1203 examples of deliberation in sentences

The selection of the leader must therefore be a matter of deliberation with them; and this, no doubt, was going on in the flock I saw at Nantasket during their pause at the edge of the beach.

In the absence of newspapers it kept its guests abreast with the times; events great and small were discussed there with impartial deliberation, and often with surprising results.

After some deliberation, and at the risk of offending the sensibility of scholars, I have adopted the old English spelling of Michael Angelo's name, feeling that no orthographical accuracy can outweigh the associations implied in that familiar title.

Mrs. Potts was not a person that one should adopt a tone with except after long and prayerful deliberation.

For a time he ate with great deliberation and revolved an interesting thought in his mind.

We resumed our deliberation on the subject of a decree.

The first horse came out with great deliberation, being an old animal well cooled with toil at the plough, and the major had merely to swing his arm, to turn him into the field.

With premeditation and deliberation, and with undeniable malice aforethought, he kicked the nearest bunch of sea grass several feet in the air.

He opened the door therefore with a certain deliberation, and faced the sharp night air with grim resignation.

Then with extreme deliberation his eyelids were raised.

After some deliberation I have found myself unable to comply with this request.

It was contrary to Mrs. Delano's usual caution and deliberation to adopt a stranger so hastily; and had she been questioned beforehand, she would have pronounced it impossible for her to enter into such a relation with one allied to the colored race, and herself a slave.

It was organized with unusual deliberation.

After a few days spent in deliberation, Becket went to church and said mass, where he had previously ordered that the introit to the communion service should begin with these words, PRINCES SAT, AND SPAKE AGAINST ME; the passage appointed for the martyrdom of St. Stephen, whom the primate thereby tacitly pretended to resemble, in his sufferings for the sake of righteousness.

With greater deliberation, Bruce attracted the attention of the Major.

It was for some time under deliberation, whether he should be baptized or no.

For, as we have said, the book is really a novel, and will be read as a novel should be, for the story, and not, in the first instance and with deliberation, with the critical desire to find out what lessons it teaches or what sentiments it inspires.

All deliberation is to him a kind of sloth and freezing of action, and it shall burn him rather than take cold.

Preparations had been made[a] to bring them to trial as the authors of the late mutiny; but, on more mature deliberation, the project was abandoned,[b] and an act was passed making it treason to assert that the government was tyrannical, usurped, or unlawful.

Quintus Fabius was a man advanced in years, of a deliberation and firmness, which to not a few seemed procrastination and obstinacy.

In both, that they might not seem to have been convoked without motive, there were submitted to the examination and deliberation of the grandees . . .

Thus took place the examination of affairs proposed to them by the king for deliberation.

Uncertain whether to descend or remain, I, after a moment's deliberation, concluded it would be better to have shown myself than to have appeared to avoid it, in case the people should enter the house, and therefore went down with the best show of courage I could assume.

A demand for surrender gave half an hour for deliberation.

With the necessity for recording all its proceedings, and frequent stoppages for deliberation, a trial by a military court is ordinarily very slow.

1203 examples of  deliberation  in sentences
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