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114 example sentences with « deleterious »

114 example sentences with « deleterious »

  • Every day or so somebody writes to a paper, saying that be has discovered a new kind of parasite, hatched by the genial warmth of woman's nape from some deleterious padding or other used in the manufacture of her chignon.
  • Harmful, injurious, detrimental, pernicious, deleterious, baneful, noxious.
  • In illustration of this last observation, it may further be observed, that most of the nostrums advertised as cough drops, etc., are preparations of opium, similar, but inferior, to the well-known paregoric elixir of the shops, but disguised and rendered more deleterious by the addition of heating and aromatic gums.
  • "My dear friend," said Photinius, venturing at this favourable moment on a question he had been dying to ask ever since he had been an inmate of the convent, "would you mind telling me in confidence, did you ever administer any potion of a deleterious nature to his Sacred Majesty?" "Never!"
  • I never could resist tampering with drugs of a deleterious nature, and was constantly betrayed by the thirst for scientific experiment into practices incompatible with the public health.
  • "Monsieur GAMBETTA," I then went on to say, "don't you think that this horrible epidemic of gas, that is now filling with its deleterious effluvia the brains and the throat of the French Government, ought to be stopped?
  • This arises from its injuriously affecting the atmosphere; thus rendering the air we breathe unwholesome and deleterious.
  • This sense warns the animal against swallowing deleterious substances.
  • The whole of the family are suspicious; a great number are narcotic, and many are deleterious.
  • The principal of these are the blight, mildew, and smut, which are occasioned by microscopic fungi, which sow themselves and grow upon the stems and ears, destroying the nutritive principles, and introducing matter of a deleterious kind.
  • The internal secretions, whether by direct favorable influence, or whether through the obstacles they oppose to deleterious processes, seem to be of great utility in maintaining the organism in its normal state."
  • The disturbance of one of them means the disturbance of all of them, and a consequent deleterious effect upon the brain.
  • On the other hand, certain bodies and sources of inland water hold something deleterious to the thyroid, so that whole populations in Europe, Asia and America drinking such water have become goitrous and cretinous, and a large percentage straight imbeciles.
  • Rustem went aside, and called for breakfast, and thinking in his own mind that it would be expedient to poison Barzú, mixed up a deleterious substance in some food, and sent it to him to eat.
  • "If it contains only a little tea, perhaps the effect upon the children would not be deleterious."
  • Subsequently, when pressed to leave the marshy and deleterious air of Missolonghi, he replied, still more forcibly, "I cannot quit Greece while there is a chance of my being of (even supposed) utility.
  • Now, certainly, whether mouse meat be or be not deleterious to health a guest at a hotel who orders a portion of kidney stew has the right to expect, and the hotel keeper impliedly warrants, that such dish will contain no ingredients beyond those ordinarily placed therein.
  • "The habitual use of alcohol produces a deleterious influence upon the whole economy.
  • The Germans have a quaint proverb that one should never rub his eyes except with his elbows "The deleterious effect of tobacco upon eyesight is an acknowledged fact.
  • Miss Sallianna wound up by saying, that it would be an affair of rare and opprobrious interest; and, as a comedy, would be positively deleterious, which was probably a lapsus linguae for "delicious."
  • The colouring materials of vegetables, like those which serve the purpose of tanning, varnishing, and the various medical purposes, do not seem essential to the life of the plant; but seem given it as a defence against the depredations of insects or other animals, to whom these materials are nauseous or deleterious.
  • One pint of water, distilled from fourteen pounds of black cherry stones bruised, has the same deleterious effect, destroying as suddenly as laurel-water.
  • They are all deleterious to certain insects, and hence their use in the vegetable economy being produced in flowers or leaves to protect them from the depredations of their voracious enemies.
  • Grows in the West Indies, and spreads such deleterious exhalations around it, that an oppression of the breast is felt on approaching it at many feet distance when placed in the corner of a room or hot-house.
  • Governor Wright, frequently speaks of its deleterious influence, and the fluctuations in the various seasons, evidenced, to demonstration, that the interior was better adapted to the agricultural part of the business, than the exposed and variable sea-board.
  • Nor does it better matters when the man behind the spectacles explains that to eat sheep-sorrel is deleterious; to feed younkers Indian turnip is cruel; to suck the sap of the young grapevine in spring produces malaria; to smoke rattan is depraving, and to stuff one's stomach with paw-paws and wild-grapes is dangerous in the extreme.
  • The presence of so much wine in the community does not seem to have a deleterious effect on the natives, who were not only hospitable but energeticfar more so, in fact, than the natives of towns in the high Andes, where the intense cold and the difficulty of making a living have reacted upon the Indians, often causing them to be morose, sullen, and without ambition.
  • In wet seasons, or if produced on wet ground, it is very deleterious, if used in any great quantity.
  • A Preliminary Essay on the Oppression of the Exiled Sons of Africa, Consisting of Animadversions on the Impolicy and Barbarity of the Deleterious Commerce and Subsequent Slavery of the Human Species.
  • That an article so widely used cannot produce any marked deleterious effect.
  • The N.C.O. was determined that this table should be protected from the deleterious effects of (a) moisture likely to result from the vicinity of the Q.M.S., damp from out-door duties or (b) very low temperature, which is known to injure such articles of furniture.
  • There Nature has stored an inexhaustible amount of the richest iron ore, free from sulphur, phosphorus, arsenic, and other deleterious substances, protruding above the surface of hillocks and underlying the country for miles in extent.
  • "DEATH BY VIOLENCE.The moral atmosphere in our state appears to be in a deleterious and sanguinary condition.
  • And when apprehensions did arise they were concerned with the dangers of servile revolt, not with any deleterious effects to arise from the economic nature of slavery in time of peace.
  • The sex is always presumable from the slave's name, the color is usually stated or implied, and occasionally deleterious proclivities are specified, as of a confirmed drunkard or a persistent runaway; but specifications of age, strength and talents are very often, one and all, omitted.
  • Deleterious, detrimental, hurtful, harmful, mischievous, pernicious, ruinous.
  • Here Mr. Scarborough raised himself in part, and spoke in that strong voice which was supposed to be so deleterious to him.
  • It is the indigestibility of fat, and this property of delaying the digestion of other foods, chiefly that render pastry and cakes so deleterious to health.
  • A movement which aims at reducing men of different intelligence and ability, to a common standard, and which controls the amount of work done, and the price paid for it, whatever are its social or economical advantages, must have a deleterious influence upon the Art products of our time.
  • PHILTRE, the name given to certain concoctions of herbs, often deleterious and poisonous, supposed to secure for the person administering it the love of the person to whom it was administered; these love potions were popular in the declining days of Greece and Rome, throughout mediæval Europe, and continue to be compounded to this day in the superstitious East.
  • After the vomiting is over, the effects often remain, by part of the deleterious qualities being absorbed by the stomach; and as it often happens, in such cases, that medical assistance may not be at hand, I shall, under the head of each class, give their proper antidote, which should be in all cases applied as soon as possible, even before medical assistance is procured.
  • The distilled water applied to the organs of smelling strongly impresses the mind with the same ideas as arise from the taste of peach blossoms or apricot kernels: it is so extremely deleterious in its nature, and sometimes so sudden in its operation, as to occasion instantaneous death; but it more frequently happens that epileptic symptoms are first produced.
  • After the operation of emetics, cream of tartar is also considered of great use, as also oxymuriatic acid, infusions of nut-gall, oak bark; warm spices are considered also of use, for they may separate some part of the deleterious matter, as is shown by their effect when mixed with decoction of these plants; acerb and astringent wines are also of great use.
  • And others have spoken of the direful effects of the whole plant so much, that, from the incontestable proofs of its deleterious qualities, persons cannot be too nice in selecting their pot-herbs, particularly those who make a practice of gathering from dunghills and gardens Fat-Hen, &c. as there is some distant similitude betwixt these plants, and their places of growth are the same.
  • These come near to the Stupefying Poisons; but they are not treated in the same manner; for ether, wine, or acids combined with spirits, appear the properest things to destroy their deleterious properties: spices are then indicated, except for savine, which requires instead thereof acids.
  • DOG'S MERCURY.This plant is of a soporific deleterious nature, and is said to be noxious to both man and beast.
  • The deleterious effects of these generally show themselves soon after they are in the stomach.
  • But the fungi should all be used with great caution; for I believe even the Champignon and Edible mushroom to possess deleterious qualities when grown in certain places.
  • But Mr. Trump’s policies and China’s growing global power have emboldened Beijing to be more direct in those messages and to highlight what Chinese officials say are the deleterious effects of American foreign policy.
  • It will be ultimately deleterious to the Marriott, Seven Mile Beach, and the Cayman Islands.
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