6577 examples of depart in sentences

"Lee's Report] From this resolution he was afterward induced by circumstances to depart, and the result is known.

One night there was a grand party in the place, in honor of those who were about to depart for the seat of war, and both myself and Eveline were at the hall.

Heavy thoughts were crowding my mind with lightning speed, and I resolved to depart the next day, without bidding adieu to father or mother, sister or brother; but feeling a deep respect, which I held for my father's advice, would prevail and I should be induced to remain at home.

Fifteen thousand Locrenses fought against a hundred thousand Crotonienses, and seeing now no way but one, they must all die, thought they would not depart unrevenged, and thereupon desperately giving an assault, conquered their enemies.

apartar, to take away, remove, put aside, separate; la vista, to look away; refl., to depart, swerve.

despedir, to discharge, dispatch, emit; to take leave (á, of); refl., to take leave, depart.

despreciar, to scorn, despise. desprecio, m., scorn, mockery. desprenderse, to issue forth, be launched, be shed; to fall; to free oneself, escape, depart.

Depart in a spirit of friendship.

So firmly are men's minds persuaded that only with the Tarquinian race will kingly power depart hence."

"That's 'ow it is, Teddy," sighed Mr. Kybird, rising as though to depart.

It is time to depart onward.

Asellus, who was in the camp, having been informed of this, waited only to ask the consul leave to depart from the ordinary course and fight an enemy who had challenged him.

And after that the ring was in the well, the emperor could never depart from the town; but in the said place where the ring was cast, though it were a foul morass, yet he built a goodly monastery in the worship of our lady, and thither brought relics from whence he could get them, and pardons to sanctify the place, and to make it more haunted.

Deneere Depart Detest Devide Dewse ace Diamonds softened by goat's blood Dicker Diet-bread Diety (For the spelling cf.

It was useless my explaining to them how the luggage is carried in Egypt, and that I had been accustomed to carry very little with me on my own animal: they were used to a different plan, and would not depart from it.

It is a good thing to be great once or twice in our lives, and that night I was wise enough to depart before the inevitable anti-climax.

He was grossly insulting to the two members of the Council who had come on this inquiry; and after they had left his vessel, in the pinnace, to return to the shore, he affected to believe that they had some concealed force lying in wait to seize the pinnace and its crew, and so ordered them back on board, but after a short detention thought better of it, and suffered them again to depart.

Such a cavalcade, of course, could not depart from St. Mary's without observation at any season; but at this time of the year so unusual a sight drew every inhabitant to the windows, and set in motion a current of gossip that bore away all other topics from every fireside.

You, gentlemen, take the liberty to depart from our standard English translation of the Bible, and to substitute "slaveholder" for "master""slave" for "servant"and, in substance, "emperor" for "ruler"and "subject of an imperial government" for "subject of civil government generally."

Despotes and doulos are the words used in the original of the expression: "Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace:" doulos in that of the expressions, "servant of Christ," and "let him be servant of all."

And now the students prepared to depart.

And so, depart.

But now depart; the time has long since come.

See to it that she very soon depart.

So tremble and depart, and your requests Take to the King's advisers in Toledo.

6577 examples of  depart  in sentences