94 examples of deplete in sentences

It is a sadly depleted battalion of Keyes's regulars, steadfast, imperturbable, devoted.

During the attack on Beersheba XXIst Corps came to the aid of XXth Corps by handing over to it the greater part of its camel convoys and lorries, so much transport, indeed, that a vast amount of work in the Gaza sector fell to be done by a greatly depleted supply staff.

Behind the German storm troops great numbers of reserves were assembled, to fill up the gaps torn in the ranks and restore the divisions to their normal strength as fast as they were depleted by the defense.

In their season, which is after the gilias are at their best, and before the larkspurs are ripe for pollen gathering, every terminal whorl of the lupin sends up its blossom stalk, not holding any constant blue, but paling and purpling to guide the friendly bee to virginal honey sips, or away from the perfected and depleted flower.

With the High Sea Fleet "in being" we could not afford to deplete the Grand Fleet of destroyers, which could under other conditions be employed in anti-submarine work, and therefore the probable German strategy in these circumstances was to keep the Fleet "in being."

To allow Sympathy to waste itself on unworthy objects is to deplete one's life forces.

Many of the vases and pottery jars which had contained flowers now stood empty, and just before the station of Louise Merrick the stock was sadly depleted.

[Footnote: 'And Argos was so depleted of Men (i.e. after the battle with Cleomenes) that the slaves usurped everythingruling and disposinguntil such time as the sons of the slain were grown up.'] To say that there are epidemics of suicide is to give expression to what is now a mere commonplace of knowledge.

"At the present price of clothing, and with my personal exchequer in its depleted state" "Why," she broke in, "has anything happened?

The next minute messengers were flying to the different trenches of the battalion to solicit and collect contributions, and the officers scrambled over each other in their noble contest to deplete their own last and cherished reserves for the supper of the guests.

Even in that one small room there were enough things of price to buy a release from her most pressing cares; and the great house, in which the room was a mere cell, and the other greater house in Burgundy, held treasures to deplete even such a purse as Moffatt's.

He'sspent, you see; depleted.

When these men stood aside in the bidding the manual force and the earning power of the commonwealth were depleted.

But aspiring captains of industry at the South could as a rule procure labor only by remitting round sums in money or credit which depleted their working capital and for which were obtained slaves fit only for plantation routine, negroes of whom little initiative could be expected and little contribution to the community's welfare beyond their mere muscular exertions.

However, the danger is that we shall only abuse our forests the more and further deplete the timber reserves of future generations as a result of extensive export trade.

He should teach them how to renew their depleted woodlands.

The levies for Yemen and Europe, which have gone far to deplete and exhaust it of recent years, were composed of men who fought to order and without imagination, steadily and faithfully, as their fathers had fought.

"As the bees cannot go out to distant pasture in all weathers, food must be prepared for them, as otherwise they will live on their supply of honey and so deplete the store in the hive.

Although there were some stirring figures among them,men and women who seemed to have come into the noble heritage which had been awaiting them,there were more who looked depleted and unfit.

It was really a tremendous undertaking, far worse than any "spring cleaning" I had ever experienced, especially as I was but poorly seconded by my much-depleted domestic staff, already more than busy trying to keep the farm going.

Lombardo, who had fully atoned for his fault by having given his life in the service of the now depleted Legion, was buried in his service-uniform, in a fairly deep grave on which the Legionaries heaped a great tumulus of sand.

Lebon, in his depleted condition, could not fight off the poison.

Though depleted by the city's present drainage system and most likely poisoned by it as well, its waters still move seaward in a course almost due easterly, and empty into Chef Menteur, one of the watery threads of a tangled skein of "passes" between the lakes and the open Gulf.

Ruth I know is extremely deceitful; she has been aiming for some time past to get into the house, exempt from work; but if they are not made to do what their age and strength will enable them, it will be a bad example for othersnone of whom would work if by pretexts they can avoid it" Other causes than running away and death depleted the stock.

Kepler's nominal salary should have been ample for his expenses, increased though they were by his growing family, but in the depleted state of the treasury there were many who objected to any payment for such "unpractical" purposes.

94 examples of  deplete  in sentences