828 examples of democrat in sentences

A Democrat, as his fathers had been before him, he saw no probability of the pomp and circumstance of glorious war in the noisy wrangling of politicians.

It should here be noted that Thomas Jefferson, the great Democrat and draftsman of the Declaration of Independence, was not a member of the convention.

To the last, he was an aristocrat in sentiment, a democrat in opinion.


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Coming into the presence of a sound-hearted American democrat, who never had dreamed of one mortal kneeling to another, Ivan throws himself on his knees, presses his forehead to the minister's feet, fawns like a tamed beast, and refuses to move until the minister relieves himself from this nightmare of servility by a full pardon.

The election followed, and Lincoln, the Republican, received one hundred and eighty electoral votes; Breckinridge, the Southern Democrat, seventy-two; Bell, of the Union ticketthe last fragment of the old Whig partythirty-nine; and Douglas, of the Northern Democracy, but twelve.

Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, an old-time Democrat, was elected President of the Southern Confederacy, and Alexander H. Stephens, a prominent Whig of Georgia, Vice-President.

He was a man of great ability, but was proud, reserved, and cold, "a Democrat by party name, an autocrat in feeling and sentiment,a type of the highest Southern culture, and exclusive Southern caste."

A tyrant is not a democrat, for he believes in government by force; neither is a demagogue a democrat, for he believes in government by flattery.

A tyrant is not a democrat, for he believes in government by force; neither is a demagogue a democrat, for he believes in government by flattery.

[Lat.]; vermin, riffraff, ragtag and bobtail; small fry. commoner, one of the people, democrat, plebeian, republican, proletary^, proletaire^, roturier^, Mr. Snooks, bourgeois, epicier

From the Central Flowery Kingdom he returned a full-blown Original Democrat.

" From the "Huntsville Democrat," Dec. 8, 1838.

" From the "Huntsville (Ala.) Democrat" Nov. 10, 1838.

He was one of the oldest followers of Sun Yat-sen, and was regarded as a democrat.

What faithful Democrat of 1801 would have believed that the day would come of the Kostza affair, of the African right-of-search quarrel, the Greytown bombardment, and the seizure of Miramon's steamers?

[Footnote 32: Petersburg Democrat, quoted by the Atlanta Intelligencer, Jan., 1860.]

I would always prefer to go by the bulk of humanity; that is why I am a democrat.

The former was largely under the influence of Seward, and he was inclined by nature to conciliation; in the latter State, General Butler, a Democrat, and of seriously questioned loyalty, had an influence which might easily become the dominant one and carry the State over to the Democratic opposition, which was in the country at large distinctly opposed to coercion.

And he was at Baden, also, because Tatyana's aunt, Kapitolina Markovna Shestov, an old unmarried lady of fifty-five, a good-natured, honest, eccentric soula democrat, sworn opponent of aristocracy and fashionable societycould not resist the temptation of gazing for once on the aristocratic society which sunned itself in such a fashionable place as Baden.

For President, Buchanan (Democrat), 105,344; Frémont (Republican), 96,180; Fillmore (American), 37,451.

For Governor, Richardson (Democrat), 106,643; Bissell (Republican), 111,372; Morris (American), 19,241. CHAPTER III CONGRESSIONAL RUFFIANISM

The President, excited, told him "to remember that no Democrat ever yet differed from an administration of his own choice without being crushed.

828 examples of  democrat  in sentences