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332 example sentences with  deftly

332 example sentences with deftly

Deftly the other removed a revolver from its place under the outlaw's left armpit.

For underneath the glitter and the pomp of these latter days of Veniceits presage of decaya turbulent mass of malcontents, foreigners disappointed in intrigue, Venetians shut out from power, grasped and plotted for its semblance,sold murder for gold, treason for gold,escaping justice by the wiles they so deftly unveiled, or by the importance of the deposition it was in their power to make.

Other beggars, from every corner, are about to rush upon him; but Nobili deftly escapes from these as he had escaped from the Marchesa Boccarini and her daughters, and is gone.

" "I do, decidedly," laughed Gerald, as De Forest raised her deftly to the saddle and arranged bridle and girths to her liking, turning to tighten his own before mounting, and kicking away a small dog that had run up to sniff at his heels.

As the hostess did this she deftly turned back the hands of the Senator's watch thirty-five minutes.

Taking advantage of the surprise of the landlord, he swept the broken remains of his property deftly into the van, bounded on to the driver's seat, shook the reins, cracked his whip, and started off at a thundering gallop, pursued by the huzzas of the crowd, the cries of the van-men, and the oaths of the disappointed landlord.

There is a kind of political character of the same description, hollow-ware, not generally porcelain, indeed,cracked in every direction, but deftly bound together with silver strips of preferment, till it is consistent enough to serve all the need of its possessor in receiving large messes of the public pottage.

" "But I wouldn't be married by license," said Mrs. Silk, deftly ignoring the remark.

It was little short of marvellous to see the pursy old hypocrite going cat-footed about the room on his stealthy ministrations, replenishing the bandages, forcing spirits of ammonia between Billy's teeth, fighting deftly and confidently with death.

He severed the head deftly and tossed the twisting mass back on the rocks.

Whistling Dan turned his back on the father and deftly bound up the lacerated arm of Buck.

With love the finest particle is rife, And deftly woven in the woof of life, In throbbing dust or clasping grains of sand,

The doctor soon came, and in a brief time the artery was taken up and the hand deftly bandaged.

They affected him like the presence of delicate china, and yet he could hold a baby deftly as an elephant can nip up a flower; and to see him turn over the pages of a delicate รฉdition de luxe was a lesson in tenderness.

The light from low windows spreading across the counters blended with the light from high windows at the back, and here, on a platform at the head of the stairs, before a big table sat the Doge, in the majesty of a great patron of literature, with a clerk standing by in deftly-urging attentiveness.

Jim, with his dimple deepening, tossed the small paper into the air and caught it again deftly.

With her maids sat gentle Swanwhite 'neath a roof of gleaming shields, As the rarer lily blossoms 'mid the green herbs of the fields; To and fro their merry words flew lightly through the torch-lit room, Like a shuttle deftly skipping through the mazes of the loom.

(His oratorical flight, so buoyant and sustained, having come to its calculated end, he drops deftly to earth, encountering directly for the first time the flattered smile with which the Queen has listened to him.)

As in Lucilius, Scaevola is represented as attacking Albucius very sensibly: "How neatly all your phrases are arranged; Like tesselated pavement, or a box Inlaid with deftly wrought mosaic."

Scarce twenty yards apart, neither was conscious, for the moment, of the other's existence; Simon, indeed, being in spirit some seven thousand feet above the level of the sea, putting more ochre into the virgin snow that crested his topmost peak, and Dick deftly dropping a fly, the size of a pen-wiper, over the nose of a fifteen-pounder that had already once risen to the gaudy lure.

The spin and "whizz" of his reel, the rush of a brown mountain stream with its fringe of silver birch and stunted alder, the white side of a leaping salmon, and the gasp of that noble fish towed deftly into the shallows at last, afforded him a natural and unmixed pleasure.

Spinning deftly into its place, as if dropped from heaven with a plumb-line, a wreath of artificial flowers landed lightly on his temples, while a woman's laugh, soft and silvery, accompanied with its pleasant music this unexpected coronation.

Never was Bonaparte's Consular glory Treated by Art so superbly as here; Never a phase of his marvellous story Handled more deftly, or rendered more clear.

She deftly drew the envelope from his hand, and spread the telegram on the broad rail of the piazza, on which the moon shone full.

We watched her press beads of proper size and color into the eye sockets; skilfully finish the base upon which each figure lay; then twist a lump of butter into a square of fine muslin, and deftly squeeze, until it crinkled through the meshes in form of fleece for the lamb's coat, then use a different mesh to produce the strands for the lion's mane and the tuft for the end of his tail.

In five minutes the work of the day had begun; goods were being taken deftly from the shelves and displayed upon the counters.

The impression made on Sylvia had not in the least corresponded to this one; but with a cat-like twist of her flexible mind, she fell on her feet, took up his lead, and deftly produced the only suitable material she had at command.

The revel now proceeds apace, Deftly they frisk it o'er the place, They sit, they drink, and eat; The time with frolic mirth beguile, And poor Sir Topaz hangs the while, Till all the rout retreat.

How well did I then enter into the feelings of a man I knew who, under similar provocation, got up from his bed, and, taking a carving-knife from the kitchen, quietly and deftly cut off the cock's head before the astonished bird had time to protest.

As a satirist Pope, though he did not hit so hard as Dryden, struck more deftly and probed deeper.

Another reading by the Rev." Here Conolly, who had been putting on his overcoat, picked the program deftly from his sister's fingers, and left the room.

So lawyer and client walked out of court together, happy and triumphant, to Colonel Conwell's office, where the pick-pocket paid Colonel Conwell his fee out of the lawyer's own pocketbook which he had deftly abstracted during the course of the trial.

Deftly, silently the Trader sorted the furs, placing to one side or the other the "primes," "seconds," and "thirds" of each species.

Her hands moved deftly, and Wes, who had finished firming the earth about the plant, watched them.

Miss Lavinia spoke so fiercely that everybody laughed but Sylvia, who coloured painfully, and Horace Bradford deftly changed the subject in the lull that followed.

She touched Pยre GuยŽgou's blossom to her lips, then put it deftly into the lapel of his coat.

Since matches were scarce, he deftly made a torch of a paper from his pocket with better success.

"Happen he'll tak him in hand wi' holy writ, and send him elsewhidder deftly.

Lyman deftly joined the various sections of shining metal.

Then he deftly peeled the fruit and hurriedly ate it, as if one could not bewith strangers abouttoo sure of one's supper.

Delicacies were needed for the invalid soldiers, and were not to be bought for money; the educated woman, side by side with her uneducated sister, bared her white arms above the elbow, and molded delicate pastry, and sealed and pickled and preserved as diligently and as deftly as if she had never demonstrated a problem in Euclid or heard of Sophocles.

"Roger will be tickled to pieces that his idea caught on at once," Ethel Brown murmured to Ethel Blue as they sorted and packed their orders, not very deftly, but swiftly enough for the posies to add to the enjoyment of the people at the table and for the parcels to be ready for them when the motor came to the door.

And with that, Mrs. Robson would deftly switch to a less exciting detail of the Condor-Stillman musicale, before her neighbor had a chance to pick flaws in her logic.

He had seen Mrs. Condor deftly construct a card-table out of an easy-chair, and he had no doubt that the oak table in the center of the room could have been converted into a chiffonier or a chassis-lounge at a given signal.

He waited until the man attacked again, and again he deftly turned aside the blow.

And he fished out a razor from the rear pocket of his striped drill overalls, rubbed the weapon of his race with a proud thumb, spread more soap over Berkley's upturned face, and fell deftly to work, wiping off the accumulated lather on the seat of his own trousers.

They hurried from cot to cot, from mattress to mattress, from one heap of straw to another, from stretcher to stretcher, deftly replacing sheet and blanket, tucking them gently under, whispering courage, sometimes a gay jest or smiling admonition to the helpless men, soothing, petting, reassuring.

The beloved house seemed to welcome me back, and as I came across the footpath, through the pasture, I saw in the brightly-lighted kitchen the hands of some one whose face I could not see, in the golden circle of lamplight, deftly moving, preparing something, for my use perhaps.

The inhabitants were extravagantly fond of music and dancing; marriages and christenings were seasons of merriment, when the fiddles were scraped all night long, while the moccasined feet danced deftly in time to the music.

"I'll give you enough to make out ten thousand to honor old Joe's draft," ruminated Mitchell, twirling the safe-knobs deftly.

But the brave parent not only threw up the window and bolted the shutters, but did it coolly and deftly with each window, front and back, thus shrouding the room in obscurity.

Bits of butter must be so deftly introduced that even the rolling pin may be unconscious of its work.

The same moment it sprang deftly from the high table to the mantelpiece, turned, stood erect, and looked at him with the whole glare of the light upon its face; and Spinrobin, bereft of all power of intelligible sensation whatever, saw to his unutterable distress that it wasa man.

He is like a needlewoman Who deftly on a sable hem Stitches in gleaming jewels; Or, haply, he is like a hero, Whose bright deeds on the long journey Are beacons on our way.

Then she pointed out to me the word "nov" in the manuscript and said: "A letter 't,' if deftly done, will make 'not' instead of 'nov.'

When you have mastered the wolf-step, can slide one shoe above the other deftly, that is to say, the sensation of paddling over a ten-foot-deep drift and taking short cuts by buried fences is worth the ankle-ache.

To see an eighty-foot maple, four feet in the butt, dropped, deftly as a fly is cast, in the only place where it will not outrage the feelings and swipe off the tops of fifty juniors, is a revelation.

" With a deftly manoeuvred round of good-byes, a grip-laden dash for door, a throbbing moment of turning back when it seemed as though Sarah Kantor's arms could not unlock their deadlock of him, Leon Kantor was out and gone, the group of faces point-etched into the silence behind him.

Isa brought home some tulle and white jessamine with which she is deftly freshening the pretty compromise between a bonnet and a hat which she wears on Sunday; also a charming parasol, with a china knob and a wreath of roses at the side.

and the baroness deftly drew the thick packet from the breast pocket of his coat.

And there the Ass four days had been, Nor ever once did break his fast: 605 Yet firm his step, and stout his heart; The mead is crossedthe quarry's mouth Is reached; but there the trusty guide Into a thicket turns aside, And deftly ambles towards the south.

so neat or clean; her stuff petticoat, too, was ragged and old, and the feet, which were stretched forth from under its folds, were brown and bare as the hands which so deftly wielded the comb.

With a skill which can only be found among those of his own race, Mukoki drew his knife, cut deftly around the wolf's head just below the ears, and with one downward, one upward, and two sidewise jerks tore off the scalp.

Then, when he had made all ready, our sturdy cook dished the stew into a great wooden platterrabbits, partridges, scraps of dried flesh, bits of bacon for flavoring, fresh eggs, vegetables in handfuls, all covered with a dainty-smelling sauce, deftly compounded of milk, gravy, and red wine.

As it came buzzing like an angry bee, almost too quick for the eye to follow, Jorian flicked it deftly up into the air at exactly the right moment, and, without even taking his eye off it, he caught the knife by the handle as it fell.

"Take my revolver," said Henry, "and shootif we must," then, making a slip-noose of the stout thongs which had bound the provision bag, he deftly slipped it around the arms of the Indian, and with a quick jerk he was firmly bound.

He swung over as lightly as a trapeze performer, deftly catching his other stirrup.

In soothing accents, sweet as spice, I offer them my best advice, Or deftly show them how to plant a Propulsive pole in oozy Granta, Observing, "If you only knew it This is the proper way to do it;" Till soon each watching Looty's face Grows full of wonder at my grace, And daring Subs in frail Rob Roys Attempt to imitate my poise.

She hastily drew from her shoulder the knot of violets that were still humid with freshness; and as she drew the fastenings the lace fell from her shoulder, disclosing her too-low cut bodice, and Cedric's quick eye saw why the screen of lace was used, and with trembling fingers caught up the lace and drew from his steenkirk a rare jewel and pinned it safe as deftly as her maid.

Janet now watched for a whispered word or some sign of intercourse; but her vigilance was of no avail, for Lady Constance deftly placed a tiny paper in Mistress Penwick's hair and plaited tightly over it.

The trick is done just as deftly, but one is bored; one simply doesn't care to see the inside of a new person, however well dissected.

The dish so deftly constructed by King Arthur, according to one of his numerous biographers, exhibited that wedlock of fruit with animal matterfat and plumswhich we post-Arthurians eye with a certain fastidious repugnance, but which, notwithstanding, lingered on to the Elizabethan or Jacobaean eranay, did not make the gorge of our grandsires turn rebellious.

It was deftly done, and Nino took heart.

Mariuccia, who had brought the cat and had her pocket full of roasted chestnuts, sat outside on a chair until he was ready for her; and I am sure that if she had spent her life in the profession of adorning players she could not have used her fingers more deftly in the arrangement of the collar and sword.

As I returned her kiss her glance dropped on a small bunch by her side, which Mehitable took and deftly unrolled, informing me as she did so that it was a "Rouser."

" Not so with Greece, for when you become almost intoxicated with her wonderful blues and greens and purples, and you move your head restlessly and beg a breathing-space, she compassionately recognizes your mood and lowers a silver veil over her brilliant beauty, so that you see her through a gauzy mist, which presently tantalizes you into blinking your tired eyes and wondering what she is so deftly concealing.

As the Judge had evidently based his hypothesis on the alleged fact of a blast, he deftly evaded the point.

The opportunity was irresistible, and the hook from above deftly caught the band of the feathered hat of the taller man, slowly and steadily drawing it up, entirely unperceived by the owner, on whose wig it had rested, and who was bending over the dust-traced diagram in absorbed attention.

She was shaping a flimsy, black-silk dress, and doing it deftly, though it was a marvel to me how hands so stiff and cramped as hers appeared to be could handle a needle at all.

He cut a narrow slip off his pocket handkerchief, wetted it, and bound it lightly and deftly round her wrist, and poured consolation into her ear.

In a little while she awoke and uncoiling her figure, rolled softly over on her back and stretched like some drowsy feline of the jungle; then sitting up with lithe grace she looked down at the print of her head on the pillow and deftly smoothed it out.

Nap was deftly drawing away the pillows to ease his position.

Nietzsche's sneer at 'Femininism' is deftly turned aside by Miss Volz, by the simple device of substituting for it the word Pessimism.

โ€œIโ€™d rather be the community that deftly handled the outbreak when it arose.โ€

It's amazing just how deftly this lot can swap sin for virtue and garment-rending outrage for pious reverence.

โ€œNo Storiesโ€ deftly captures the disillusionment and disappointment of an ending summer โ€” cooler weather approaching, things unsaid, opportunities unseized, freedom receding once again.

At the same time, it deftly shares the history of colonialism in Treaty 6 Territory, and provides a vision for a Canada where Indigenous children are safe in their communities.

Welker, aided by a mute button (see below) whose absence made the first debate such a disaster, was able to deftly move the debate between different topics.

While it was a convoluted road to get to this point, the movie still deftly subverted who the attacker in Salem would be.

Birnie deftly melds the interviews she conducted with Kroll and Mรผller, who have both since died, as well as her own observations and feelings about what she learns.

Cohen deftly weaves parts of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow into a subplot that features contemporary characters and events paralleling those of Irving's story.

"Deftly weaving the forays of two individualsโ€ฆinto the unknown heart of Africa."

Heโ€™s able to deftly manipulate your emotional centre with no more than a few notes from the strings, and the overall result is truly resonant; in fact, by its tragic end, even haunting.

However, the songs have been deftly penned to evoke a variety of feelings and responses from their audience, not only nostalgia and longing.

It has lovely levity, is slick and deftly woven on the palate; complex and fresh with plenty of high-toned red fruit grounded by earth and botanical.

Kara LaReau deftly juggles wit and warmth in this hilarious nod to parental persistence, while Matthew Cord.

OAPT President Glenn Wagner deftly whirls a glass of water in a vertical circle without spillage, while philosophizing on the use and misuse of the term "centripetal force" in physics classes.

As a result, her work deftly investigates how people, and how women in particular, create their own self-image.

She deftly captures the frenzied anxieties that whites harboured over ungovernable mixed-race activities, and brilliantly dissects the renewed state racisms that were born of such encounters.

Thanks are also extended to Dr. Cheryl Teelucksingh (Department of Sociology), who deftly chaired the defence.