16941 examples of demand in sentences

They believe so because they have so often seen Congress reject what the people desire, and do instead what the interests demand.

Snuffers and powder flasks, for instance, are not in large demand in the present day.

On the other hand, they are ornamented with pictures, as yet largely unintelligible, of countless deities, especially in the shape of animals or birdspictures that demand interpretation.

If they would bring down to the island a hundred fat hogs, with barrels and salt, within twenty-four hours, it was probable, however, no further demand for provisions would be made.

Nothing would be easier than to demonstrate that their notions of the rights of numbers was wrong, to demonstrate that were their theories carried out in practice, there could be, and would be nothing permanent or settled in human affairs; yet not only did each lustrum, but each year, each month, each week, each hour, each minute demand its reform.

Her cargo was of no great intrinsic value, though it consisted in articles much used, and consequently in great demand, in the colony.

[Fist][The following questions call the attention of the student to the main doctrines in the foregoing code of Prosody, and embrace or demand those facts which it is most important for him to fix in his memory; they may, therefore, serve not only to aid the teacher in the process of examining his classes, but also to direct the learner in his manner of preparation for recital.

Does the composite order demand any uniformity?

Can He demand less of us than that we should think of what we say to Him?

The death-rite of thy father doth demand it!"

The most ultramontane Roman Catholics demand temporal power for the Pope, no longer as an ideal system of world government, but as an expedient for securing in a few square miles of Italian territory liberty of action for the directors of a church almost all of whose members will remain voting citizens of constitutional States.

But failure and bewilderment may present as stern a demand for thought as the most successful revolution, and, in many respects, that demand is now being well answered.

But failure and bewilderment may present as stern a demand for thought as the most successful revolution, and, in many respects, that demand is now being well answered.

There are many of you perhaps to-day who will demand that I should take my fourth instance, and will ask that that at least may do its duty.

And there is this, my friends, more about these teachings, that if you are to follow them out you have not time enough in time; the teachings of our Master demand eternitythere is something about them infinite, so simple, so beautiful, and yet we feel that we are insufficient to fulfil them in this sphere of time.

Accordingly, we find even the pure taste of Addison giving in to this demand, and the otherwise beautiful tragedy of Cato (for even the unities are preserved in it) is spoiled by two stupid love plots, that not only disfigure it, but throw a complete weariness over the whole.

The first demand of an Indian on meeting a white man is for bread, of which they are exceedingly fond, and I knew enough of the Pottowattamie language to comprehend the timid "pe-qua-zhe-gun choh-kay-go" (I have no bread) with which the squaw commenced our conversation after my husband had left the lodge.

and support.' "Should he wish her sent for, I asked, I knew she would not demand a second summons.

CARAWAY SEEDS.The seeds of this are in demand both by druggists and confectioners.

All these are dwarf kinds; and as the demand for this article in time of war is great for the navy and army, if the farmer's land will suit, and produce such as will boil, they will fetch a considerably greater price in proportion.

As this article is become of considerable importance from the demand, it has occasioned persons to speculate in its adulteration, which is now I believe often practised.

The culture and management is similar to that of Hemp, and the seeds are in great demand for pressing.

It is much in demand for floor-boards for rooms, it not readily taking fire; a red-hot poker falling on a board, would burn its way through it, without causing more combustion than the hole through which it passed.

The juice of the Crab is called verjuice, which is in considerable demand for medicinal and other purposes.

The charcoal of the Willow is also much in demand for making gunpowder.

16941 examples of  demand  in sentences