1569 examples of demon in sentences

Thou art possessed by a demon, To believe that the Touaregs are not men.

Some are poor, yet not in need; Others are abused by the demon, Others own nothing but their clubs.

An idiot is one who is possessed by a wicked demon, and is to be feared accordingly.

I actually was in charge of the deck of his death ship, searching for new victims, and only hoping that the arch villain might live to overthrow the even fouler demon who would succeed him if he died.

Nay, perhaps the Druid circle was built where it is, because it was well in view of the Demon Hill.

At once bewildering mists around him close, And cold and hunger are his least of woes; The Demon of the snow, with angry roar 330 Descending, shuts for aye his prison door.

At this moment Isfendiyár gallantly offered to lead the army, but Zarír, his uncle, objected to him on account of his extreme youth, and proposed to take the command himself, which Gushtásp agreed to, and the two demon-envoys were dismissed.

The news of the unfortunate catastrophe deeply affected Gushtásp, who cried, in great grief: "Is there no one to take vengeance for this?" when Isfendiyár presented himself, kissed the ground before his father, and anxiously asked permission to engage the demon.

Gushtásp assented, and told him that if he killed the demon and defeated the enemy, he would surrender to him his crown and throne.

He saw the demon with the mail of Zarír on his breast, foaming at the mouth with rage, and called aloud to him, "Stand, thou murderer!"

The stern voice, the valor, and majesty of Isfendiyár, made the demon tremble, but he immediately discharged a blow with his dagger at his new opponent, who however seized the weapon with his left hand, and with his right plunged a spear into the monster's breast, and drove it through his body.

Why clouds his brow Upon his sonsome demon must have changed His temper, once affectionate and kind, Calling me to him thus in anger!

At the same time Kurugsar, a gladiator of the demon race, requested that he might be allowed to oppose Isfendiyár; and permission being granted, he was the very first on the field, where instantly wielding his bow, he shot an arrow at Isfendiyár, which pierced through the mail, but

The prince then ordered a sumptuous banquet to be served, at which he gave Kurugsar abundant draughts of wine, and even in a state of intoxication the demon-guide still warned him against his proposed journey.

But the demon-guide complained that he was unable to walk, and in consequence he was mounted on a horse, still bound, and the bridle given into the hands of one of the warriors.

"To-morrow," replied the demon-guide, "thou wilt meet with an enchantress, who can convert the stormy sea into dry land, and the dry land again into the ocean.

The demon-guide answered him and said: "From hence to the Brazen Fortress it is forty farsangs.

Arrived on the spot, he observed to the demon-guide: "Thou hast described the sand as hot, but it is not so."

" Isfendiyár now struck off the irons from the hands and feet of his demon-guide and treated him with favor and kindness, repeating to him his promise to reward him at the close of his victorious career with the government of a kingdom.

Did he not conquer the White Demon, fill The world with blood, in terrible revenge, When Saiáwush was by Afrásiyáb Cruelly slain?

I have heard that Zál, thy father, was of demon extraction, and that Sám cast him into the desert because of his disgusting and abominable appearance; that even the hungry Símúrgh, on the same account, forebore to feed upon him, but conveyed him to her nest among her own young ones, who, pitying his wretched condition, supplied him with part of the carrion they were accustomed to devour.

Rustem said to his father: "I never met with a foe, warrior or demon, of such amazing strength and bravery as this!

Occasionally a venturesome gust with the spirit of a minor demon would find its way down the chimney to the drawing-room fire and send sparks in volleys against the screen, with thin puffs of wood smoke that lingered in the air like acrid ghosts.

A story was told of a demon ancestress of the Angevin princes: "From the devil they came, and to the devil they will go," said the grim fatalism of the day.

It raged there like a demon.

1569 examples of  demon  in sentences