' accursed machine.

The character of Gotama as it emerges from the reek of tradition is one of the noblest in history, and while the religion of which he was the leader has been defiled by all manner of corruptions and superstitions, it has borne much good fruit in the life of many peoples.

Prone they lie on the garden-beds, defiled, dispetalled.

Lost in the spaces of blankness, Lost in the deepening abysses, Haunted and tracked by the past: No more sweet human caresses, No more the springing of morning, Never again from the present Into a future beguiled: Lonely, defiled, and despairing, Out of the body to God!

Next, There is the stain or blot, which is called reatus culpae, whereby the soul is defiled, and made in so far incapable of glory, (for nothing entereth in there which defileth,) and of communion and fellowship with God, who is of purer eyes than he can behold iniquity.

to put a foul soul, defiled with original and actual pollutions, in Christ's hand daily, and leave it to him to wash by his blood and Spirit; and yet remember to lay the weight of his acceptance before God, upon the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ, and not upon his own cleanness, when thus sanctified and washen, which is but imperfect.

some may object, and say, that their very faith, which must carry the rest of their filth to the fountain of Christ's blood, is defiled.

Question not his purpose; Sully not his name, Nor think that adventitious aid Can build or blight his fame, Nor hope, by obloquizing what He strove for, glory's laws Can be gainsaid, or he defiled Who'd honor any cause.

A-13 YEAR old girl of Kazungula is carrying a four (04) months old pregnancy after she was defiled by a 17 year old boy of the same area.

A 24-year-old driver who defiled and impregnated a 14-year-old girl has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court.

โ€œEight of the 17 were sexually assaulted, defiled and raped in Mpingu while the rest were raped and assaulted in Mbwatalika.

In his statement, Mastin did not state the total number of defiled dumpsters, but named five specific dumpsters that detectives found suspicious.

I feared lest while so many bishops were involved in the serious danger of disastrous sin or disastrous mistake, you were holding your peace because a defiled and sin-stained conscience tempted you to despair.

Now it appears that they were defiled in mind and conscience most of all when they were closing their mouth against blood and idol-feasts.

Or, if heretics defile the Church by being admitted to communion without being baptized, then the whole Church has been defiled in virtue of that custom which has been so often recorded here.