287 examples of deftly in sentences

He treated her with a delicate chivalry alwaysthat was John Randolph's wayand once she had caught such a strange, wistful expression on his face as he looked at her and then at a patient's arm which she was deftly bandaging.

I wore my own hair, for I never saw the sense of a wig save for a bald man, but I had it deftly tied.

He snatched it from me, and when I proposed to follow, tripped me deftly, and sent me sprawling among the stools.

She described Pap Himes and his boarding-house, aptly, deftly, and left it funny, though a sympathetic listener could feel the tragedy beneath.

The most experienced manoeuverer of Society's legion could not have handled a difficult situation more deftly.

patting the pillow deftly.

Upon the smoothly planed side was his own picture, most deftly drawn, showing him engaged in polishing the harness.

" "Never mind, I can make it look beautiful in half a jiffy," said the girl, standing behind the chair and drawing deftly the hairpins from Aunt Jane's scanty grey locks, "and you can't imagine how it pleases me to fuss over anyone.

Julian loved to sound his trumpet and follow his dogs over hills and streams, into the woods; and when the stag began to moan under their teeth, he would kill it deftly, and delight in the fury of the brutes, which would devour the pieces spread out on the warm hide.

As they approached, the archers shot so deftly, the spearmen launched their darts so briskly, that not a man dared to blink his eye or to show his face.

He worked at the lump deftly, delicately, so that the earth, pinched, powdered and shaken out, fell between his fingers, leaving the knotty yellow roots in his hand.

With deftly used hands makes a quick vicious break in the circle which is there in the air.)

Deftly enough, old Simon, snatching the fellow's cap who stood next him, flings it at the candle that stands flaring on the floor, and justles the constable's lanthorn from his hand, so that in a moment we were all in darkness.

With love the finest particle is rife, And deftly woven in the woof of life, In throbbing dust or clasping grains of sand, In globes of glistening dew that shining stand On each pure petal, Love's own legacies Of flowering verdure, Earth's sweet panoplies; By love those atoms sip their sweets and pass To other atoms, join and keep the mass With mighty forces moving through all space, Tis thus on earth all life has found its place.

" Standing at a table in the center of the stage, with his friends grouped about him, he delivers that inimitable, rambling character monologue so famous in A Magnolia Flower, at the same time that he deftly makes juleps for the party.

Jim, with his dimple deepening, tossed the small paper into the air and caught it again deftly.

As in Lucilius, Scaevola is represented as attacking Albucius very sensibly: "How neatly all your phrases are arranged; Like tesselated pavement, or a box Inlaid with deftly wrought mosaic.

Never was Bonaparte's Consular glory Treated by Art so superbly as here; Never a phase of his marvellous story Handled more deftly, or rendered more clear.

He had made the bed for the stricken head of the house as deftly as a woman might have done, and had helped in the kitchen at supper time as if he had been getting meals regularly for the last two or three years; but of this she was not disposed to speak, and waited in silence for Oily Dave to state his requirements.

Lyman deftly joined the various sections of shining metal.

Already the hands of Freydis were moving deftly in the Sleep Charm, so that Niafer did not move.

He had seen Mrs. Condor deftly construct a card-table out of an easy-chair, and he had no doubt that the oak table in the center of the room could have been converted into a chiffonier or a chassis-lounge at a given signal.

He waited until the man attacked again, and again he deftly turned aside the blow.

The trick is done just as deftly, but one is bored; one simply doesn't care to see the inside of a new person, however well dissected.

He was reading a book with knitted brows: he looked up, gave a nod, but no smile, pointed to a chair, and I sate down: a minute or two later he shut the booka neat enough little volumewith a snap, and skimmed it deftly from where he sate, into his large waste-paper basket.

287 examples of  deftly  in sentences