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58 example sentences with  degenerative

58 example sentences with degenerative

But it is by no means certain à priori that every symptom of that instability, without exception, will be of a degenerative kind.

Neither wealth nor power, neither education nor environment, not even the inherent tendencies of racethe most powerful of allcan avail against the degenerative force of a life without religion, or, what is worse, that maintains only a desiccated formula; and the post-Renaissance philosophies are one and all definitely anti-religious and self-proclaimed substitutes for religion.

One would imagine that, with degenerative processes already going on in the foot, the tendency to gelatinous degeneration, always to be looked for in neurectomy, would be increased.

After habitual abuse of alcohol, the functional disturbances of the brain and spinal cord became constant and disappear the less, as in the central organs degenerative processes are more and more developed, processes which lead to congestions and hemorrhagic effusions in the meninges and in the brain itself, to softening or hardening, and finally to disappearance of the brain substance.

One opens at the depopulation of Italy by the aggressive great estates of the Roman Empire, at the impoverishment of the French peasantry by a too centralised monarchy before the revolution, or at the huge degenerative growth of the great industrial towns of western Europe in the nineteenth century.

BARKER, LEWELLYS F. The degenerative diseases, their cause and prevention, by Lewellys F. Barker and Thomas P. Sprunt.

The degenerative diseases.

SPRUNT, THOMAS P., joint author The degenerative diseases.

BARKER, LEWELLYS F. The degenerative diseases, their cause and prevention, by Lewellys F. Barker and Thomas P. Sprunt.

The degenerative diseases.

SPRUNT, THOMAS P., joint author The degenerative diseases.

It is a progressive (gets worse with time) degenerative disorder.

He noted that this was followed by a fire outbreak at the wellhead location, adding that there was no reported pollution following degenerative status of the platform due to the fire.

He was later diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system.

I have never done a knee replacement unless someone has had a degenerative disease at this age.

It is also developing medicines for patients across a range of degenerative conditions, including multiple sclerosis, and diseases of the muscle, gastrointestinal tract, skin, and bone.

Jennifer reveals that Bob is suffering from a possibly congenital degenerative nerve disease, the kind where a doctor prescribes a “good attitude” and a boatload of pills that work.

Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company, focuses on developing and commercializing therapies for the treatment of degenerative diseases in the United States and internationally.

“Most people know someone who has suffered from a degenerative disease and if there’s anything we can do that limits the risks around them, we’ve got a responsibility to do it.”

Oh, what a coincidence – there must be something in the water, because Veronica soon finds out her Father is sick with a degenerative disease.

“Since G and I shared with you that Levi had been diagnosed with an extremely rare and degenerative disease we have been overwhelmed by the support that you’ve shown to our family.

After reviewing the x-rays done in December 2005, he concluded that the degenerative disc disease at C5-6 and C6-7 were minor, consistent with Deborah Willis’s age and not post-traumatic.

By April 18, 2000, there was significant degenerative disc disease noted at the lumbrosacral level.

Cell death caused by oxidative stress has been shown to play an important role in neuro-degenerative diseases.

Degenerative changes that are visible on radiographs are almost universal in people over 80 years of age, with only a small percentage having discs that appear normal on radiographs.

Dr. Grahn will explore why music affects our brains so profoundly and how we can channel that power for treating degenerative neurological diseases.

Dr. Jon Lien, founder of the Whale Research Group (WRG) of Memorial University, died after a lengthy battle with a degenerative physical and mental disease.

Guideline update for the performance of fusion procedures for degenerative disease of the lumbar spine.

Heart valve disease can ordinarily be grouped into 4 categories -- congenital, rheumatic, myxomatous and degenerative; other rare patterns attract attention.

He is developing bioprocesses for reprogramming human skin cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in a bioreactor for treating degenerative diseases.

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative brain disorder with no known cause or cure.

Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, is a degenerative condition through which you lose your memory, thinking, and brain activity.

In 1996, the Diabetes Complication Prevention Strategy was initiated to reduce and prevent diabetes-related complications such as eye, kidney and degenerative nerve disease by as much as 50 per cent.

In Functional Food, Aging and Degenerative Diseases.

I started working with a 65 year-old woman who experienced degenerative meniscus issues, as well as likely underlying arthritis.

It is character-ized by subnormal Cu levels in blood, liver and hair, progressive mental deterioration, hypothermia, defective keratinization of hair and degenerative changes in aortic elas-tin.

It was at such a stage, that I was introduced to understanding how degenerative diseases could be slowed down and what I could personally do the prevent them.

Knee arthroscopy versus conservative management in patients with degenerative knee disease: a systematic review.

An improper balance between formation and destruction of free radicals may play a role in degenerative disease and aging.

Osteoarthritis (also known as OA, degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthrosis) is a joint disease caused by loss in a joint.

Osteoarthritis (also known as OA, degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthrosis) is a joint disease caused by loss in a joint.

Osteoarthritis, the most common form, is a degenerative condition affecting the joints and the soft tissues around the joints ─ the associated cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

Patient phenotypes associated with outcome following surgery for mild degenerative cervical myelopathy: A principal component regression analysis.

Researchers working on new medications hope that one day these can counter this degenerative disease.

As degenerative thresholds are reached it becomes increasingly difficult for ecosystems to recover from stresses.

The affidavit provides evidence that Ms. Campbell suffers from chronic hepatitis C, degenerative disc disease, hypothyroidism, and fibromyalgia.

The degenerative process can be managed, but it cannot be prevented by diet, exercise, or lifestyle.

The goal of her Master's thesis is to identify the distribution and severity of degenerative joint disease on human remains from Middle Holocene cemeteries in the Cis-Baikal, Siberia.

The importance of mitochondrial ROS in degenerative diseases and aging was confirmed by treating Sod2 -/- mice and C. elegans with catalytic antioxidant drugs.

The most common form of chronic arthritis, Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, seems to respond positively to exercise particularly in the hips and knees.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of animal foods consumed and the incidence of degenerative disease.

There’s nothing joyous or merry about the fact that someone you love has a degenerative and ultimately fatal disease.

The review was into a 13-year-old girl who died of complications associated with a cardiac-related degenerative disease while she was in palliative care.

The scapholunate (SL) ligament is one of the most commonly injured intercarpal articulations resulting in a cascade of degenerative changes included cartilage wear and altered joint kinematics.

Three years after revealing he likely has CTE, a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated head trauma, Jamie Petrie has learned he’s not alone among those concerned about their condition.

Unchecked spinal misalignments can lead to a variety of chronic degenerative problems affecting mental and physical well-being.

We are also collaborating nationally and internationally with different research groups on neurogenetic and neurometabolic degenerative conditions.

While practical applications lie far in the future, this technology offers hope to amputees and the visually impaired and to those suffering from brain damage or degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.