109 examples of demoralising in sentences

Seven of the detachment on this gun were hit, not all at once but, what is apt to be much more demoralising, at intervals of a few minutes.

I do not know that I carried much away with me, except the general impression, that our trade is carried on on principles which are dishonest as regards the Chinese, and demoralising to our own people.

If he succeed in demoralising the line of elephants, roaring and dashing furiously about, he will then try in the confusion to double through, unless he is too badly wounded to be able to travel fast, in which case he will fight to the end.

Nature is the only doctor who ever cures anybody, Colonel; we humans, for all our pill-boxes and lancets, can only prompt herand devilish demoralising advice we generally give her, too," he added, with a chuckle.

"His head seems full of literature, and he is so idle that he is demoralising the whole office.

I have visited some hundreds of such, throughout the country, and can positively assert that the demoralising tendency of too many is awful!

The judges, moreover, in the Anglo-Saxon communities are appointed from among the leading barristers, an arrangement that a child can see is demoralising and inadvisable.

The workman of the new generation is full of distrust the most demoralising of social influences.

Each year more little ones are brought in from the fields and hills to live in the degrading and demoralising atmosphere of the mill towns...." Children are deliberately imported by the Italians.

Hurried and driven men glorify "push" and impatience, and despise finish and fine discriminations as weak and demoralising things.

To some of us, this trend of using designations as carrots or baits, and apparently handed out in a manner far from fair was demoralising, specially since we had run the show when nobody was around.

Such incidents were happening constantly to-day, and seriously demoralising the dog teams.

The rumour that it is to be used for Army jam has had a most demoralising effect upon the market in imported tomatoes.

I laughed at these verbal eccentricities, but they were not without their effect, and that effect was a demoralising one; for in me they aggravated the fever of the unknown, and whetted my appetite for the strange, abnormal and unhealthy in art.

"I will now further prove to you the truth of my assertion concerning this degrading and demoralising condition of affairs.

If, in any way, her faith in you has been poisoned, remember what was laid before her, proven in black and white, apparently; remember, more than that, the terrible and physically demoralising strain she has been under in the line of duty.

It may, however, be said in extenuation of the lack of hospitality on the part of the missionaries of which he complains, that many of the early residents and European visitors to New Zealand were of an undesirable class, and that they exercised a demoralising influence upon the Maoris.

This change is slowly working its way in Great Britainslowly, but perceptibly here and therethanks to the faithful and persevering efforts put forth by good and true men, to enlighten the subjects of this impoverishing and demoralising custom, which has ruled with such despotism over the laborers of the land.

Earthquakes are demoralising; but they bring out all the weaknesses of human nature.

A domestic servant receives a character, which is, if satisfactory, a sure means of employment; a teacher, inspector, etc., has a certificate which is a pronouncement of efficiency; but however great the achievement of the theatre there is no lasting sign of your work, and the want of definite aim is mentally demoralising.

There is something very demoralising in the air of the Chambers; it makes the best people vain without their knowing it.

" So quickly has he outgrown his feelings of a year ago: then it was the intrigues of diplomatists that had seemed to him useless and demoralising.

When the German leaders began to disagree as to the best methods to conduct the war, the effect upon the people was demoralising.

It may, I think, be mentioned also, in the way of warning men generally against the hardening and demoralising effects of habitual drunkenness.

It's demoralising for all concerned."

109 examples of  demoralising  in sentences