687 examples of defiled in sentences

The crystal flagons rang like one great harmonica with shrill but spirit-stirring music; volumes of vaporous perfumes diffused themselves through the apartment, and an endless procession of treasure-laden figures defiled before the bewildered youth.

In parenthesis I may state we are going to restore those walls to the condition they were in before German hands defiled them.

This spoiler of the Earl of Huntington, This lust-defiled, merciless, false prior, Heaven raineth vengeance down in shape of fire.

Gilbert de Hood, late Prior of Saint Mary's, Our sovereign John commandeth thee by me, That presently thou leave this blessed land, Defiled with the burthen of thy sin.

You can't touch soot and not be defiled. KÓRSHUNOV.

For a woman abroad and alone, is like a deer broke out of a park, quam mille venatores insequuntur, whom every hunter follows; and besides in such places she cannot so well vindicate herself, but as that virgin Dinah (Gen. xxxiv., 2,) "going for to see the daughters of the land," lost her virginity, she may be defiled and overtaken of a sudden:

Many of the exiles defiled the temple with their blood; many were taken prisoners: Herdonius was slain.

Among other careful and well-thought-out instructions came the order that, when possible, the murders should not take place in the town, but outside it, for clean Allah-fearing Moslems would not like to live in habitations defiled by Christian corpses.

26 The man, son of his god, has laid before thee his shortcomings and his transgressions; 27 his feet and his hands are in pain, grievously defiled by disease.

If a Hindoo happens to touch a Paria as he is passing, he thinks himself defiled, and is obliged to bathe immediately.

Earth, fire, water, he said, ought never, under any circumstances, to be defiled by contact with putrefying flesh.

This, however, he never attempted, and must therefore be classed, in this respect, with such writers as Byron, whose powers gilded their pollutions, less than their pollutions degraded and defiled their powers; nay, perhaps he should be ranked even lower than the noble bard, whose obscenities are not so gross, and who had, besides, to account for them the double palliations of passion and of despair.

We saw them as they defiled past Suda coming in, and the commander of one of the Italian ships took the trouble to count some of the battalions, one of which, consisting of 900 men when it set out, returned with only 300.

The participials in ed, are superseding some of them, at least in popular practice: as, contaminated, for contaminate, defiled; reiterated, for reiterate, repeated; situated, for situate, placed; attenuated, for attenuate, made thin or slender.

What a wonder the funds so collected are not defiled by passing through "female" fingers!

There are three prominent summits on the ridge; of these, the southernmost, which is lower than the other two, is now known as 'the Mount of Offence,' originally 'the Mount of Corruption,' because Solomon defiled it with idolatrous worship.

We see not how great an evil sin is, and regard not ourselves as so shamefully defiled.

E'en when we look within the child And laud his graces sweet, We find his mind so soon defiled For thee 'tis no retreat.

I fed the hungry and clothed the naked, I visited the sick and afflicted, and vainly hoped these outside works would purify a heart defiled with the pride of life, still the seat of carnal propensities and evil passions; but here, too, I failed.

If any person take any woman unlawfully and against her will, and by force, menace or duress, compel her to marry him, or to be defiled, he shall be fined not exceeding one thousand dollars and imprisoned in the penitentiary not exceeding ten years.

In one of his visions he exhibits 144,000 chosen saints, perpetual attendants of "the Lamb," and places the cardinal point of their sanctity in the fact, that "they were not defiled with women, but were virgins."

There is nothing to do except to catch trout in the stream that was to have been defiled by the city sewage.

Tell me, must I rather be The base disowner of my wedded wife, Or the defiling and defiled adulterer? PRIEST.

She was an outcast, defiled and miserable.

She had seemed that she was not, else he would never have loved or sought her; she had outraged his dignity, defiled him; he had cast her off, and she could not, would not blame him.

687 examples of  defiled  in sentences